Egypt’s Best Psychologists and Therapists

In today’s fast-paced world, sustaining one’s mental health has become an absolute necessity, not just a mere luxury. It is vital to work with one of the best psychologists or therapists in Egypt. Mental health is as important as physical health. It directly impacts your overall well-being as well as yielding better social connections and improved productivity.

Traditionally, Egyptians have overlooked the importance of maintaining and improving their mental health due to stigmas and a lack of awareness. However, in recent years multiple organizations have launched initiatives to reinforce the importance of mental health, besides the greater accessibility to mental health services. These initiatives have caused exponential growth in the number of people seeking highly-rated psychologists and therapists in Egypt.

Numerous therapists in Egypt provide their services for people to tackle all their mental health concerns. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top psychologists and therapists in Egypt who are not only highly credentialed and experienced but have also received considerable positive feedback.

1Dr. Sally Mohamed El Sheikh

With a clinic based in Dokki, Dr. Sally El Sheikh is a distinguished therapist with tremendous experience helping her patients overcome their mental health challenges. Her clients speak highly of her therapy sessions and constantly praise them. This praise is attributed not only to her vast knowledge of diverse mental health issues but also to her friendly demeanour and professionalism. Besides offering therapy sessions, Dr. El Sheikh is also well-versed in treating various psychological disorders and addiction complications. As a seasoned therapist who uses multiple treatment techniques for the benefit of her patients, Dr. El Sheikh is undoubtedly a worthy enough name to be on our list and one of the most qualified therapists in Egypt.

2Dr. Mona Reda

Having a compassionate, prominent mental health professional by our side is something that we all need. Dr. Mona Reda is a highly respected psychiatrist and therapist known for her immense passion for her field. Apart from focusing on the clientele of her Heliopolis private practice, Dr. Reda is very active within academia and always up-to-date on all studies related to human mental health. Possessing a deep interest in intimate health issues, Dr. Reda is the right professional to talk to and have all your relationship and communication issues closely examined and addressed. She is also very active on her social media profiles, where she constantly shares valuable advice to cultivate your mental health. Additionally, make sure to follow her blog for detailed information about a diverse variety of engaging and thought-stimulating topics.

3Dr. Hesham Tharwat

Dr. Hesham Tharwat is a renowned mental health professional in Egypt. He boasts a wealth of experience due to his tremendous expertise with multiple prestigious psychiatric hospitals. His patients enjoy the convenience of either visiting his private clinic or receiving online psychological therapy sessions. Patients commend Dr. Tharwat for his professionalism and genuine care for his clients, especially his influential anxiety and depression management methods. What makes Dr. Tharwat stand out among his fellow therapists is his seamless clinic journey and overall experience. You can easily schedule an appointment through WhatsApp, spend limited to no time waiting, properly assess your mental status in a 45-to-60-minute session, and enjoy easy follow-ups between your sessions. Overall, Dr. Hesham Tharwat is an excellent choice when a knowledgeable and caring therapist is what you’re searching for.

4Dr. Ahmed Youssef

With over 15 years of extensive experience as a psychiatrist and addiction specialist, Dr. Ahmed Youssef is an illustrious mental health professional who has helped numerous individuals manage their mental disorders and complications. Besides his highly impactful individual and group therapy sessions, Dr. Youssef is one of the leading professionals to conduct comprehensive addiction training programs utilizing research-based methods. These approaches have not only impressed patients with his competence and diligence, but it has also allowed them to achieve long-lasting mental enhancement. The insightful mental health information that Dr. Youssef shares through his posts makes him a highly sought-after therapist.

5Dr. Wael El Sayed Khafagy

Dr. Wael Khafagy is a psychologist who treats his profession with utmost respect and diligence. His unique talent for gathering a lot of data points through his seamless psychological examination sets him apart from other therapists. Dr. Khafagy believes that psychological assessments cannot be treated simply as just a conversation but rather as a delicate process that entails treating his patients’ concerns accurately and effectively. Upon entering the examination room, Dr. Khafagy thoroughly assesses the patient’s movements and expressions before starting a dialogue to gather as much information as possible. Approaching therapy sessions in this manner has proven its success from the myriad of positive feedback from his satisfied clientele. Dr. Khafagy is, therefore, a reputable mental health professional who provides the necessary care we all need.

6Dr. Shireen Shawqi

If an individually customized psychological care experience is what you’re looking for, it’s worth paying a visit to Dr. Shireen Shawqi. Dr. Shawqi is a unique mental health professional who holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology in Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy. Her specialized knowledge allows her patients to reach an elevated state of concentration, allowing them to perform beneficial alterations to their perceptions, thoughts, and behaviours. As the founder of “Amethyst Counseling,” Dr. Shawqi promises her patients to be supported through every stage of their journey and allow them to overcome all their mental struggles and complications. All the reasons mentioned above make Dr. Shireen Shawqi a distinguished mental health professional who will provide you with an excellent treatment plan customized to your individual needs.

7Dr. Ahmed Wael Abouhendy

Despite being one of the youngest therapists on this list, Dr. Abouhendy swiftly attained a reputation within the mental health treatment field. With three private clinics around Egypt, he is becoming popular each day due to his exceptional communication skills and warm-hearted approach in his sessions. Moreover, Dr. Abouhendy has been constantly praised for utilizing a wide range of therapeutic techniques for his patients to achieve their mental health objectives more seamlessly. Going through his clients’ feedback, you will conclude that Dr. Abouhendy has a unique talent for getting to the root of his patient’s issues and developing individualized treatment plans to address those complications effectively. This talent makes Dr. Ahmed Abouhendy one of Egypt’s best psychologists and therapists, and we expect his name to continue flourishing even further.

8Dr. Sara Helal

At “The Mental Health Clinic,” Dr. Sara Helal provides an all-rounded premium psychiatric experience. Whether in-person or virtually, her patients speak highly of her therapy sessions. Moreover, Dr. Helal is well-versed in the latest psychology research findings, allowing her to utilize tried-and-tested methods to benefit her clients. However, what makes Dr. Helal stand out is her sports counselling sessions which are said to not only enhance the performance of athletes but also allow them to overcome any mental blocks that could be hindering their potential. A triathlete herself, Dr. Sara Helal is the ideal person to go to for any athletes aiming to get over their mental health issues. Her social media posts and personal blog deserve much more attention.

Now it’s your turn. Let us know if we’re missing any special clinical psychologists or therapists in Egypt in the comments below. If you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience with any of the therapists listed above, please let us know in the comments section. Want to get in touch with us? Just click here and drop us a message.


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