The Best Doctors for Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgery in Egypt

best obestiy weight loss bariatric surgery in cairo egypt

In Recent years, bariatric surgery in Egypt has been steadily growing in popularity. Weight loss procedures such as gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric band, and others can help people who are suffering from obesity lose weight by restricting the volume of food the stomach can hold or the amount of calories the body absorbs. It has also been shown to reverse type 2 diabetes and lower the risk of heart disease.

If you are considering bariatric surgery in Egypt, it can be difficult to decide which doctor is right for you. Our annual study aims to make that decision easier by assessing the bariatric surgeons in Egypt based on the following assessment criteria:

  • Experience and credentials
  • Patient feedback and testimonials
  • Patient care and communication
  • Post-operative care and follow-ups
  • Pricing

1Dr. Fahim Bassiony

Dr. Fahim Bassiony sits at the very peak of bariatric surgery in Egypt. He is, without a doubt, Egypt’s most renowned and distinguished weight loss surgeon. An internationally renowned professor with decades of experience behind him. He is currently in charge of laparoscopic training at Cairo University, and at one time was the Head of Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery at Cairo University. He is also the President of the Egyptian Society of Laparoscopic Surgery, and Vice President of the Egyptian Society of Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery. Apart from his remarkable credentials, Dr. Fahim Bassiony dominated almost all the assessment criteria in our study. No other weight loss doctor in Egypt displayed Dr. Fahim Bassiony’s level of knowledge, experience, or world-class patient care. In short, Dr. Fahim Bassiony is an elite professor of laparoscopic and bariatric surgery, and one that can rub shoulders with the world’s finest. The gold standard of bariatric surgery in Egypt.
Where: Dokki, Sheikh Zayed City
Contact: +201123051388, Facebook

2Dr. Hany Maurice

Dr. Hany Maurice is an acclaimed bariatric surgeon specialized in gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and SASI bypass surgeries. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (England), Fellow of the European Board of Surgery, and Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He was frequently described in our study as a caring and understanding doctor. One client said that “Dr. Hany is not like typical doctors. He seemed genuinely concerned about me. He has more humanity and more decency than other doctors.” That statement captures the spirit of the patient feedback as a whole. And it comes as no surprise as Dr. Hany Maurice eclipsed almost all other bariatric surgeons in Egypt in the ‘patient care and communication’ and ‘post-operative care and follow-up’ categories. Dr. Hany Maurice does not offer the most affordable bariatric surgery in Egypt, but he is certainly one of the best. Highly recommended!
Where: Heliopolis, Mohandeseen
Contact: +201288092717, Website, Facebook

3Dr. Tamer N Abdelbaki

Dr. Tamer is the only weight loss surgeon based outside Cairo that made it to the top 10. He is based in Alexandria and possesses enough knowledge to challenge the very best of Cairo. He is a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons (UK), and a lecturer at Alexandria University. Patient feedback is overwhelmingly positive thanks to his belief in educating his patients as much as possible. He guides them along the whole process without leaving them guessing. An incredible 94% of Dr. Tamer’s clients claimed that they received an “excellent” level of post-op care. Prices for all weight loss procedures are within the normal range. In short, Dr. Tamer Abdelbaki is an absolutely brilliant bariatric surgeon and a top choice for locals and foreigners alike.
Where: Alexandria
Contact: +201016666979, Website, Facebook, Instagram

4Dr. Mohey Elbanna

Dr. Mohey Elbanna has reached the highest echelons of bariatric surgery in Egypt with his wealth of experience, infinite knowledge, and exquisite patient care. He is an acclaimed professor of General and Bariatric Surgery at Ain Shams University, and Governor of Egypt Chapter of the American College of Surgeons. Clients that received sleeve gastrectomies and gastric bypass surgeries were particularly pleased with Dr. Mohey Elbanna. Our study further revealed that Dr. Mohey is extraordinary when it comes to patient care and communication with 93% of respondents claiming to have received “excellent” care before their surgeries. 94% of Dr. Mohey Elbanna’s clients received “excellent” post-operative care and follow-ups. That makes him one of only four weight loss surgeons in Egypt to score in the 90th percentile in both patient care criteria. A few words that were used to describe Dr. Mohey include knowledgeable, comforting, approachable, and professional.
Where: Heliopolis, Mohandeseen
Contact: +201016785232, Facebook

5Dr. Ahmed Hatem

Dr. Ahmed Hatem is an accomplished and esteemed figure in Egypt’s bariatric surgery field. He has been a bariatric surgeon since 1998 and has successfully performed a great deal of weight loss surgeries in Egypt, Germany, France, Holland, and Italy among others. Over the years, Dr. Ahmed has transformed the lives of so many people. For example, one happy client had this to say, “He is very knowledgeable and does his job with expertise and perfection. Selecting him as my surgeon was the best decision I made for myself.” Apart from his surgical talent, he is also brilliant when it comes to patient care, before and after the surgery. Clients praised Dr. Ahmed Hatem’s ability to clearly talk them through the entire process and what they can expect after the surgery. Overall, Dr. Ahmed Hatem is a brilliant obesity doctor and one we would highly recommend.
Where: Dokki
Contact: +201001025125, Website, Facebook

6Dr. Osama Fouad

Dr. Osama Fouad is a well-known and reputable name in Egypt’s obesity surgery field. He is a professor Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery at Ain Shams University and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS). Dr. Osama Fouad is specialized in laparoscopic gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgeries. He is a very experienced and knowledgeable bariatric surgeon with more than 3000 successful surgeries to his name. His clients pointed out his superb patient care before, and after surgery. They also pointed out how honest, patient, and friendly he is. His clients admired how much information they received before their surgeries, and the talented team of specialists that work with Dr. Osama Fouad. Finally, the cost of the surgeries is reasonable given the excellent service and skill provided by Dr. Osama Fouad.
Where: Heliopolis
Contact: +201015444016, Facebook

7Dr. Ahmed El Masry

Dr. Ahmed El Masry brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the bariatric surgery field. He has been practicing at the highest level for several years and leaves his patients with the utmost care and satisfaction. He is a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (England), and a holder of a PhD in General Surgery among other notable credentials. Our study revealed that Dr. Ahmed El Masry is a leader in patient care. His clients were keen to mention his ability to clearly and honestly communicate all aspects of the surgery, including what they can expect after the surgery. 92% of respondents claimed that Dr. Ahmed El Masry’s post-op care is excellent. In terms of pricing, weight loss surgery with Dr. Ahmed El Masry will not burn a big hole in your pocket.
Where: Heliopolis, Maadi
Contact: +201000442544, Website, Facebook, Instagram

8Dr. Osama Taha

In his 20 years of experience, Dr. Osama Taha has successfully performed thousands of bariatric surgeries, and helped countless people fulfill their weight loss ambitions. Among his many credentials, Dr. Osama is the chief of bariatric surgery at Assiut University, and a bariatric surgery consultant at a highly rated university hospital in Sweden. He has put together a team of specialists to offer his patients a holistic treatment rather than a disjointed one that can lower the overall quality and experience. His patients praised how knowledgeable and friendly he is. Many of them were keen to point out how Dr. Osama takes his time to explain everything to his patients with full transparency. He is also one of the highest rated surgeons in the post-op care category with the majority of his patients claiming that his level of care and commitment did not reduce after the surgery. Finally, a the price of a bariatric surgery with Dr. Osama Taha is within the normal range.
Where: New Cairo, Dokki, Assiut
Contact: +201116625540, Website, Facebook, Instagram

9Dr. Sherif Nabil

Dr. Sherif Nabil is a hugely experienced bariatric surgeon who enjoys an excellent reputation among his patients and peers. One of the reasons he is held in such high regard is his remarkable personality and never-ending patience. When it comes to patient care and communication, very few bariatric surgeons in Egypt hold a candle to him. He will answer all questions sincerely and will guide you when choosing which procedure is best for you. Dr. Sherif Nabil scored in the 90th percentile in the post-op care and follow-up category making him a doctor that maintains his commitment to his patients after surgery. In short, if you are looking for a top doctor for weight loss in Egypt, you can’t go wrong with Dr. Sherif Nabil. He brilliantly combines skill, communication, care, and knowledge to offer a truly excellent treatment.
Where: Heliopolis
Contact: +201028668467, Facebook

Now it’s your turn. Let us know if we’re missing any great doctors for weight loss and bariatric surgery in Egypt in the comments below. If you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience with any of the bariatric surgeons listed above, please let us know in the comments section. Want to get in touch with us? Just click here and drop us a message.


  1. I will be in Cairo for the whole month on January 2020 and considering doing my weight loss surgery there. Since I don’t speak Arabic, I am a little worried about the surgeons ability to speak English. I am terribly afraid of surgery and have a load of questions so chatting with the surgeon in a way that I can understand will do wonders for my fear. Any advice?

    • Hi did you finally get your surgery done? Who was your doctor? I’m looking for a pocket friendly surgeon that is excellent.

  2. I have done my bariatric surgery with doctor karim sabry and really regretting it. i regret doing bariatric surgery overall because things i used to love eating i hate now and i miss them… and i vomiting a lot. be careful u have to take iron supplement and vitameen supplmenets and it is very hard on the digestion. be careful and ask the doctor first about this.

    • I think you need to consult with another bariatric surgeon ASAP because if you are facing trouble digestive food after an extended period of time, it could mean something more serious. You need to get the nutrition required for your body. I wish you the best of luck and hope you feel better soon.

      • You throw up when you over eat. Doctors tell you not to over eat. Obviously she is missing food and not psychologicaly prepared to give up over eating or eating heavy food which is the purpose of this surgery

  3. Professor Fahim El Bassiouny is 100% the best weight loss doctor in Egypt. If you are suffering from obesity just give him one visit and your life will change.

  4. I trust Dr. Hany Maurice. He did my fathers weight loss operation last year and my dad is very happy there are no complications and he started showing improved diabetes. He is also very very friendly and very good with follow ups.

  5. What is the typical price of gastric sleeve in Egypt? And is there a specific doctor recommended for this procedure? What about hygiene? Is it taken seriously in Egypt?

  6. I would recommend Dr. Hany Armia as no. 1 in Egypt. I was suffering from obesity and decided to do my bariatric surgery with him and my experience was very positive.

    • I wouldn’t say he is expensive. I think it is better to understand that the top obesity doctors charge more money than less qualified and experienced doctors. Dr. Hany Maurice is very talented so he will charge a little more.

      • I understand taht but if you compare him aainst other top doctors for weight lose here he is still expensive!

  7. Dr. Osama Khalil is definitely not as good as the doctors mentioned here!!!! I am not his client but I have heard many negative reviews from friends all general surgeons. Just stick with Dr. Tamer Abdel Baki. He has the biggest brain and cleanest surgeries.

  8. Never heard of Dr. Hany Armia, Dr. Osama Taha, or Dr. Sherif Nabil. The only surgeon I would recommend is Dr. Mohey El Banna. He is very experienced, very caring, and very skilled in the OR. I would place him as the number 1 weight loss surgeon in the middle east not just Egypt.

  9. I am not sure how this website claims these are the top 10 when all of them are overpriced? The normal range in Egypt is much lower than the normal range of the ones listed here.

  10. all doctors in egypt are great and better than many european country so please dont hesitate to do your operation in egypt if you are reading this from outside egypt

  11. While I appreciate the time taken to carry out this study and compile this list, it would have been much more helpful if it included the each surgeon’s prices for their procedures.

  12. Glad to NOT see Dr. Ahmed El Sobky on this list. We were told he was the best obesity surgeon in Egypt. My brother has not been able to recover from his surgery since last year. Stay away from this doctor!!!

  13. I went to see Dr Hany based on this article and happy with my first consultation. He offered me some interesting facts and advice which is making me re-think if bariatric surgery is right for me. Might give a regime another try.

    • Always keep bariatric surgery as a last resort. Losing weight can be difficult but not impossible with a bit of self control and exercise. Godspeed!

  14. How can anyone argue that Dr. Faheem does not deserve the NO 1 spot? I agree with every word written about him. He really is an exemplary bariatric surgeon. If you want to lose weight via surgery then choose only Dr. Faheem.

  15. The best bariatric surgeon in the country is Dr. Mohamed Lasheen. I am just so happy with how much he cared about me and how professional he is. I have lost 30kg and counting. Thank you.

  16. Is it a coincidence that most of them are located in masr el gedeeda? There is only 1 in Alex? That’s crazy!

    • I also noticed this! If u r in alex there is a good 1 apart from Dr. Tamer but I forgot his name so will share it here when I find out.

  17. ignore the doctors from 10 to 6 and consider 5 to 1 only…. these are the kings of bariatric surgery in egypt

    • i’d disagree. with Osama Taha, 9 on the list, and alhamdolelah havent suffered any side effects .. comfortably losing weight..


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