The Top 10 Nurseries in Cairo – 2024 Ranking

Can't decide on a preschool for your little one? not to worry! We bring you the ultimate guide to the best nurseries and kindergartens in the capital

best nurseries in cairo nursery

The long journey that is education does not only start when children enter school. It begins at home, and for many children, it continues in nurseries. The best of these can offer an enjoyable, safe, and smooth transition from toddlerhood to primary school. Here, we take a look at 10 of Cairo’s best nurseries. If your child is attending a warm and loving nursery that you do not see listed here, please feel free to share this information with other parents by leaving a comment below.

1Lads n’ Lasses Nursery

lads n lasses nursery

Kicking off the list is Lads n’ Lasses Nursery in Heliopolis. This brilliant nursery scored full marks in almost all our assessment criteria. The nursery is filled with colors and artwork – much of it made by the children themselves. Granted, it is not as posh or as big as some of the newer nurseries popping up around town but it is the friendliest, warmest nursery we came across. The nursery is superbly maintained and constantly updated. The toys and furniture are made from the highest quality materials including natural wood and recycled plastic. They have succeeded in creating a stimulating environment that is ideal for the child’s creative development.

The impressive environment has an equally impressive staff too. The teachers are well trained and qualified. They know how to deliver a unique and tested play-based curriculum that focuses on literature, and is designed to help develop the children’s language skills. Perhaps one of our favorite aspects of this nursery is its one-on-one approach. They go to great lengths to give each child the attention they deserve because they understand that each child is a unique individual. In fact, it is a breath of fresh air to find a nursery that applies the concept of individuality as much as they promote it. We also noticed that they have an extensive collection of imported books that we have not come across in other nurseries. We loved the way the teachers extracted the morals of each story in a way the children can understand.

93% of the parents we surveyed were “extremely satisfied” with the development of their child since joining – the highest of all nurseries in Egypt! Concerning the food, meals are 100% organic, balanced, and locally sourced. Regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, full safety precautions are strictly enforced and the nursery is sanitized far better than other nurseries in Egypt. Overall, we were blown away with Lads n’ Lasses Nursery. This is a shining example of what a nursery should be.

Where: 3 Kom Ombo Street, Heliopolis, Cairo
Contact:+201285586335, Facebook, Website

2Sunrise International Nursery

Sunrise International Nursery boasts more than 30 years of experience. They have been one of the most trusted names in the early education sector for a very long time. Sunrise is synonymous with being a second home for children. The nursery is modern, safe, secure, well-equipped, and air-conditioned. Every corner is monitored by CCTV cameras that parents can access through an online system.

The curriculum is based on the International Preschool Curriculum. This is a hybrid between the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC). It essentially combines the best of both to create a superb curriculum fit for a top nursery. In addition, the Montessori method of education is also followed at Sunrise. This is a fantastic approach that develops natural interests and activities rather than only using formal teaching methods. The dedicated Montessori hall at Sunrise is a dedicated space that emphasizes hands-on learning and the development of real-world skills.

The staff is wonderful. They are exemplary in their care and professionalism. They are experienced, qualified, and excellent communicators. They can communicate in English, Arabic, French, and German. Regardless of the experience and qualifications, the friendly staff at Sunrise is hugely dedicated to the well-being of the children. To them, nothing is more important than the children’s happiness, safety, and development.

Where: 4th District, 7th Neighborhood, Al Tahrir Road (opposite Emad Ragheb Mosque), 6 October City
Contact:+201146868179, Facebook, Website

3Under 5 Preschool

under 5 preschool

Under 5 Preschool has a whopping 6 branches spread across Cairo. They focus on developing the child’s intellectual, physical, and emotional attributes. Parent feedback is very positive, hygiene standards are excellent, and security is taken very seriously. During our inspections, we noticed that the teachers and staff were very friendly and caring. In fact, their level of support and supervision was truly remarkable. There’s a lot of physical activity to keep your children fit and healthy. During our study, we came across too many nurseries in Egypt where the staff were incredibly impatient, where they viewed the children as incapable, and in the process destroying their confidence in a crucial stage of development. But Under 5 is a breath of fresh air. We were amazed by how the staff encouraged the children to believe in themselves and to carry out certain tasks independently. They spoke to the kids in a respectful and dignified way – an incredibly rare aspect in Egypt. In short, Under 5 Preschool is simply remarkable.

Where: Shorouk, New Cairo, Nasr City, Beverly Hills, 6 October, Maddi
Contact: +201001422152, Facebook, Website

4Youpi Nurseries

youpi nurseries

Youpi Nurseries blew us away with their philosophy of Education through Entertainment. The children develop through playing, learning, singing, and other fun activities supported by the best educational materials from US-based companies like Lakeshore. They even have a psychologist for the child’s behaviour. Youpi are renowned for their ability to prepare your child to pass school interviews – both national and international. In fact, they’re so good at it that schools send children that failed their entry tests to Youpi for further preparation. We were happy to see a lot of mutual respect between the children and teachers. Staff members are chosen based on their education and experience – as we saw first-hand during our undercover visits. They were understanding, caring and very loving. Three healthy, balanced meals are provided everyday. Finally, Youpi passed our hygiene tests, safety tests, and security tests with good results. All in all, an excellent nursery we’d highly recommend.

Where: Mohandeseen (3 branches)
Contact: +201151122152, Facebook


kompass education

With its stellar reputation and unique ability to prepare children for success in academics, Kompass stands out for all the right reasons. It’s a truly international nursery that attracts qualified and trained teachers from around the world. The parents are convinced their children attend the best nursery in Cairo. And whether you agree with them or not, Kompass certainly deserves to be recognized as one of the best in the city. In our observation, the level of professionalism at Kompass is rarely seen at other nurseries, setting the children up perfectly for an education at one of the top schools in Cairo.

Where: Maadi
Contact: +20223802977, website

6Juniors Academy

juniors academy nursery

Juniors Academy is one of the biggest and most beautiful nurseries in Cairo. Parents take comfort in the fact that their children are always learning in a fun and engaging way under the protective watch of the staff. The staff is continuously praised for their professionalism and the way they handle incidents. Despite its size, the nursery maintains a family-like, tight-knit atmosphere filled with love. The parents we spoke to were very satisfied with the physical and mental development of their children whilst highlighting the facilities as a huge benefit. In short, Juniors Academy is one of the best nurseries in Cairo, and one we doubt will disappoint you or your child.

Where: 5th Settlement (El-Tagamoa El-Khames)
Contact: +201000000035, website

7Fun Yard Nursery & Summer School

fun yard nursery

There are so many good things about Fun Yard that we won’t be able to cover them all here but the nursery can be summed up with one word: excellent. Fun Yard is arguably the best nursery in the west of Cairo encompassing 6 October, Sheikh Zayed, and the Cairo-Alex Desert Rd. The environment is safe and spacious with a lot of natural features for your little ones to explore. The staff is friendly and professional with a good command of English. Fun Yard aims to give every single child the best care, and the attention they deserve. The children seem to love this nursery, and the parents rate it very highly. Simply put, Fun Yard is a top-notch nursery with a good reputation and one we’d wholly recommend.

Where: Cairo-Alex Desert Road
Contact: +201007000871, website

8Irish School Cairo

irish nursery

To many, the Irish School needs no introduction. They certainly have a reputation that precedes them, and we were adamant to put that reputation to the test. To nobody’s surprise, the Irish School scored nearly full marks in pretty much all of our research criteria. On our visits, we noticed a good amount of care and attention devoted to the kids. Academically, the Irish School is in a league of its own. This is probably the best nursery to set your kids up to enter an international school. Other areas where the Irish School excelled are hygiene, safety, security, classroom quality, play areas, food, and parent communication. A near-perfect nursery experience offered by the Irish School.

Where: Dokki, Maadi, New Cairo
Contact: +201000904968, Website


trillium montessori house

Trillium takes a holistic approach, meaning they work on the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of the child. This nursery loves to flaunt its Montessori method but the parents we spoke to were less concerned about this than what really makes a good nursery. The bottom line is simple. Parents look for a place in which their children can learn and develop in a safe and stimulating environment whilst having fun and being looked after. In that regard, Trillium does very well. With two branches and a new one on the way, Trillium is a first-rate nursery that’s fast becoming the new benchmark in early childhood education.

Where: 5th Settlement (El-Tagamoa El-Khames), Heliopolis, 6 October
Contact: +201011556585, website

10Leap – Development Hub


Before we get into what we really like about Leap, let’s discuss the basics. Safety and security are taken seriously with plenty of guards, CCTV monitoring, child-friendly facilities, healthy food, strict hygiene standards, and a doctor available at all times. We love the huge outdoor area, and the professional gym to enhance the gross motor skills development. The parents are happy with the level of care and did not highlight any concerns. They pinpointed the friendliness of the teachers and praised the teaching approach in a way we haven’t seen from parents at other nurseries. Leap focuses on individuality as opposed to conformity. This means that Leap knows that each child is different and develops in their own way, at their own pace. They’ve surrounded the kids with theme-based environments in open classes, which works wonders in developing their intelligence and creativity. Add in the implementation of “The Leader in Me” program, and you’re left with a uniquely brilliant preschool we highly recommend.

Where: Fifth settlement, North Ninety Street, Katameya Plaza Mall, Sodic
Contact: +201013888855/66, Website, Facebook

Now it’s your turn. Let us know if we’re missing a special nursery in the comments below. If you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience with any of the nurseries listed above, please let us know in the comments section. Want to get in touch with us? Just click here and drop us a message.


  1. I totally agree with this list.. The only one i never heard of is the nest but maybe because it is new. Montessori means nothing in egypt by the way. Manzar bas ? It is a word any nursery can add to make parents think they r special. But in reality, all the nurseries in egypt that claim the deliver montessori is a lie.

    • Well said! Finally I find ppl who understands that what we got in Egypt so far is not real Montessori!

    • Well, the only real Montessori nursery is Trillium that’s for sure. I have an accredited certificate in Montessori Education so I know what i’m talking about 😀

      My child goes there but I don’t work with them, so I’m not trying to advertise or anything I’m jus saying the truth from my knowledge about Montessori and experience with them.

      • Hello , I have been searching for an accredited Montessori centre to study in it because I need it with my kids but I didn’t reach good results so please help me to find a good one .

      • How far do u like it? What’s the pros and cons? Are they commercial or really care about the child’s development? Please I need to know coz I might put my son there.

    • I totally agree in your oppinion concerning the Montessori way. Here in Egypt it is even almost impossible to teach the children that way. The Montessori philosophy is not compartible with the egyptian shool system and even for the parents unaceptable, if it is really Montessori education.

      • My daughter goes to snow white nursery ard el golf nabil el wakkad and i’m really satisfied with their care and dedication

    • yes you are totally right fake montessori all around, finally i thought am the only parent who thinks like that.i almost believed that i will make a bad choice for my kid to ignore montessori

  2. Yes, these nurseries are the best except for kids camp. Their facilities are very good but the families are nouveau riche and classless. Stick with kompass, preschool years, fun yards, esperanza. These are the only ones to consider if you want the best. But they are expensive so its not for everyone.

  3. I agreeeee ya gama3a. Bravo 3al list el hayel. Kont fein mn zamaaan ya top 10 cairo bas. I like the way your lists r written bgad and i hope to see u 5 yrs ago when i was picking nurseries for my son

  4. montessori is the biggest lie in egypt. i have personally studied this theory in great depth when i was living in england and based on its application in cairo i can tell you its completely 100% non-existent!! so when parents choose a nursery please ignore the word montessori because they try to trick you into thinking its something you can’t live without. just like “organic” food is a lie in this country.

      • If you are interested in Montessori nursery, The montessori nursery on road 210 in degla, maadi is the one and only real montessori nursery. They are the only nursery certified to teach montessori theory in Egypt.

    • Hello Amina , please can you help me to find an accredited centre in Egypt or online course to study Mentossrie as a parent

  5. its a good list and i agree with the choices but they too expensive for my dear husband


    i have to find a new husband 😛

  6. I believe you are missing out on a lot of nurseries. I have three kids and I haven’t heard of half these nurseries!

  7. K Zero nursery and Preschool must be listed her, psychology based nursery, excellent teachers, excelleny quality of food.

  8. I like how you included nurseries with varying fees spread all over cairo. very good article overall and glad to see a research approach to your selection method!

  9. I dont agree with bumble bee as a one of the top nurseries at egypt .
    They are the worst one at egypt i have a bad experience with them

  10. Bumblebee in Mohandessin is one of the worst nurseries. I am not sure how and why you include it in your list.

  11. I can also add Papillion’s nursery in thawra street heliopolis. The best as French nursery where kids are secure and teachers do their best with maximum care.

    My son is at inder 5 maadi and its really good and affordable i dont belive my son needs more than what they provide (goodcare, clean garden, activities, and most of all FUN) colorful buildings wont make my son smarter or wiser “thats just my theory”

    • Nermeen, what’s the nursery’s name again? Where in Maadi and how much is the fees? Thanks a lot 🙂

  13. I agree that some of nurseries on this list are very good. But some excellent child care centers are not included. Like KIDDIE LAND for example!
    I can’t seem to find a name on who is responsible for this article.

  14. While this article lists the best nurseries based on research, the people commenting does not care about this. Simply put, the mothers with children that Go to the nurseries listed will leave positive comments and the mothers with kids at other nurseries will leave negative comments. So my question to top 10 cairo is: why bother writing all this and doing research for results that are not appreciated by stupid people in a backwards country? There is no tolerance to the views of others when it does not match your own even when you back it up with research.

  15. Some of these nurseries were operating only since few years, how come other nurseries that has maintained significant education & care given to children are not mentioned. My son is enrolled at kiddie land preschool & it has more than 15 years’ of childcare experience , very qualified staff. I assure that the quality of education given there is one of a kind.

  16. Well, the only real Montessori nursery is Trillium that’s for sure. I have an accredited certificate in Montessori Education so I know what i’m talking about ?

    My child goes there but I don’t work with them, so I’m not trying to advertise or anything I’m jus saying the truth from my knowledge about Montessori and experience with them.

  17. I can also add mada Academy in tagmo3 not sherton where kids are secure and very good education teachers do their best with maximum care.

  18. THANK GOD mada nursery is not on this list. it is a very bad nursry with money to throw around. kids camp is a bit like that bardo but at least they try to improve themselves. i like this list because the nurseries are not focused in one area of cairo only and also because who ever wrote the list understands that the biggest and richest nurseries does not necessarily means its the best. take stepping stones in maadi for example, it is small but its very good. and take the nest also – it is very new but it is really excellent. much better than stuff like mada and kiddie land. no way i would send my children to these places. really the only ones to take seriously are kompass, preschool years, fun yard, and urban toddlers. they are the most professional and gets the kids ready for international schools just like the list mentions. the nest is a good one if you are in that area. but be careful of the money minded ones like juniors academy, trillium, and kids camp. really the class of the people is low and your kids will start learning bad words at a very young age but i have to say they are still overall good nurseries and deserve to be in the top 10 BAS BEL 3AFYA!!!! 3amattan i am happy there is a good list parents can use as a starting point when they put their kids in nurseries. but go and see for yourself before you decide. soemtimes it all depends on location and budget. looking forward to 2017 edition 😀

    • Sesame club is ok. I would not put them in the top 10 but they are still good. The price is a bit much for the quality. I would say they target middle to upper class so the standards are not bad. I agree with the rest of the comments that the best are kompass, preschool years, esperanza and fun yards. If you want to send your kids to seaame club then dont expect much in education. It is a safe and enjoyable nursery with many branches and that’s what’s good about it. It falls in the same category as juniors academy, trillium and kids camp. I hope this information helps you.

    • I didn’t like Seasame club. When I visited the kids were supposed to have an art class. Instead they were watching TV!!

  19. Stay away from mada, kids camp and sesame club. Many mothers complain from this nurseries! And trillium sells the lie of montesori!!!

  20. Actually there are two Montessori accredited nurseries which I’ve heated great thing about and their owners have their 4 year certification to prove it they have different owners. One in maadi I forgot what it’s called and one in October behind mall of Arabia next to ifitness , I live in sheikh zayed so I take my child to MIP Montessori international school it’s owned my a foreign lady and I’m very happy with it.

    • hello Dina , can you tell me more details about it coz i live in 6 october and i really want to admitt my child in montessori way preschool but cant find one so far

  21. Exactly on what basis has this list been created, based on what criteria exactly?
    Have you made a survey? Or took the best rated nurseries?

  22. Kids Camp applies Montessori for the first time in Egypt, my both sons were there, it was lovely adorable days.

  23. You forgot Small Talk Nursery in Maadi. It has a British curriculum, well trained staff and is very popular among the expats of Maadi.

  24. Kids Camp is the worst nursery everrrrrrrr, her owner does not even care about the children, all she cares about is money, this is what she told me when she wanted to double my fees just because he is not going to the graduation rehearsals.
    Also the management are the worsttt, they once argued with me that “Koshari” costs higher than meet, when I asked why is it added to the menu!
    Yes they were counted the best near opening, then it was like, other parents complaining, so you wait till parents complain, and you were sleeping, why didn’t you see and work on whatever wrong behavior before it escalates :S

    • I personally know the management who have their heart and soul invested in the place. They are educators and mothers one of them is Montessori certified from International Montessori Foundation and know exactly how to handle small children and their demands. They truly care for the wellbeing of the children’s health, social and emotional growth and of course the academics too

  25. Dear all

    I need someone to recommend me a good nursery in Maadi having good strategy , good discipline and behavior correction system as my son needs that do much


    • My son’s cousin goes there and her mother is very happy about it and my husband knows personally one of the owners, I heard great things about it.

  26. Hey parents out there 🙂
    I’m comparing between kids camp and trillium..anyone can recommend which is better or even tell me if there is any better nursury in new cairo? Thnx guyz

    • Dnt knw about Kids Camp. Trillium wasn’t good for my son. They were very tough with the kids they dnt care about emotional development and they are certainly by applying proper Montessori. They are better than Mada though.

  27. esparanza ?!!!!!! this is very weird to put it on a top ten list actually…”member of american chamber” what?!! and why not including sesame club if so …it’s the same style

    how come irish nursery..small talks..mada..clc…are not included??? may be they r not excellent but definetly better that esparanza

    this list is strange

  28. Well done top10cairo! You did an excellent research on the nurseries. I have searched and visited a lot of the nurseries that you have mentioned and a lot more and I totally agree on your list. I like that you chose from every area the best one so all mummies would know the best nursery in her area.
    Also going as parents in each nursery, looking at each one and asking the parents is an excellent idea to have credibility to your list. To me Esparanza is the best since I tried them personally and seen how they deal with kids in a professional and friendly way. I also recommend Campus and Early Days are very good in maadi since my I work there. Thanks again

  29. Can someone please tell me the approximate price for esparanza nursery? I am a bit worried everybody is saying it is so expensive. Thank you

  30. There is new nursery in Mesaha sq in Dokki called Infinite , it’s amazing , i think it will be best of the best .

  31. Stepping stones maadi is an awful place. When I visited there was no one from management to show me around because “she left to pick up her daughter from school and will be right back”. So the nursery was left without supervision and I could hear a teacher yelling viciously at a child from the upper floor.

  32. Mada Sheraton was good for my son only for the baby class. Once he got into the senior class it was terrible. The teachers are not specialized at all plus my son had a pulled elbow incident there left for hours crying w/o any of the teachers or nannies noticing.

  33. Maybe the best nurseries come from East Cairo,but parents in West Cairo need to know the rankings in their area. The only one mentioned in West Cairo is fun yard which goes without saying is one of the best.
    So I recommend you do a ranking for West Cairo separate than East Cairo. There are really good nurseries like Cherries Nursery in Zayed.

    • Hello everybody
      My son is 3.5 years old and I am wondering whether a nursery is bettet for him or baby class in a school !!
      Please suggest and kindly recommend a list of the top nurseries/preschool in Heliopolis and same for schools based on youe experience.
      Thanks in advance.

  34. Please visit M.I.P. – Montessori International Preschool in October, behind mall of Arabia at the green height compound center at any time, we would appreciate your review. we maintain very high standards and we have actual Montessori accredited teachers and the preschool follows the Montessori curriculum. we have an open door policy where parents can come at any time to see their child and us at work. Thank you

    0128 4440760

  35. My son was in Kids Camp, they apply Montessori, which changed my son’s personality completely, everything there is perfect, the campus, hygiene, garden, toys, education, management and staff ……everything
    They make checkpoint presentation every 6 months to trace child’s progress, and they deliver it to the parent in a meeting to explain child’s progress in Montessori and how his personality changes over the time he spend at the nursery, an ID card for the child’s security, camers every where, very high pool fence for 100% safety, a special APP on my mobile phone to know every little details about my son in the nursery… really perfect I think it deserves to get the first position

  36. I Also Recommend Cubes Nursery at Sheraton, they’re making seamless efforts with my lil’ girl which impacted her personality. and they’re also very clean. They know what they’re doing, i see cubes is not just a project to collect money like others. they’re building on efforts not on manzara 🙂
    the Only thing is that i need to move her to a german nursery, so if anyone can recommend some names that has german sectio, please go ahead.

  37. Hi all
    Anyone heard about Kinderhaus in new cairo?
    Any recommendations for German nurseries in new Cairo?

  38. Guys my kid is almost 2 years i need to find a good place for his age just to play and hve fun in summer and a place i can stay with him too i dnt want to leave him alone any suggestions ?

    • Not sure if this option is available…but if you find plzz let us know…i would go as well to stay with my son 🙂

  39. Well i think it is a fair list, and am glad that mommies comments and replies are helpful
    Can u pls help me with ur feedback, am looking for a nursery for my little one in maadi and my choices included (irish, baby academy olfat fahmy, litte tots and tiny feet)
    Ur reviews pls?

  40. I am confused …plzz help me to chose between Leap and Trillium in new cairo…in leap i loved the playground, sunny classes and the whole atmosphere but not sure abt the education level because i dont know any1 Trillium i hear alot abt how perfect it is in education but when i went in the summer in begin of August there were no many kids and they were merging classes due to small number of kids…but still it has very good atmosphere like leap

  41. Could anyone please give me his/her opinion about little tots maadi ? And recommend if there is any better.

  42. You will soon be disappointed if all of you are going to base a rating or list on whether you and your child will love a nursery. I have worked in quite a few nurseries and all of them are the same. No one actually cares to do their job. All owners want money and all owners sell the same lies. Hygiene? Yeeeeah right! I have seen not one assistant or nanny clean off toilets or changing tables. Education? Yeah we all sing the same songs,teach letters,numbers,shapes,colors etc… But nothing extravagant. Do we yell at your kid? Yeah! We do. 9xs outta 10 lil Ahmed is gonna punch or bite another kid so it is typically our 1st reaction. Do we get sick? Yep! And your kids get us sick. All because that ONE kids parent did not heed warning and take the kid to Dr so he would not be spreading his sickness around. Montessori is simple. Anyone can teach it. It is taught by parents early on. Get a grip! If you all want to waste money on land then I recommend a high priced nursery. But guess who is really teaching your kids? Other kids. Sorry to say the truth. But it is what is is. No one does their job properly. They get paid low salary and are just waiting to go home. Truth!

    • Hi dear , I respect your opinion so much & I realy feel wt you are talking about , I am on my way to open a nursery and I will work hard to avoid all points you talked about , as I think that I should start from the staff , friendly and fair environment for them will create a successful nursery with some kind of strict control and fair salaries and promotions I believe that owner should love children and realize that he/she is doing a gr8 & very important role in establishing a human being

    • Hats off for you really , but not all nurseries have a dead conscience. Many of nurseries are respectable and think of kids benefit.

  43. I am shocked to find Under5 nursery in such a top spot. Definitely not the Beverly hills branch. I put a monitoring listening device in my 5 year olds jacket on his last day there and insisted they don’t remove it. I had noticed bruises on his back, stomach and hands. He was insulted from the moment the teacher walked into the Hall with him. He was insulted during toilet visits. He was reprimanded in the most derogatory way for wanting to color his worksheet alone without the teachers help. Then they send you staged pictures to show you what a great day your child had when it was a nightmare.

  44. Is their any accredited place that provides real Montessori classes or specialized in Montessori activities, rather than nurseries as all feedbacks regarding Montessori nurseries are totally depressive.

  45. i read most of the comments ,I’m looking for a nursery in maadi i heard about( small talk ,under5 ,pre-school years Mrs. lubna ). if there is any nurseries you can recommend for me .
    hygiene covid,well educated,montessori and cam

  46. Hi All, can anyone recommend a preschool in Heliopolis area. Needs to be 1- safe facility for kids, 2- big play area, 3- friendly and educated staff not tough and harsh to kids, or mentally ill, 4- Good educational curriculum ( not expecting rocket science)

    I have a bad experience with a school won’t mention the name, however the sports teacher a male was very tough that he caused an internal injury to my kid’s wrist.

    I don’t mind if it’s expensive, just have to be safe, clean and humble human beings 🙂


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