Dr. Hesham Rashed: Could This Be Cairo’s Best Dentist?

Dr. Hesham Rashed Top Best Dentists Cairo Egypt

To find the top 10 dentists in Cairo meant we had to carry out a comprehensive study into this vast field. There are thousands of dentists in Cairo, and there seems to be one on every street. It’s a mind boggling task but one we had to undertake to filter out the best. And during our research, one dentist impressed us beyond all others: Dr. Hesham Rashed.

When assessing a dentist, we look for a variety of traits and signs. And the best way to assess a dentist is by going undercover as a patient. That’s just what we did to learn more about Dr. Hesham Rashed and his dental practice.

Dr. Hesham Rashed Citystars clinic

In our experience, Dr. Hesham proved to be a great listener. We didn’t feel rushed at all. He took his time to listen to us even though we intentionally prolonged the conversation to test his patience. Calm and composed as ever, he took it a step further by educating us on oral health and good habits. That’s already two signs of a top dentist ticked off our list; an active listener, and a dentist that educates his patients. We also look for dentists that respect a patient’s time. Meaning we don’t want to be waiting too long to see the dentist. So how did Dr. Hesham fair in this regard? Remarkably well. He wasn’t a minute late for our appointment and greeted us with warmth and respect.

One of the most important assessment criteria is hygiene. We want to make sure that the clinic we visit is clean, neat and orderly. This is exactly how Dr. Hesham Rashed keeps his practice. The rooms were spotless and everything was organized. We did not notice any old gloves or dirty instruments lying around which could spread germs and contaminate the rooms. Clearly, Dr. Hesham has very strict hygiene standards and we were thoroughly impressed by it.

Dr. Hesham Rashed - Hygiene

Dr. Hesham continued impressing us during our undercover visit with the way he interacted with his own staff. He treats them with the same level of respect and kindness as he does with his patients. In fact, his personality seems tailor-made for this profession. You get the sense that Dr. Hesham naturally values you. We didn’t feel like we’re just another item on his to-do list as we did with other dentists during our study. He has a unique way of letting his patients know he cares about them personally. On our way out, we noticed the clinic following up with a patient over the phone just to make sure they’re okay and that there are no complications in the recovery process. We don’t know about you, but we can’t remember our clinics ever calling us after any procedures.

Dr. Hesham Rashed CityStars Branch

Dr. Hesham Rashed’s practices are located in the Ard El Golf area of Heliopolis, and CityStars in Nasr City. They are beautifully designed spaces that fuse different themes to create the perfect dental clinic. For example, the waiting area of the Heliopolis branch resembles a cozy living room with a very rustic vibe. This is such a welcomed break to the norm. Other clinics tend to have an intimidating, soulless waiting area which does nothing to calm the patients down. But not here. Patients can relax, sink into the comfy sofas, enjoy Yanni’s faint music in the background, and totally forget they’re visiting a dentist.

Dr. Hesham Rashed - Waiting Area

We also take technology into account because the field of dentistry is always developing. New technology means innovative procedures and a dentist should stay up to date on the latest advances. In Dr. Hesham’s case, we noticed the rooms are modern and equipped with the latest technology. And with a little more digging, we realized just how much Dr. Hesham values technology. He was the first to introduce various technologies and advancements in cosmetic dentistry to the Egyptian market including the Empress 2, E max (Ivoclar, Switzerland) and the leading-edge technology, Zirconium Oxide. The clinic also has an on-site lab which not only caters to Dr. Hesham’s patients but also supplies many other dentists – a true testament to Dr. Hesham’s ability to stay ahead of the curve.

Our study didn’t reveal many dentists that scored well in all assessment categories. But Dr. Hesham Rashed is a shining exception. His many years of hard work and dedication to his patients’ oral health has made us wonder… could Dr. Hesham Rashed be Cairo’s best dentist?

A huge possibility indeed.

Dr. Hesham Rashed Dental Clinic
Ard El-Golf Branch: 36 El-Nozha St, Ard El-Golf, Heliopolis, Cairo
Citystars Branch: Phase 2, Level 3, Citystars, Nasr City, Cairo
Contacts: +2024199409, +201064423000, +201221134935, +201221134935, Facebook, Website


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