10 Excellent Digital Marketing Agencies in Egypt

Excellent digital marketing agencies egypt

There are more than 500 digital marketing agencies in Egypt. Some of these agencies are small and offer niche marketing services, while others are huge, full-service digital marketing giants. Most of the companies are concentrated in Cairo, which has long been regarded as the Middle East’s digital marketing capital. With so many to choose from, it can feel like an impossible task to narrow down your search and find a digital marketing firm that is right for your brand.

Below, we reveal the most effective and successful digital marketing agencies in Egypt according to the findings of our survey. Only registered digital marketing agencies were included in our study, and were assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Ability to understand the client’s vision and target market
  • Portfolio and experience
  • Knowledge and expertise
  • Ability to deliver on-time and on-budget
  • Return on investment


Rekoya is the highest performing independent digital marketing agency in our survey. An astonishing 93% of Rekoya’s clients believe they received a high return on their investment. To put this into perspective, the second-highest ROI score is 78%. A key reason for Rekoya’s success is their focus on influencer marketing. This powerful new way of advertising is changing marketing as we know it, and Rekoya is leading the charge.

Rekoya boasts a hugely talented and motivated team. Their creativity and technical expertise are simply unmatched. The team is made up of various nationalities which puts them in a unique position to communicate with and serve international clients. It also allows them to target European, Middle Eastern, and North African markets to an equally brilliant degree.

Rekoya’s clients include TikTok, Nestlé, LG, McVitie’s, DeFacto, and Ulker. All of which gave positive reviews and highlighted Rekoya’s ability to quickly understand briefs, get down to business with a clever strategy and conclude with insights that pave the way for better digital marketing campaigns.

There is no agency better than Rekoya at involving brands in online trends and turning them into profitable campaigns. They are the fastest to identify trends and choose the most appropriate and engaging influencers for hugely rewarding collaborations. In short, you cannot go wrong with Rekoya. You get the highest rate of return on your investment, unbelievably creative campaigns, and the best marketing team in the region.

2FP7 McCann Cairo

FP7 operates under the umbrella of the McCann Worldgroup, which is a global marketing agency network with offices in 120 countries. The office in Egypt has been one of the top-performing offices in the region since 2001. They have a wonderful team of digital marketing professionals with a ton of experience in Egypt. They showed a greater understanding of modern techniques and marketing technologies than other marketing firms in Egypt.

FP7’s services are wide and varied but they are particularly talented in social media marketing and video advertising. They are capable of delivering digital campaigns that generate a buzz across the entire country. This is particularly true for clients such as Etisalat, while other satisfied customers include Uber, McDonald’s, and Unilever.

78% of respondents believe they received a high rate of return on their investment. This puts FP7 Cairo as the second-best digital marketing company from an ROI perspective. Our survey also showed that FP7 is able to deliver most campaigns without delay, and without asking for more funds on top of the agreed budget.

3Tarek Nour Communications

Tarek Nour is a household name in Egypt’s marketing sector and one that needs no introduction. They are behind some of Egypt’s most recognizable campaigns. In fact, Tarek Nour has been pioneering and shaping the field long before the onset of the digital marketing age. They were the kings of TV ads, and to some extent, they still are. Today, Tarek Nour is able to cope with the increased competition brought on by the digital marketing boom by increasing its digital capabilities.

The folks working at Tarek Nour follow a tried and tested workflow that results in a much smoother relationship with their customers and vendors. Top managers know how to bring the best out of their teams and motivate them to give their all. Some of their satisfied customers include Subaru, Schweppes, Sixt, the National Bank of Egypt, and Etisalat. They spoke highly of Tarek Nour’s excellent communication, creativity levels, and production quality.

4Wunderman Thompson Cairo

Wunderman Thompson is a newly formed agency after the merger of J. Walter Thompson (JWT) with Wunderman. They are a part of WPP plc, one of the world’s biggest marketing companies. The Cairo office is located in Zamalek and is home to some of Egypt’s top digital marketers. The team is made up of older, experienced staff and young talent. This results in fresh, creative campaigns delivered with the utmost professionalism.

They are particularly good at delivering big production commercials and airing them across multiple digital channels. A quick glance at their portfolio will reveal many success stories and a variety of well-known brands. Vodafone, DHL, and Shell are some of their most high-profile clients in Egypt. Vodafone in particular keeps coming back for more. They praised Wunderman Thompson’s ability to create memorable campaigns on time and on budget.

Sadly, smaller clients that are not able to afford the big-budget productions are either priced out or settle for lower quality videos with limited creativity. This had a negative effect on Wunderman Thompson’s overall rate of return.


With more than 7 years in the industry and a growing team full of creative professionals, Pimula has the expertise needed for handling your marketing, media production, and everything in between.

Pimula’s strategic approach in everything they do is reflected in the big names they have worked with throughout their journey. Covering almost every industry there is, their number of satisfied clients has reached more than 400+ in different fields around the world. 

With Pimula, it is not only about managing your digital platforms rather than taking your brand’s overall visibility to a whole new level through building and maintaining an integrated and harmonious approach to your marketing activities.


Alongside Rekoya, Kijamii attracts some of the best marketing professionals due to their reputation and history in Egypt’s marketing sector. Their team includes all the necessary employees to create a well-oiled advertising machine. Staff turnover is a little high but they do manage to remain consistent in their quality of service.

Kijamii is specialized in social media marketing but they have recently partnered with other specialist agencies to broaden their offerings. Yet, social media marketing is still their beating heart, and few agencies in Egypt can churn out quality content as they do.

Some of Kijamii’s most notable customers include Netflix, Peugeot, Huawei, and Durex. Our survey revealed that Kijamii can generate creative content on short notice, which is a prerequisite to becoming one of the best marketing firms in Cairo. Kijamii’s strong reporting skills and media buying expertise are very good too. Finally, 74% of Kijamii’s clients believe that they received a good rate of return on their investments. This score places Kijamii as the third best digital marketing agency in Egypt from an ROI perspective, behind Rekoya and FP7 Cairo.

7Leo Burnett Cairo

In 2002, Leo Burnett was acquired by Publicis Groupe, the world’s oldest and third largest communications group. However, Leo Burnett has been a leading advertising agency long before its acquisition. According to Leo Burnett’s clients in Egypt, the team is passionate and knowledgeable about digital marketing. They constantly demonstrate their creativity by pitching new ideas. While not all ideas are approved, those that get the green light usually end up as success stories.

They have an excellent ability to understand the client’s vision and target market. This is particularly true for older clients such as Orange and Toyota. They are experienced in developing video commercials, and partner with some of the top production houses in the country. Orange Egypt was quick to acknowledge Leo Burnett’s talent in delivering engaging and captivating video content.

Just over 70% of respondents claimed that Leo Burnett delivered on time, while 82% highlighted that campaigns were delivered within the allocated budget. Big spenders will enjoy greater returns on their investment with Leo Burnett, especially those that are interested in video advertising.


Develovent was the first to innovate and implement the “CorAgency” concept in their management and operation system, bringing together the organized work process of corporate firms and the agencies’ hype and creativity.

It gathers a highly motivated and experienced team with incomparable skills in strategic planning, creative thinking, and performance marketing. They devote their creative minds and efforts to tailor high-quality and unmatched outcomes based on each client’s needs. Furthermore, all the agency’s departments contribute to achieving the North Star Metric with an increasing customer ROI.

One of the solid pillars supporting Develovent’s well-earned high reputation is maintaining a low turnover on both staff and client sides while booming and building successful case studies with distinguished national and multinational clients, including Talaat Moustafa Group, iSiS Organic, Axa, El Araby Group, Dorra Group, Janssen, Allianz, and More.

Develovent started as a specialized digital agency, mastering all digital tactics from strategic planning and creative to performance marketing, then continued its fast-rising accomplishments. It expanded its services to deliver 360° integrated campaigns adding BTL and ATL arms to its business scope with a clear vision and aim to create more outstanding case studies and success stories.

9Isobar MENA

Isobar is a global marketing firm and part of the Dentsu Aegis Network, which itself is a subsidiary of Dentsu – one of the world’s biggest advertising and PR groups. Isobar’s presence in Egypt is still in its early days but they have managed to land major accounts including those of GSK, Unilever and CIB. Plenty of respondents claimed that they received a good return on investment, and highlighted Isobar’s ability to conceptualize creative and effective campaigns.

The folks working at Isobar Egypt are friendly, qualified, and passionate about all things digital. They do a good job at managing social media pages and creating attractive websites. They are particularly talented in creating content for the Egyptian mass market rather than niche markets and other audiences around the Middle East. Finally, Isobar’s team in Egypt has been praised in our survey for their speed, and are second only to Rekoya in their ability to deliver on-time.

10MO4 Network

MO4 Network is an independent agency with full digital marketing capabilities and a strong production arm. They also leverage Cairo Scene for their customer’s benefit. Cairo Scene is an online platform covering the latest news and gossip in Egypt. MO4 has worked with plenty of Egyptian startups, fashion brands, restaurants, and hotels. Some of the most well-known brands include Coca-Cola, Heineken, Marriott, Nike, and Uber.

Clients enjoy communicating with experienced account managers that take initiative rather than react to their needs. They further praised MO4’s quick and clear communication. They are not argumentative or push their agenda without backing it up with research. However, some respondents highlighted delays in work and lower ROI than expected. Still, when it comes to digital marketing in Egypt, you will be hard pressed to find many agencies with the experience and capabilities that MO4 can offer.

Now it’s your turn. Let us know if we’re missing a special digital marketing agency in Egypt in the comments below. If you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience with any of the digital marketing agencies listed above, please let us know in the comments section. Want to get in touch with us? Just click here and drop us a message.


  1. I only have respect for rekoya after finding out they put a sick employee on paid leave for TWO YEARS with the same salary he received when he was working! When he recovered, he came back and won the agency 2 effie awards. Now that’s how you take care of your people.

    • The man you are talking about is my friend and the funny thing is he was not very good at his job before he got sick… the owner did not do it because of work, he did it because he knew my friend has a family and kids to provide for, and a mother who can’t work because she is too old.

      • I work at the TEDx program and I would love to explore the possibility of involving rekoya’s founder in our talks. Would you be able to send me his contact details?

    • I am not surprised.. Visit their site and see what they are doing to support people through corona virus

  2. I urge all egyptians to choose local agencies!!! Help your economy and dont pay the global agencies. I see only rekoya, kijami, mo4 is local on this list but there are many more. Please do your research!!

  3. Where was this article 5 years ago! I wasted so much time and money looking for a decent marketing company in egypt 🙁

  4. Wit all respect to my friends at isobar and jwt and fp7 i woudnlt give my hard earned cash to these companies….. If u want good marketing just b ready to pay huge sum because only richest get the best work

  5. So far, we completed 8 influencer campaigns with Rekoya. I remember the 1st campaign was a failure (to be honest). They admitted that they could have done some things differently so we decided to try another campaign (mainly because they were so honest about it and identified the problems). The 2nd campaign was much better. The 3rd was even better, and so on… Rekoya is now our go-to digital agency in the Middle East and we couldn’t be happier.

      • I would say at least $10,000 for a small campaign. Just make sure the influencers are applicable to your target market and location.

        • That’s a lot of money! So when you say Rekoya’s first campaign failed means all that money was wasted. My question: does it make more sense to choose regular social media marketing?

          • I understand what you are saying but I wouldn’t call it wasted money because it led to rewarding campaigns. I would call it an investment since we were looking for a long-term solution and now we have one. Before Rekoya, we did waste money with the global ad agencies in Cairo and Dubai. Regarding your question about social media vs. influencer marketing, I recommend influencer marketing because you get more for your money and your message is reached with more credibility. Hope this helps.

            • Yes you are very helpful!! Can you tell me about the bad experience with the previous ad agencies because my company has (had?) shortlisted some of them so I am worried about that!

  6. As the founder of a digital marketing agency in Egypt, I am proud to see an independent agency listed as no. 1 and it is inspiring to know that Egyptians can compete and even make it to the top against global ad companies.

    • It is basically promoting your product or service through people that have a lot of followers or subscribers on instagram, youtube, etc…

  7. In my opinion, there is a big difference in the professionalism and intelligence between the people working at Rekoya and the other agencies.

    • What do you mean intelligence? If you don’t work at rekoya that does not make you less INTELLIGENT

      • I am sorry, I didn’t mean to be offensive. It is just my experience as someone who has worked with 4 agencies listed above. As a client, I look for an agency that is smart enough to understand our goals, customer profiles, and things like that but also they have to be very creative, very fast to communicate, and most importantly to meet our KPIs. So, for me Rekoya ticks all the boxes. It was also nice to deal with someone who spoke Italian which is my native tongue.

        • I don’t think you should be sorry to say one company has more intelligent staff than others. Every company has different standards, and the truth is Rekoya hires the best talent. There’s a reason why every marketeer has applied for a job at Rekoya.

            • No but I work at a production house so i work very closely with agencies and I have seen first hand the difference. When we are shooting with rekoya, they don’t joke around. They are very focused and serious. We like working with rekoya because the takes are much less and we get to go home earlier hahahaaha. It just shows they plan more and make good decisions from the start.

        • Maybe don’t use the term ‘intelligence’ maybe say ‘more qualified’ or ‘more experienced’ because a lot of egos will be hurt

  8. Can anybody tell me if influencer marketing can work for a landscaping company? If yes, how can it be done?

  9. my company had a bad experience with MO4. We tried 1 campaign with very big and famous influencers but the outcome was not very good. There were a lot of problems that we were not expecting and MO4 did not tell us we might face them so it put me in an embarrassing situation in front of my managers.

  10. I chose rekoya after coming across this article and confirm everything written about them. Honestly, I am amazed with this company. They are so friendly and explain everything to me and so transparent about their work.

  11. Can anybody tell me what type of company can do packaging design for our products because i emailed some of the companies in this list but they tell me they do not offer this service

  12. There are only 4 agencies here that are worth it… FP7, Kijamii, Rekoya, Tarek Nour. The rest are a joke.

    • Why are you saying that? I suggest you check out JWT as they are behind a lot of amazing campaigns in Egypt..

      • Dear, JWT is very unprofessional. You can ask anyone working there how they spend their day. They sit around and do nothing or go out socializing at cafes and gossip about their colleagues. Trust me it is not a professional environment. But they get paid enough money from the big campaigns they do to get their salaries.

        • I think that is a very unfair accusation .. YES, they do go out a lot and talk about irrelevant stuff but who in Egypt doesn’t? Everyone needs a break from time to time. But when it comes to their work, they are talented and do their best so please don’t go around spreading false accusations on the internet. These people have families and are responsible for others. You are damaging their reputation which could affect their livelihood. Shame on you.

        • I’d also like to ask Dina how she got her information? Unlike her, this site has carried out a survey and assessed JWT from an objective point of view. They have spoken to their clients and they know that JWT hires excellent staff. That’s why they are in the top 10. Please Dina back up your claims with evidence and maybe you can be taken more seriously!!!

  13. I want to nominate – Satchi and Satchi to be included in this list … They are very good … Note to admin .. please consider them in your survey and adjust your rankings ..I believe they deserve to be in the top 5 positions .. thank you SIR

  14. I want to say something regarding the MO4 agency… They also offer the highest influencer marketing service not just Rekoya but the article fails to mention this.

    • Both of them do offer influencer marketing but Rekoya does something to ensure the campaign targets are met. I don’t know what they do exactly, and it’s not my business but we were surprised with the results.

        • Of course. I am a marketing director at an FMCG brand based in Dubai. We hired 4 agencies across the Middle East for an influencer campaign with the goal of driving participation in a social media contest. We gave the influencers a link for their bio which leads to a landing page for users to register in the contest. We were able to track this link and know which agency performed the best.

          Rekoya’s CTR (click through rate) was MUCH higher than the other agencies. By the way, other agencies involved were Diwan and HU Management. Most people consider them the top influencer agencies in the region but if it wasn’t for Rekoya’s results, the contest would have failed.

  15. quick question: if you have an idea for a commercial, do you still need to hire a marketing agency like the ones in this list or can you go straight to the production company to make it?

  16. We tried 4 agencies in total based on the recommendations in this page. We tried 3 big names first and it was a disaster tbh. Then we finally tried rekoya and the difference was huge. Their team is truly friendly and smart. We felt they had our best interest every step of the way and they never tried to push anything we don’t need. They just found the best influencers for us, came up with a creative campaign and managed it to perfection.

  17. hello seham a bit late reply but me and my friend are planning to open new agency from the start and we would love it if are interested to join us we are still not launching it now

  18. To be very honest Egyptians are so friendly and smart enough to produce miracles no doubt about it , but things are going very slow here comparing with other cities eg Dubai . I personally ❤️ To deal with lovely Egyptians ,more importantly to back them up with an effective, credible, and consistent policy that will draw the “new Egyptian” toward the new reality, which it so desperately needs. as an Arabic I wish them all the best , as an entrepreneur I wish my business to succeed too , I wish of course to found a good straightforward marketing partners , instead of the Indians who satisfied me in this major integration part of my business , marketing since the last 15 years .

  19. Looking for creative and marketing agency in egypt to manage our ecommerce creatives, social and brand. can someone help me with some contacts please for the top agencies in Egypt


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