Egypt’s Top Ethical Brands

They believe in eco-responsibility, fair trade & sustainable product development and we believe in giving them all the support they deserve to help them grow their brands. In a city where we are drowning in pollution, these pioneering brands continue to set the bar for society when it comes to help you living more consciously. Here is how we chose the best ethical brands of Egypt

  • Local products made by local artisans
  • Supporting small communities and fair trade
  • Kind to the environment & planet
  • Aiming to achieve a higher quality of life for people


Local products, colorful collection, supports women artisans and animal advocates of the rescue scene in Egypt! That’s what Furbaby is all about and we love it. Not only has it made itself a solid name, synonymous with quality products for your furry friends, but it is also very supportive of female empowerment in the zabaleen area and a huge support for animals as well! For many pet owners, this is their top choice when purchasing pet beds and we are not surprised.
Founder: Perry Remon

2Mu’bun Sustainable Furniture

Of all the sustainable furniture brands in Egypt, this fairly new kid on the block has caught our attention. They partner up with manufacturers of plastic, wood, tiles, marble etc and bring to you stunning pieces of original furniture. We love their wooden pieces which are clean and modern in design and will not only make your home look good, but will make you feel good as well!
Founder: Sarah El Battouty

3Up fuse

Bold, practical and sustainable bags are what this special brand is all about. Upcycling plastic bags to fashion statements is a genius idea that this young and talented company created.Their dynamic range of products include passport holders, back packs, laptop cases, waist bags and we are in love with ALL of them! They are the perfect fashion statement and would make a great gift to everyone.
Founders:Yara Yassin & Rania Rafie


There is a big variety of products to choose from at this arts & crafts store, Turath. It’s name pretty much familiar to everyone in Zamalek, they are now an online store featuring beautiful, handmade pieces from all over Egypt. They are famous for their handwoven, colorful scarves from the artisans of the small Egyptian town, Naqada. Surf their website for the perfect home accessory, fashion statement or skin care products. They are at the top of our list when it comes to sustainable and varied gift ideas for a loved one.
Founder: Elvira Guindi

5Honey Bunny

Another fairly new kid on the block that has caught our attention and taking mommies by storm is the baby brand, Honey Bunny. A sister brand of Furbaby, it focuses on handmade, local baby bedding products that are both wonderfully colorful and beautifully made using Egyptian cotton. We are especially in love with their animal theme and fantasy pillows. All their products are hand made by women and all in all you get great quality ethical products for a fair price. We can’t recommend it enough!
Founder: Amal Roushdy


This is not your typical brand that sells you a fair trade product. Instead, Greenish is a fantastic movement and one of a kind in Egypt. They educate people on environmental sustainability, they put plans with schools, restaurants, companies to improve the environment and they even help clean our Nile! In a little over 2 years, they’ve reached 3000 personnel, work in 12 cities in Egypt and have numerous activities to improve the communities and our land through many programs they organize.
Founder:Shady Khalil


Jozzee is all about the color, the trendiness, the unique pieces that stand out and display excellent hand embroidered skills from women around our country. From embroidered cardigans, trousers, dresses to jumpsuits, this boutique store has a stunning collection of slow fashion pieces. Every garment is original in style, design and feel and all their pieces are made from small communities in Saint Catherine, Siwa and stretching down to the South of Egypt. Prices are slightly expensive for local fashion products but we must say the time it takes to make these fashion perfection statements make the tag worth it!

8The Sahara Collection

The Sahara Collection is pretty much known to everyone who takes a stroll down in zamalek. It’s small boutique in Brazil street has basics that are an essential all-year round item designed in array of colors and fits, with a selection of original, fun-to-wear prints derived from Sahara’s core vintage, traditional & fashion-forward elements.It is one of the purely Egyptian fashion brands that keep it simple, traditional and with fair prices. But the cherry on the top? They have a wonderful initiative called ‘Save A Paw’ where their revenue from this stunning collection helps provide better living conditions to the poor rescue dogs of Cairo!
Founder: Karmah Sabry


Mobikya’s slogan is ‘Tire based furniture made with zero Emissions’ and their world class eco friendly furniture is worth a spot in this list. Their products are all from upcycled materials and they come in all kinds of exciting shapes and forms. From mirrors to tables to chairs to sofas, their originality and designs is worth a spotlight space in your home.Every piece they design and manufacture is a living proof that environmental action can be taken seriously whilst being pretty too!
Founder: Ibrahim AbouGendy


You know that period of the year where farmers burn rice husks and we can’t breathe? Well Nafeza turns those rice husks into 100% recycled eco-friendly paper. Not only that! But it turns agricultural waste such as banana peels and water lilies into recycled paper as well. How cool is that? Nafeza also organizes exhibitions and talent shows for the local artists of the community and to find out more about this wonderful organization, head to facebook page now!
Founder: Mohamed Abou el Naga and Enas Khames


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