Top 10 Documentary Wedding Photographers in Cairo

top 10 documentary style photographers in cairo

Because we live in Egypt, we all know someone whos getting married. And an essential part of the pre-wedding checklist is finding the perfect photographer. Googling can only get you so far, and often the most talented photographers are lost in a sea of far more mediocre options. That’s why we’ve compiled this list to highlight some of the most talented documentary wedding photographers in Cairo. Rather than posed or highly styled shots, documentary photography captures candid or spontaneous pictures of people, décor and action – in the moment. We should also mention that the photographers are listed is in no particular order.

1Rafik Fouad


It takes just one glance at Rafiks Instagram profile to tell that hes got an eye for beauty. Young and ridiculously talented, Rafik, better known as Rafi, is a favourite among brides. He may be young, but his photographs are nothing short of stunning. Winning smile aside, theres something very attractive about Rafis passion for photography. Hes effortlessly playful, ever inventive and above all as enthusiastic a photographer as youll ever find. Hes also one of the few that always edits his own pictures. Thats why he creates images with an authentic, indie vibe that is truly his own. Its hardly surprising then that he’s regarded as one of the most talented documentary wedding photographers in Cairo.
Contact: +201002092984
Links: Facebook, Instagram

2Timothy Kaldas


With over 7 years experience as a photographer of extravagant weddings in Egypt, UAE, USA, and across Europe, Timothy can only be described as a veteran of the industry. Timothy was actually the first to bring international wedding photography standards to Egypt, and the first to popularise the documentary style. Many of the photographers mentioned in this list began their careers working for him. Tim is famous for his perfectly calculated camera settings as well as his encyclopaedic knowledge of cameras and lenses. Clients are consistently impressed by his pictures, describing him as someone who really knows what hes doing.
Contact: +201222168390
Links: Facebook, Instagram

3Remon Elmarkiz


Another veteran wedding photographer, Remon Elmarkiz was initially mentored by Timothy Kaldas before they went their separate ways. Today, Remon is one of Egypts top documentary wedding photographers. Instantly recognisable by his black dreadlocks and heavily tattooed, larger-than-life presence, Remons rise to fame was as swift as is it persistent. If you have a really huge wedding planned, hes your man. With no shortage of assistants, he has the manpower and hardware to adapt to even the most colossal and extravagant events. And being the big production guy, Remon doesnt limit himself to just weddings, he ready to dip his fingers in almost any pie. Most recently, hes experimented with food and fashion photography. But if you throw a challenge his way, were pretty sure hell take it and run.
Contact: +201271832323
Links: Facebook, Instagram

4Gehad Belasy


Known for her love of natural light, Gehad stays away from the camera flash, sometimes even at night. The result? Film-like, grainy images that are sophisticated and stunning. Being detail-oriented by nature, Gehad prioritises spending time with her clients, getting to know exactly what sort of photographs they imagine for themselves. Whats more, Gehad has shot many destination weddings in gorgeous landscapes across Egypt. Its exciting that women are really beginning to establish themselves in the wedding photography industry. Not only that, by creating their own very distinct style, photographers like Gehad are pushing the creative standards of the whole industry in Egypt.
Contact: +201013011759
Links: Facebook, Instagram

5Nehal Ismail


Nehal in a word? A perfectionist. Another avid editor of her own photos, Nehal is meticulous about the harmony of her colouring and composition. She’s shot weddings in the USA, Dubai and all over Egypt. Shes notably the only local photographer we know of who actually studied photography. And shes ambitious, with 4 weddings lined up in the U.S. later this year. On a side note, shes also one of the best in the city at family and baby shoots. Shes especially good with new borns, bringing her colourful props with her to style your baby!
Contact: +201119993809
Links: Facebook, Website

6Chehab Adel


A reliable and established professional, Chehab, despite his many years of experience, remains youthfully passionate about his photography. Hes known to make excellent use of his environment, incorporating it into his interesting compositions. In his portrait photography, he generally favours wide lenses. As a result, he creates portraits that have a majestic, almost cinematic feel. Finally, his masterful use of light and colour give his photographs a distinct artistic touch that is very much his own. Truly one of the best documentary wedding photographers in Egypt.
Contact: +201004162322
Links: Facebook, Instagram

7Sherif Fathy


Just about the most charismatic wedding photographer youll ever meet, Sherif is vibrant, entertaining and always cracking jokes in between camera shots. Hes also so tall that he often has to bend down to get to the eye level of the bride and groom. Sherif is a hard-worker with affordable wedding packages. Hes perhaps best known for his pre-wedding portraits, which he spends a lot of time setting up to ensure they’re perfectly in line with what the bride and groom imagined. And a small fun fact: hes one of the very few on this list that shoots with Nikon gear.
Contact: +201114024041
Links: Facebook, Instagram

8Fadi Gwanny


Although his photos are not as natural as the documentary style photographers weve mentioned so far, Fadi Gwannys images have become so iconic that we couldn’t leave him out. Paint, staircases, and umbrellas are just a few examples of the props and settings that feature in his images. So if youre looking for wedding photographs in Cairo that are a little more stylised dare we say theatrical? then go for Gwanny! Working mainly in Cairo and Dubai, and frequently shooting a number of local celebrities, Gwanny has established his place as a regional heavyweight. And judging by his recent activity on social media, hes also been dabbling in travel photography.
Contact: +201005120784
Links: Facebook, Instagram

9Guru Photo House


Although our list has steered clear of anything too large-scale, we decided to make and exception with Guru. Despite their growth, their photographs remain fresh and playful, capturing those priceless wedding moments. Stylistically, they definitely take a lot from Gwanny, with a love for images that are choreographed. Their editing is also far more dramatic and noticeable than that of the more extreme documentary-style photographers. This can mean anything from extra sharp, vibrant landscapes, to desaturated and vintage-looking portraits a style which has proven itself popular amongst many budding brides in Cairo.
Contact: +201009321999
Links: Facebook, Instagram

10Rojay Nazir


Another indie photographer in Cairo with a lot of flair is Rojay. Vibrant colours, quirky compositions and some gorgeous wide angle portraits are the key elements of his colourful and attractive portfolio. Quick on his feet and always making good use of the ambience of his surroundings, Rojay is sure to produce images that are youthful and refreshing. Not the stiff and boring ballroom images that come to mind when you think of wedding portraits, but beautiful, sunny images that youll want to look at for the rest of your life. One of the masters of documentary wedding photographers in Cairo.
Contact: +201288948323
Links: Facebook, Instagram

Now it’s your turn. Let us know if we’re missing a great documentary wedding photographer in the comments below. If you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience with any of the photographers listed above, please let us know in the comments section. Want to get in touch with us? Just click here and drop us a message.


  1. Well sort out list .. With my wedding day coming up this year end i shall definitely check these photographers out! Thanks top10!

  2. Before I moved to Australia, I spent 5 years as a wedding photographer in Egypt and I can confirm this list is quite accurate. Some of the mentioned photographers indeed do documentary photography very well. The only one I have not heard of is rojay nazir. his instagram is not very appealing if you ask me and he over uses tilt shift. and my only other criticism is reserved for fadi gwany – i believe he is very over rated. maybe for egypt he qualifies for top 10…. but in any western country where standards are much higher, he would be considered average at best.

  3. I find the 2 girls on this list more talented than the rest of the guys put together. No offense intended.

  4. I am sorry to say that there are no amazing photographers in egypt. Why? Because there is no good education, no money to invest in proper gear, no support from family and friends for aspiring photographers. For us Egyptians, there is no prestige in this line of work. It ends up being about money and paying the bills instead of art and passion. So its always rushed to find the next client. The best in egypt does not compare to the best in america and Europe i am sad to say.

  5. Good choices in this list . i think documentary style is the best for wedding photography, the memories really live for a long time in this style


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