Cairo’s Kings of Dessert

If you eat cake because it's somebody's birthday somewhere, this list is for you.

cairo's kings of dessert

Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? Top 10 Cairo takes a look at the best dessert spots around town. Whether you’re after Italian gelato to cool you down, oriental desserts to get your taste buds belly dancing with delight, or delicious cakes that cry: eat me! We’ve covered the very best dessert spots in Egypt just for you. Feel like we’ve missed out your favorite place? Just let us know in the comments below.

1Gelato Mio

gelato mio

Gelato mio is a genuine, handcrafted, naturally-flavored gelateria in the heart of Cairo. Everything about this place is Italian, including the owners and the wonderful gelato they serve. The flavors change according to the fruits in season, making it one of the most refreshing treats on a hot summer day, or after a stressful day in the office. Their gelato cakes are very tasty, and it’s a perfect alternative to the typical torta we’re accustomed to. Keep an eye on their Facebook page to know when their next flavor-themed festival is going down as it’s one of the most unique events in Cairo.
Where: Zamalek
Contact: +20227371527, website

2The Four Fat Ladies

four fat ladies

The Four Fat Ladies is an all American gourmet bakery. They serve layer cakes, bars & brownies, cookies, cheesecakes, and classic pies. Some of their lighter options include loaf cakes, muffins, and bundt cakes. We sampled the entire menu and found nothing disappointing. We particularly loved the brownies. They’re rich and absolutely packed with flavour. The service was great – everyone was polite and respectful. Upon further investigation, we discovered that their goodies are all free of preservatives and nasty additives. The founding sisters are passionate bakers on a mission to elevate Cairo’s dessert scene by carefully testing each product before launch and using quality ingredients. Move aside dessert kings, The Four Fat Ladies are Cairo’s queens of dessert!
Where: Heliopolis, Zamalek, North Coast (in Diplo for Summer Season)
Contact: 16679 (Hotline), 01099809094 (Heliopolis), 01270011701 (Zamalek), Facebook, Instagram

3L’Éclair Paris

l'eclair paris

Oh, that creamy filling, the perfect choux pastry to hold it together, and the colorful toppings. We’re of course talking about France’s most popular patisserie item: the éclair. And none do it better in Cairo than L’Eclair Paris. Traditionally, éclairs are made using chocolate and coffee flavors but L’Eclair Paris breaks away from tradition with different colors, textures and flavors. From a very simple base, they’ve managed to create complex and delicious éclairs. They’re perfect for the busy people of Cairo – you don’t need forks, and you could just walk down the street eating one.
Where: New Cairo (Downtown Katameya), Nasr City (Citystars)
Contact: +201061825555, website

4Cake Cafe

cake cafe

Cake Cafe is pure happiness! It’s exactly the kind of place you want to go for a cup of coffee in the morning while letting yourself loose on the cakes. Our pick of the bunch? The Apple Cinnamon Cake (pictured above). It’s warm, fluffy, and tastes wonderful with some caramel sauce. Apart from the beautiful cakes, they also make cupcakes and cookies, and some great milkshakes as well. Overall, a lovely little cafe in Zamalek with a range of desserts we can’t stay away from.
Where: Zamalek, New Cairo (Downtown Katameya)
Contact: +201023505014, website

5Salé Sucré


What started out as a simple French pâtisserie has become a titan of Egypt’s dessert industry. Salé Sucré is an all-rounder that serves incredible macarons, pastries, oriental sweets, and of course their famous cakes and chocolates. They’ve been around since 1999 and currently operate more than 18 stores across Egypt. Their cakes continue to please sweet tooths around the country on a daily basis. You won’t be let down!
Where: Click here for all branches
Contact: 19632, website

6Nola Cupcakes

nola cupcakes

Most of Nola’s cupcakes are wonderful but in our opinion the dark chocolate fudge and red velvet cupcakes are decadent. You’re spoilt with choice, so we recommend going for their mini cupcakes and trying out more flavors to find out your favorite. The prices aren’t too bad and the stores are popping up quite quickly all over Cairo. Here’s a quick story to sum it up: once upon a time I ate a Nola cupcake and I loved it. The end.
Where: Heliopolis, Zamalek, Mohandeseen, CFC Mall, Rehab, Maadi, Americana Plaza
Contact: +201111127738, website

7Le Carnaval


If it’s quality you’re after, then trust in Le Carnaval to deliver. This pâtisserie captures the charm of Paris in its shops with striking interior design. But let’s set aside all the glitz and glamour and focus on what matters the most – the desserts. Le Carnaval’s cakes look luxurious and taste heavenly. The chocolates are brilliant, and the variety on offer really makes it an attractive option. The gateaux and little french pastries are out of this world, possibly the best in Egypt.
Where: Heliopolis, Mohandeseen, Dokki
Contact: +20222565599, website

8Mandarine Koueider


“We’ll take a kilo of konafa, please. Can you add 500g of basbousa. Maybe some baklawa too. You know what, just make a plate with everything. Actually, make that two plates.” That’s pretty much how it goes when you visit Koueider. It’s your go-to spot for oriental sweets and desserts and we just can’t get enough of it. We’ve all tried to make oriental desserts at home but it never really turns out as good as Koueider’s. There’s magic going on here.
Where: Heliopolis, Maadi, Zamalek
Contact: +20222666669, website


tortina dessert

Founded in 2009, Tortina grew to be one of Cairo’s best desserts and pastry shops. Everything from the tarts, to the cakes, to the little french pastries are absolutely delicious. Not just that, they’re visually stunning as well. Their tagline is “beyond dessert” and we kind of get it. This is not your typical shop serving typical sweets. Tortina goes the extra mile to offer desserts that taste good, and look good. Chapeau, Tortina.
Where: El-Rehab, El-Tagamoa El-Khames, Maadi, Zamalek, Nasr City, Heliopolis, Sheikh Zayed
Contact: +201275155499, website



Paul adds a touch of French class to our list of Cairo’s dessert kings. Founded in 1889, this international chain recently entered the Egyptian market, and has been a local hit ever since. The tarts are ridiculously good. The thickness and cook on the pastry is done to perfection, and the toppings are packed with flavor without being too sweet. The macarons are also delicious. Certainly some of the best macarons you can get in Cairo.
Where: Mohandeseen, Heliopolis (Citystars), 6th of October (Mall of Arabia), Heliopolis (Korba), New Cairo (Downtown Katameya), New Cairo (Cairo Festival City Mall)
Contact: +2022314619, website



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