The Top Tour Operators in Egypt

Best Tour Operators in Egypt

Egypt, the cradle of civilization, is a treasure trove of ancient history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. From the awe-inspiring pyramids to the mesmerizing Nile River, the country offers plenty of unforgettable experiences. But with so many tour operators, including renowned tour companies like Memphis Tours and Emo Tours, promising the trip of a lifetime, how do you choose the right one?

In this article, we’ll guide you through the top 10 tour operators in Egypt, each offering unique travel experiences. Our selection is based on a variety of factors including customer reviews, variety of the tours provided, customization options, response rate, value for money and overall service quality. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a history buff, or a beach lover, our guide will help you find the perfect tour operator to make your Egyptian journey truly memorable.

1Memphis Tours

Memphis Tours has been one of Egypt’s leading tour operators since 1955 and specializes in tailored trips across Africa and the Middle East. This is one of Egypt’s biggest tour companies, offering around 150 tours in Egypt. With a variety of tours to fit all budgets, they offer everything from classic tours of the Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum to luxurious Nile Cruises, and trips to the ancient cities of Luxor and Aswan.

In our study, Memphis Tours emerged as the best tour company in Egypt in almost all assessment criteria. They exceed expectations in safety measures and customer service. Their staff are friendly, responsive, and patient. They also have a secure online payment system which is not a very common feature among tour companies in Egypt. Their focus on providing an excellent experience from the initial booking stage until they see you off at the airport contributes to their unmatched performance in our study. Everything is meticulously planned and they remain organized even during peak season.

Memphis Tours is one of Egypt's best tour operators ensuring guests are having an excellent experience at the pyramids of Giza and riding camels.

Memphis Tours has set a very high standard in the tourism industry. They are the benchmark that other tour companies in Egypt are compared to. Despite being one of Egypt’s biggest tour operators, their commitment to personalised service is incredible. They excel in all aspects – efficiency, friendliness, organization, value for money, and most importantly, in ensuring a hassle-free and smooth experience for their clients.

Their brilliant performance across all assessment criteria underscores their dedication to customer satisfaction. They will bend backwards to make their guests happy. Their exceptional service truly makes every traveller feel valued and cared for. In our opinion, this is what essentially sets Memphis Tours apart in Egypt’s ferociously competitive tourism industry.

2Real Egypt

Just behind Memphis Tours is Real Egypt coming in at a very close second. As one of the top tour companies, Real Egypt offers a unique, personalized experience. Their private and group tours are flexible, adjusting to clients’ specific interests. This level of customization ensures guests have the best possible experience.

Their highly-trained, multilingual guides bring a wealth of knowledge to each tour. Their guides seem genuinely interested in everything they talk about. It never feels like they are reciting something from memory. They are not fake. They are genuine and passionate. It is a breath of fresh air to experience tour guides as fascinated by Egypt as the tourists themselves. They are also caring. They will go out of their way to answer any questions and make sure their guests are happy. We would go as far as saying that Real Egypt boasts the best tour guides in the country.

The brilliant tour guides of Real Egypt are matched by none of the tour companies in Egypt

Our assessment also revealed that, unlike many tour companies, Real Egypt allows ample time for visitors to enjoy each location. They won’t rush their guests unless it is absolutely necessary, and only when it is in the guests’ interest. These small considerate traits separate average tour companies from the absolute best. It comes as no surprise that they’ve received thousands of positive reviews.

Real Egypt offers three types of tours: scheduled tours, personalized tours, and private tours. Their tours cover various areas, from the Nile Valley to the Red Sea, catering to a wide range of interests.

With a reputation for service quality and professionalism that rivals the best tour operators in Egypt, including Memphis Tours, Real Egypt is a top choice for travellers seeking an unforgettable Egyptian adventure.

3Jakada Tours

Jakada Tours is another brilliant tour company in Egypt offering high-quality and affordable tours. They provide a wide range of travel packages to cater to various interests. Known for their budget tours, they also arrange excellent luxury tours, much like the renowned Memphis Tours.

Their tours cover most of Egypt’s top destinations. Clients can inquire on their official website for a customized holiday. With tailor-made trips, Jakada designs a fully tailored itinerary to meet clients’ requirements and budgets.

guests from all over the world enjoy posing in front of Egypt's ancient wonders

Their staff works 24/7 to respond to any queries and concerns, ensuring clients have a pleasant experience. Jakada offers various trip packages, day tours, Nile cruises, and shore excursions, catering to every budget.

Customer reviews highlight Jakada’s well-designed and organized trips. Their guides, known for their deep knowledge of Egypt’s history and friendly demeanour, are often praised. All tours include sightseeing, tickets, transportation, hand-picked accommodation, experienced tour guides, and 24-hour emergency support from local teams. With their well-designed tours and experienced guides, Jakada Tours has earned its place among the best tour companies in Egypt, offering travellers an unforgettable journey.

4Exodus Travel

Exodus Travel, established in 2002, has grown to become a leading tour operator in Egypt, offering a variety of trips that cater to diverse traveller preferences. Their offerings, which include tours of Egypt’s ancient wonders, Nile cruises, Red Sea tours, and desert safaris, have made them a popular choice among the best tour companies in Egypt.

Having served over 50,000 tourists, Exodus has earned excellent reviews for their service, rivalling even the top-rated Memphis Tours. They offer tailor-made packages, customizing tours to clients’ preferences and budgets. This client-first approach sets them apart from the sea of tour operators that put profit margin above customer experience.

Exodus guarantees the best rates for all packages, promising to match the price if a client finds the same tour with the same dates, facilities, accommodation level, and services for a lower price elsewhere.

Their long-term partnerships with EgyptAir, Marriot, Conrad, Hilton, and more, along with their 24/7 customer support via chat, e-mail, WhatsApp, or phone, reflect their commitment to quality service. With Exodus Travel, your Egyptian adventure is in expert hands, making them a top choice among the best tour operators in Egypt.

5Spring Tours

Established in 1975, Spring Tours is a leading name among the best tour companies in Egypt. Consistently rated among the top 10 tour operators in Egypt, they have received numerous awards of excellence from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism.

Spring Tours has a team of multilingual and highly qualified staff. They have played a transformative role in Egyptian tourism. They are behind the first charter flight to Hurghada and they are the creators of the renowned “Giftun” Tourist Village.

In 1989, they embarked on a journey to enhance the Nile cruise experience by building 5-star Nile cruise ships. Today, they operate six such ships, offering meticulously planned itineraries and serving delicious Egyptian dishes.

Spring Tours offers a diverse range of travel packages: from city breaks and classic tours to Red Sea beach breaks, Nile Cruises, and Coptic/Islamic culture tours. They own a fleet of 100+ air-conditioned vehicles, updated annually to ensure safety and comfort.

Their rates fall within the normal range. They maximize value for money to a degree we do not see from other tour operators in Egypt. Their service quality, organization, prices, pioneering role in developing the Nile cruise experience, and contributions to Egypt’s tourism industry are remarkable. They could easily compete for the title of Egypt’s best tour operator in the future but for now, they can be proud of being Egypt’s most innovative and historically important tour company.

6Look At Egypt Tours

Established in 2006, Look at Egypt Tours is a boutique tour operator that has carved a niche for itself among the best tour companies in Egypt. With a reputation that extends both locally and internationally, they offer a wide array of tours that cater to diverse interests. These include cultural, adventure, historical tours, and special private group tours. Their offerings also extend to various day tours and Nile cruises, including the unique Dahabiya Nile and Lake Nasser cruises.

What sets Look at Egypt Tours apart from other top tour operators in Egypt is their unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. They offer tailor-made packages, ensuring each tour aligns seamlessly with the client’s preferences and budget. Their team, known for their attention and dedication, works tirelessly to respond to any queries and concerns.

Having served thousands of clients worldwide, Look at Egypt Tours has earned excellent feedback for their service quality and meticulous planning. They ensure safety and security by staying updated on events that might affect their tours, a feature that top tour operators such as Memphis Tours are renowned for.

Their official website accepts online payments in all currencies, providing a fast, easy, and secure transaction process. Choose Look at Egypt Tours for a memorable Egyptian holiday that is tailored to your preferences and offers excellent value for money.

7Cleopatra Tours

Operated by qualified Egyptologists with over 15 years of experience, Cleopatra Tours stands out as one of the best tour companies in Egypt, offering high-quality service and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Their excellence is recognized by TripAdvisor and is reflected in their selection of top-notch, multilingual tour guides.

Cleopatra Tours offers a wide range of tours and packages to suit all needs and budgets, covering not only Egypt’s most popular attractions but also its hidden gems. Their unique offerings include spiritual tours, safari tours, and Nile cruises, providing an array of experiences that rival even the best, like Memphis Tours.

Our study revealed that Cleopatra Tours can adapt with ease to cater to unique client needs. Whether it’s personal modifications for solo female travellers, honeymoon couples, or individuals with disabilities, Cleopatra Tours can make it happen. They also provide competitive rates and are willing to match cheaper offers found elsewhere.

A special feature of their day tours is the ‘pay at the end’ policy, ensuring complete satisfaction before any payment is made. For custom tours, clients can submit an online form and expect a response within 24 hours, showcasing their commitment to prompt service.

8Your Egypt Tours

Established in 2001 in Luxor, Your Egypt Tours has carved a niche for itself among the top tour companies in Egypt, serving over 10,000 satisfied travellers worldwide. They offer a wide array of tour packages, day tours, shore excursions, and more.

Their diverse tours around Egypt can be tailored to individual preferences, budgets, and time frames, making them a highly adaptable choice among the best tour operators in Egypt. Their Nile cruise trips are highly regarded, often drawing comparisons with the likes of Memphis Tours.

Your Egypt Tours provides competitive prices and various packages to suit all budgets. Past clients affirm that the value they receive far exceeds the cost, a testament to their commitment to providing excellent value for money. To ensure customer safety, their emergency phone line is available 24 hours a day, and their guides and drivers are fully licensed, trained, and experienced.

Customers consistently praise the seamless process with Your Egypt Tours, from the initial inquiry to the provision of detailed itineraries and tour notes. The company’s high response rate ensures prompt replies to all queries and concerns, reflecting their dedication to customer service.

Your Egypt Tours offers great flexibility in trip organization and fully tailor-made holiday packages. They ensure everything is tailored to guests’ exact needs and tastes, tweaking and adapting until it feels just right.

9iEgypt Travels

Founded by three Egyptians passionate about offering tourists an authentic local experience, iEgypt Travels has emerged as a well-known tour operator among the top tour companies in Egypt. They have earned a reputation for delivering unforgettable trips, a fact that is evidenced by their excellent reviews and testimonials.

iEgypt Travels offers a variety of comprehensive tours to some of Egypt’s best locations, including Cairo, Fayoum, Siwa Oasis, and the White Desert. Their focus on a select number of comprehensive tours ensures a perfect experience for their customers, rivalling even the best, like Memphis Tours.

What sets iEgypt Travels apart from other top tour operators in Egypt is their commitment to fulfilling the unique wishes of their travellers. Whether you’re looking for Instagram-worthy photo opportunities or an archaeological adventure, iEgypt Travels can create a customized tour just for you according to what you want.

Their excellent customer service, responsive staff, and knowledgeable tour guides ensure a seamless travel experience. While their prices may be slightly higher than average, the attention to detail and personalized service justify the cost. If you are looking for authenticity and something a little different from your typical Egyptian holiday, iEgypt is an excellent choice.

10Lady Egypt Tours

Established in 2004, Lady Egypt Tours is a boutique tour company that has made its mark among the best tour companies in Egypt. Owned and managed by an Egyptian-Australian couple with over 50 years of combined experience, they have served over 20,000 satisfied travellers and earned over 2000 5-star reviews, matching up to the top-rated Memphis Tours.

Their brilliant team of representatives and guides, along with partnerships with leading brands like Four Seasons, Sonesta, and EgyptAir, provide guests with a wide range of options. They can cater to small groups, offer private tours, and provide day trips to various spots around Egypt.

Lady Egypt Tours is all about client satisfaction. They craft ideal getaways for all tastes and preferences, from Nile cruises and sea excursions to spiritual getaways and desert adventures. Their client-first approach ensures all travel requests are considered, making them a top choice among the best tour operators in Egypt.

From arrival to departure, guests can enjoy airport assistance, private transportation, accommodation, and some of Egypt’s best tour guides. Their high response rate guarantees customers will receive their offer/quote within 24 hours of submission.

We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights into the best tour companies in Egypt. Whether you’re planning a trip to Cairo or a cruise down the Nile, choosing the right tour company can enhance your experience.

We invite you to share your thoughts and experiences with these tour operators in the comments section below. Or if you prefer to reach out to us directly, you can contact us here, and we would be delighted to hear from you.


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