The Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in Egypt

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies Egypt

Egyptians are bombarded with ads every day. Many don’t like it, and the messages are losing credibility with each new ad. Influencer marketing solves this problem by indirectly promoting brands via social media stars. It’s one of the most cost effective and powerful forms of marketing around. We’re here to shed light on the best influencer marketing agencies in Egypt according to our annual survey. The agencies listed below were chosen based on the following criteria:

  1. Size, quality, and diversity of talent pool
  2. Ability to manage influencers and ensure on-time delivery
  3. Negotiating with influencers for the best prices and delivering the highest ROI for clients
  4. Experience in influencer marketing
  5. Ability to conceptualize effective influencer marketing campaigns
  6. Ability to pair the right influencers for each campaign


Rekoya influencer marketing agency

It should come as no surprise that Egypt’s top digital marketing agency also leads the way in influencer marketing. They have a huge and varied network of influencers including celebrities, fashionistas, foodies, travelers, athletes, tech gurus, and much more. Rekoya works with some of the world’s biggest brands such as Godiva, Azar, Rixos, Braun, Starbucks, EgyptAir, Daniel Wellington, Huawei, and Jeep to name a few. Clients highlighted Rekoya’s ability to come up with creative campaigns and manage them from A to Z. Every single client surveyed claimed to have received “extremely high” ROI, making Rekoya the only agency to score full marks in this criteria. Similarly, a whopping 91% of influencers preferred to work with Rekoya over any other agency, and all influencers said that they would be happy to work with Rekoya again. Simply put, Rekoya’s track record and experience in influencer marketing is second to none. Their near-perfect results in our survey, and the way their clients and influencers passionately praised Rekoya confirms that these guys are the undisputed kings of influencer marketing.
Where: 6th of October City
Contact: +201200097580, Website, Facebook

2The Influencers

The Influencers

Given the name, you’d expect The Influencers to be first on this list. They certainly have the portfolio to challenge Rekoya for the number 1 spot but when we met with some of their clients and influencers, we didn’t notice the same level of praise. People spoke to us about Rekoya with a smile, with respect, and with excitement. Yet, The Influencers have experience on their side and they’re specialize in influencer marketing. They boast a deep talent pool that’s fresh and varied. Most of their clients claimed to receive “moderately high” ROI, and seemed satisfied with the campaigns. On the negative side, some clients found their prices too steep, and even fewer clients complained of late campaign delivery.
Where: Fifth Settlement
Contact: Facebook

3MO4 Network

MO4 Network

Next up is MO4 Network – one of Egypt’s most recognizable names in digital marketing. Their pool of talent mostly caters to the hospitality and F&B industries. Their clients typically target Egypt’s upper classes, and MO4’s influencers are fully capable of fulfilling that need. Despite their many years of experience, we were a little surprised to learn that 68% of influencers would be happy to work with MO4 again. Client reviews are a mixed bag too, with some clients claiming that they received “moderately high” ROI, and others received “moderately low” ROI. But a look at their influencer campaigns reveals a strong ability to match the right influencer with the right client. Overall, we feel MO4 is a bit hit-and-miss when it comes to influencer marketing. But the dire lack of agencies in Egypt offering this service in the first place, despite its huge demand, earns MO4 a spot on our list.
Where: Downtown
Contact: +201210574331, Website, Facebook

4Nineteen84 Management

nineteen84 management

These guys have been around for a long time. They’re experienced and know their way around an influencer campaign. They boast a large network of influencers, including some celebrities. A few years ago, Nineteen84 was all the buzz. Today, sadly, many of the freshest, in-form influencers in Egypt haven’t worked with Nineteen84 before – which could indicate that they aren’t as focused on influencer marketing as they used to. Yet, we managed to approach a handful of recent clients and the feedback was quite good with half of them receiving a “moderately high” return. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend Nineteen84 as your go-to influencer agency at this moment but if and when they refresh their talent pool, oh boy, will you be impressed!
Where: Maadi
Contact: +20225199058, Facebook

5Publicist Inc.

publicist inc

As you could probably guess from the name, Publicist Inc. is a PR agency, and one of the best in Egypt. Naturally, they’ve ventured into the world of influencer marketing and doing a pretty good job at that too. Generally, their clients are happy with their investments while praising Publicist’s ability to deliver on-time. Their talent pool is mainly comprised of fashionistas and celebs. But we weren’t as impressed by their creativity – or lack thereof. It’s all a bit… meh. It’s the typical product placement, or influencer posing in an outfit. But maybe that’s a good thing for those looking for a no-nonsense, run-of-the-mill campaign.
Where: Zamalek
Contact: Website, Facebook

6O! Solutions

o-solutions egypt

O! Solutions is relatively new to the scene. They opened their doors in the summer of 2017 and doing a superb job so far. Their network of influencers is still in its infancy but they’ve got a solid set of fresh influencers. Their clients aren’t as big as clients of other agencies on this list but on the whole, their feedback is positive. The biggest plus point is O!’s pricing. They’re new, and they need to build a portfolio so they’re not charging as much as others… yet. If you’re a startup, and want to dip your toes in the world of influencer marketing, O! could be for you. If you’re a larger company looking for more experience and less risk, you’re better off with an agency like Rekoya.
Where: Heliopolis
Contact: +201018487686, Website, Facebook



Unlike the agencies above, Trendster is an online platform connecting brands directly with influencers in Egypt. It could be a viable solution if you’re not going to do influencer campaigns, and don’t need the skills or management of an agency. Needless to say, this is a much cheaper approach for startups and individuals looking for 1 or 2 influencer posts. There aren’t as many influencers listed as some of the agencies above have in their databases, but the website is designed in good taste and easy to use, and the process is straightforward. Needless to say, larger companies should steer clear and enlist the help of an agency.
Contact: Website, Facebook

Now it’s your turn. Let us know if we’re missing a great influencer marketing agency in the comments below. If you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience with any of the agencies listed above, please let us know in the comments section. Want to get in touch with us? Just click here and drop us a message.


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