A Closer Look at Egypt’s Top Dental Lab with Dr. Hesham Rashed

Dental Lab Milling Center Hesham Rashed

In recent years, many dentists and medical organizations in Egypt have attempted to start their own dental lab – each to varying degrees of success. These type of labs are some of the most difficult to run because of the constantly changing technologies, methods, and materials used.

Operating in Egypt adds an extra layer of difficulty because of the economic troubles, and lack of access to highly skilled professionals required for a successful dental lab. Yet, one dentist seems to have defied all odds to create a dental lab in Egypt that can give the best labs in Europe and North America a run for their money. His name is Dr. Hesham Rashed and his lab is called DCL (Dental Ceramics Lab).

When we carried out a full examination of Egypt’s dental labs, we quickly noticed a huge gap in quality between DCL and other labs. And when we say quality, we mean the quality of the milling machines, the quality of the staff members, the quality of the materials being used, and of course, the quality of the final product. We looked at everything to see whether DCL was cutting any corners, but no. Dr. Hesham’s lab and milling center does not compromise in any department.

Dental Lab Dr Hesham Rashed Working

This high level of quality is actually the result of years of hard work. During our interview with Dr. Hesham, we discovered just how dedicated he was to develop DCL into what it is today. In 2002, DCL was the first dental lab to introduce Empress, Empress 2 and Emax pressable ceramics to the Egyptian market. In 2007, Dr. Hesham was the first to introduce zirconium oxide milling technology to the Egyptian market. In 2014, DCL launched the first Degudent CAD/CAM milling center in Egypt.

Notice the pattern?

When it comes to dental labs in Egypt, Dr. Hesham is a pioneer. Every new technology he introduces is a step in the right direction, not just for his lab but for Egypt as a whole. And his hard work has not gone unnoticed. Many of Egypt’s top dentists prefer to get their crowns, bridges, and other dental products made by DCL.

Speaking to a few of DCL’s clients, we realized that one of the most important reasons they prefer this lab is because of the mere fact that it is headed by a fellow dentist, rather than being an independent lab. Understandably, this gives dentists peace of mind. One client said, “I believe that if you get your products made by a dentist-run lab, they understand the importance of patient satisfaction and trust. They understand that the quality of a crown or bridge can make or break a long-term relationship with a patient. That’s why I work with Dr. Hesham for my dental products.”

Dental Lab Cairo DCL

Others identified excellent customer service, and even praised how fair and easy it is to work with Dr. Hesham and his team: “The great thing about Dr. Hesham is he has nothing to hide. His team will offer demos, explain the process, and even give recommendations if there’s something you’re not sure about.” And the more clients we spoke to, the more we discovered just how brilliant Dr. Hesham and his team are. Dentists repeatedly mentioned how they felt like partners rather than clients while praising the transparent, friendly approach to their work.

Leaving no stone unturned, we at Top 10 Cairo inspected the machines and use of technology to quite an extent. The lab features Roland’s range-topping DWX-4W & DWX-51D models. When it comes to dental milling machines, these two are the absolute crème de la crème. Together, they create the highest-quality bridges, crowns, inlays, onlays and other dental prosthetics with phenomenal speed and accuracy. They’re not very popular in Egypt because it’s so difficult to get your hands on them but DCL managed to acquire them and continue to impress us.

Roland DWX-4W DWX-51D

The result? Pure satisfaction by the dentist and more importantly, the patient. But who wants to hear more from us, anyway. We’ll leave you with this testimonial by one of DCL’s happy clients:

I’ve been a dentist for the last 25 years and tried more labs than you can count on both hands. I’ve lost patients because of poorly manufactured prosthetics, crowns that did not fit, bridges that fell out after a week! The materials used were low quality, sometimes posing a danger to my patients and that wasn’t acceptable. Thankfully, I stumbled upon DCL in 2009. And that’s when my problems with dental labs completely vanished. They offer everything I look for in a lab and my patients haven’t complained ever since. That’s one headache I’ve gotten rid of and I have Dr. Hesham and his wonderful lab to thank for that!

Dr. Hesham Rashed Dental Lab
Where: 36 El-Nozha St, Ard El-Golf, Heliopolis, Cairo
Contact: +2024199409, +201064423000, +201221134935, Facebook, Website


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