Egypt’s Top 10 Catering Companies

catering companies in egypt

Hosting a family gathering, celebration or an event at work could be really tricky, but have no worries! We have done the research and compiled a list of the best catering companies in Egypt to save your parties. The catering companies we selected are based on the quality and variety of food provided, pricing, hygiene and ability to deliver on time. If there is a catering company that you would like to recommend, please leave us a comment below.


Founded in 2014, Yumamia is one of earliest food delivery startups in Egypt. Yumamia is a delivery app that offers an array of affordable authentic meals, customized upon your request and delivered to your doorstep. The food is cooked by professional Egyptian housewives with certified cooking and hygiene classes. Moreover, the founders of the chain recently created an app to make the ordering process even easier. You can easily order by simply placing your request on the app and you will instantly be called by a nearby cook. Another key feature is that the company also offers a plan-ahead option for you to set the date and details for your upcoming orders. If you are after convenient, home-cooked catering, look no further. We think you will really enjoy Yumamia.
Contact: Website, Facebook, Instagram

2Cookies N Pies

If you have a sweet tooth, then this one is definitely the way to go. Despite being in business for less than two years, Cookies N Pies made themselves quite a reputation in Cairo’s catering scene. Cookies N Pies is a family owned business that offers all kinds of homemade desserts from cookies and pies to tarts and nut butters. More importantly, they recently added a new line of pizzas, gluten free products and vegan food, catering to a wider range of clients. In terms of pricing, you won’t have to dig deep into your pocket. And based on our research, we also discovered that they adhere to a very high level of hygiene. In conclusion, if you are looking for the top catering company for desserts, Cookies N Pies should be your pick. You can place your order now by visiting their website or Facebook page.
Where: 3rd District, Cairo
Contact: +201200001082, Website, Facebook

3Kozbara Catering

If you have a soft spot for international dishes with a touch of the Egyptian cuisine, then Kozbara will definitely save your life. The New Cairo-located catering service is managed by a married couple with a passion for food. The company is renowned for serving the best and most affordable wedding buffets in Egypt. Our survey revealed excellent punctuality and an unparalleled serving system which left most other catering companies in Egypt in the dust. Although the chef is half Italian, the company is very serious about keeping the overall menu Oriental themed. So, If you’re tying the knot soon or know a friend who is going to get married, don’t hesitate to hire them.
Contact: +201010002489


This place took the catering business in Cairo to a whole new level. As the name implies, the company, based in the Fifth Settlement, offers all kinds of mini goodies. From mini sandwiches to mini pizzas and manaquish. Despite their limited menu of tiny portions, they put a great amount of quality in every single piece. Bites is a perfect and safe choice if you’re having a kid’s play date or a birthday party and you don’t want the kids to lose energy. However, some clients found the company a little overpriced, especially giving the small portions.
Contact: +201092471111

5Ghada Nawara

Ghada Nawara’s catering company is only meant for big events. The Founder that inspired the company’s name is a professional cook with a wide area of expertise in global cuisine. Nawara’s catering company, located in El Sheikh Zayed, has dominated the catering business for a while now. The reason behind this success is the company’s quality of food, serving skills and reasonable price range. Therefore, this particular catering company is a perfect choice for events like engagement parties and wedding receptions. If you ever face such a situation, don’t think twice and call them.
Contact: +201222101369, Facebook


This place has been in business for 14 years. Being one of the earliest catering companies in Egypt makes it a trust worthy caterer when you’re in the middle of a food fiasco. This catering company is specialized in baby showers, corporate events and small gatherings. One of the many features they offer to their clients is customizing a special menu to fit their events and budgets, and dividing the buffets into categorized corners. For example, BBQ corner and pasta corners. To top all that, they only handle one event per day to make sure they perfect each and every one.
Contact: Website, Facebook, Instagram

7Tailor Kit

Founded in 2011, this company is the best caterer if you are planning a luxurious event. Based in Golf Katameya Heights, Tailor Kit’s company is always cooking to impress. They offer an irresistible range of fine dining choices for, mostly, elegant occasions. After their mega-success in Lebanon, Tailor Kit has shifted its focus to rule the Egyptian catering scene. They call themselves “The Tailors” as they offer customized menus to suit all kinds of events with different types of budgets. Based on our discussions with some of their past clients, we discovered that Tailor Kit are a safe choice for any grand event.
Contact: +201012336621, Website, Facebook

8Catering Co. Kitchen

This place is a hidden gem located in the Fifth settlement. The company is known for making the most tantalizing meals for any given event. They make oriental food, international recipes and much more. They are specialized in catering to high profile clients and events as they are constantly hired by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism in many of their Luxurious occasions. Finally, our research revealed that Catering Co. Kitchen values hygiene, flexibility and quality above all. They are a great choice if you are catering for corporate or government events.
Contact: Website, Facebook

9Best Choice

Another caterer that specializes in large corporate events is Best Choice. They have been leading the corporate catering business for years now and are said to be the “Best Choice” indeed. They offer a diverse menu to please everyone’s taste buds. Best choice is well known for making high quality food that is really tasty. They also manage to maintain their affordable prices despite their high standards. We really like the fact that even small companies will be able to afford Best Choice’s catering services. Their hygiene is also on par with most of the caterers on this list. Lastly, previous clients noted Best Choice’s ability to stick to the timings they promised. A great choice all around.
Contact: +201140443283, Website


Coppermelt turned out to be so much more than just iced coffee and tuna salads! You probably didn’t know this, but your favorite breakfast spot also provides first-rate catering services. Whodathunkit! Aside from its delightful pastries and baked goods, the franchise widened their production line to include catering services as well. You can customize a full buffet out of their famous cakes and sandwiches to fit in to your next occasion. Our hygiene inspection produced great results and they will surely make your guests happy with their unique food and presentation skills.
Contact: Facebook

Now it’s your turn. Let us know if we’re missing a great catering company in the comments below. If you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience with any of the caterers listed above, please let us know in the comments section. Want to get in touch with us? Just click here and drop us a message.


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