10 Excellent Skin Clinics and Dermatologists in Egypt

10 Excellent Skin Clinics and Dermatologists in Egypt

Choosing a good doctor to treat skin related issues could be a daunting task considering the sheer number of skin clinics and dermatologists in Egypt. In the past 10 years alone, we have seen a 35% hike in the number of new dermatologists compared to the previous period. To save you the trouble, we carried out an in-depth survey of 500 skin clinics and dermatologists to reveal the absolute best Egypt has to offer. Our survey criteria was based on; results, client reviews, experience, education, waiting times, technology and prices. Without further ado, here are the best clinics or doctors to visit when you have a skin related issue.

1Dr. Mona El Fangary

Dr. Mona El Fengary

Based in 6th of October City, Dr. Mona El Fangary has been paving the way in Egypt’s field of cosmetic dermatology. Her vast experience has made her a reference point when it comes to skin rejuvenation, treatment of acne scars, and various cosmetic procedures such as; Botox, Fillers, Chemical Peeling, Mesotherapy, and more. Her results had a subtle, yet noticeable edge over the majority of dermatologists in Egypt. The clients seem very happy to the extent that 84% would recommend Dr. El Fangary to others. To put that into perspective, the average recommendation rate in our survey was 38%. The excellent results and client reviews should come as no surprise considering Dr. El Fangary’s vast amount of experience in dermatology. Waiting times average around an hour, which is slightly more than we hoped for but overall, Dr. El Fangary scored superbly in most of our criteria to warrant a spot among Egypt’s top dermatologists.
Where: 6th of October City
Contact: +201003939153, Facebook

2ZO Skin Centre by Zein Obagi, MD

ZO Skin Centre by Zein Obagi, MD

Dr. Zein Obagi is a world-renowned US-based dermatologist and one of the go-to doctors for A-list celebrities. He founded ZO Skin Centre and opened up two branches in Egypt – one in the Fifth Settlement, and the other in Zamalek. While Dr. Zein doesn’t actually practice in Egypt, the team in place are more than capable of offering an equally brilliant service. Between them, they offer a wide range of medical and cosmetic treatments. Naturally, we feared that this is a classic “Jack of all trades, master of none.” How wrong we were… clients raved about the results, technology is bleeding-edge, and average waiting time is under an hour. The doctors are kind, friendly, and ready to answer any questions you may have. Finally, their prices are ever so slightly on the expensive side but we think they are worth it nonetheless. Highly recommended!
Where: Zamalek, New Cairo
Contact: +201224252490 (Zamalek), +201200022557 (New Cairo), Facebook, Website

3Dr. Mohamed El-Nazer – El-Nazer Clinic

Dr. Mohamed El-Nazer - El-Nazer Clinic

Few skin clinics in Cairo, or Egypt for that matter hold a candle to El-Nazer Clinic when it comes to client reviews. Almost every client of this clinic that we surveyed gave positive feedback. Not to mention, a category-high recommendation rate of 88%. Generally, the clients praised the results of the brilliant Dr. Mohamed El-Nazer, while pointing out his patience and how comfortable he made them feel. We should point out that Dr. Mohamed is not the oldest dermatologist we’ve come across in our survey, but few doctors showcased the amount of knowledge and raw talent that he has. El-Nazer Clinic uses the latest technologies and equipment, and manages to keep prices within the normal range. Overall, we believe this is a great clinic that shouldn’t be overlooked.
Where: Dokki
Contact: +201111941333, Facebook, Website

4Dr. Hassan Attia Cosmetic Dermatology Clinics

Dr. Hassan Attia Cosmetic Dermatology Clinics

Next up is Dr. Hassan Attia – a really talented cosmetic dermatologist with a wealth of experience under his belt. Results are truly wonderful and his clients are incredibly satisfied with their treatments. Dr. Attia offers all major cosmetic derma services such as fillers, botox, peeling and laser resurfacing to name a few. His recommendation rate stands at a very respectable 85% – just 3% shy of being the highest in Egypt. Dr. Attia himself is a very kind and respectful dermatologist with all the patience you could ask for. He is also a true believe in the use of the latest technology which ultimately translates to better results for his clients. Prices are well within the normal range and waiting times average 50 minutes. All in all, we think Dr. Hassan Attia is a top choice if you’re looking for one of the best cosmetic dermatology treatments in Egypt.
Where: Mohandeseen
Contact: +201090905930, Facebook

5Cutis – The Skin Clinic

Cutis - The Skin Clinic

Cutis isn’t just the latin word for “skin” – it is also one of Egypt’s best skin clinics. We say best because this clinic has no ordinary dermatologists. It was founded by the brilliant Prof. Dr. Abdel-Rahim Abdallah, a pioneer in Egypt’s field of dermatology. Today, Cutis features a team of talented doctors, including renowned professors Dr. Marwa Abdallah and Dr. Mahmoud Abdallah, themselves respected by colleagues and notable figures from the medical world. Simply put, this clinic is a hub of knowledge and expertise, and with that, comes an unparalleled quality of treatment. Our survey revealed a client recommendation rate of 88% putting them joint-top in this category. The clients praised the level of care and attention they received, the cleanliness of the clinic, and above all, the results of their treatments. We were further impressed with the reasonable pricing considering the top quality of the treatments and modern technology they use.
Where: Mohandeseen, Heliopolis, New Cairo
Contact: +201009070000, Facebook, Website

6Dr. Sabah El-Ashmouny – Al Rayan Clinic

Dr. Sabah El-Ashmouny - Al Rayan Clinic

Dr. Sabah El-Ashmouny is one of the most enterprising and skilled dermatologists in Egypt. She has top qualifications, a wealth of experience, and she is the founder of a successful clinic which has established itself as a center for various cosmetic and beauty related issues. Dr. Sabah’s clients highlighted her friendliness, and willingness to educate them, which works wonders to ease nervous clients. According to our observation, the results of fillers, botox, and laser treatments are some of the best we have come across and cements Dr. Sabah’s position among the top dermatologists in Egypt. The staff at the clinic are well trained, highly knowledgeable and carry Dr. Sabah’s professional ethos in everything they do. The prices for various services are surprisingly reasonable compared to other skin clinics in Egypt. Finally, waiting times are good with an average delay of 30 minutes.
Where: Nasr City
Contact: +201064446545, Facebook, Website

7Dr. Marwa Dahab – Dahab Clinic

Dr. Marwa Dahab - Dahab Clinic

Though incredibly skilled in a multitude of dermatologic specialties, Dr. Marwa Dahab is especially known and respected for her work in laser hair removal, botox & fillers, fractional laser, and PRP (Plasma). Our survey revealed a very high client satisfaction level and recommendation rate. Here’s a short quote from one of her clients which captures the overall sentiment towards Dr. Marwa: “I’ve done many treatments on my face and neck with such a huge improvement on texture. I am really satisfied with my results every single visit! Dr. Marwa definitely knows how to help her clients with their needs. Thank you Doc!” In addition to the positive client reviews, Dr. Marwa has filled her clinic with the most modern equipment. Finally, waiting times average only 45 minutes. Hugely recommended clinic lead by one of the best dermatologists in Egypt.
Where: Nasr City
Contact: +201020096691, Facebook

8INDERM Skin Clinic

INDERM Skin Clinic

INDERM is a cosmetic skin clinic with two branches. One in Heliopolis, and one in the Fifth Settlement. They offer everything from laser treatments, botox, fillers, PRP to thread lifts, peeling and much more. Their overall results are excellent and client reviews are through the roof. Most skin clinics that made it to this list use the latest tech but INDERM stands head and shoulders above the rest in this category. They haven’t just gone for the latest, but also the best and highest rated equipment. In terms of pricing, their services are a little on the expensive side but still within an affordable range. More positively though, INDERM has the shortest waiting times out of all the skin clinics and dermatologists in Egypt that made it to the top 10. To sum up, INDERM is a truly excellent choice if you’re after any cosmetic dermatology services.
Where: Heliopolis, New Cairo
Contact: +201019777719, Facebook, Website

9The Skin Avenue

The Skin Avenue

The Skin Avenue is located in Sheikh Zayed’s trendy Arkan Mall and features all the cosmetic dermatology services you can dream of. Our survey revealed a very decent recommendation rate of 78%. Every staff member is qualified and experienced to a degree that will leave you with very good results. Particularly, Dr. Mohamed Mongy who apart from being the founder, is also a world-class dermatologist who received a huge amount of positive feedback from the clients we surveyed. When it comes to money matters, The Skin Avenue frequently knock down their prices. So if you are in the Sheikh Zayed area, and your case is not serious, you may as well wait for the discounts and save yourself some money. In terms of technology, they use only the latest equipment. Waiting times? Only a 30 minute wait at most.
Where: Sheikh Zayed City
Contact: +201017155505, Facebook



Last but not least is Rederm Clinic in Alexandria lead by the brilliant Dr. Haitham Alsaadawy. The client reviews category is filled to the brim with positive experiences that highlight Dr. Haitham’s talent, knowledge, and consequently his excellent results. The whole team is qualified and they all had something extra that other clinics were missing… A humble, warm and friendly attitude that we think is vital for any clinic – be it medical or cosmetic. Technology is on par with the best dermatologists in Egypt so we have no complaints in this department. Yet sadly, there is one area that is stopping Rederm from featuring higher on our list and that is waiting times. During busy periods, waiting times can be unbearably long. Several clients claimed they waited more than an hour, and in one particular bad case, one client had to wait three hours. Ending on a positive note, the pricing is well within the normal range, and reasonable in comparison to many of the dermatologists in Egypt.
Where: San Stefano (Alexandria)
Contact: +201228893387, Facebook

Now it’s your turn. Let us know if we’re missing any great skin clinics or dermatologists in Egypt in the comments below. If you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience with any of the skin clinics or dermatologists listed above, please let us know in the comments section. Want to get in touch with us? Just click here and drop us a message.



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