Egypt’s Best Travel Agencies

If you love travelling and exploring the world, this list is for you

Cairo's best travel agencies

When it’s time to travel, the less fuss it is, the better. Travelling has evolved so much over time; it is not just a holiday or a trip that you take anymore. You can add a real sense of adventure to it. Here at Top 10 Cairo, we reveal a number of travel agencies that are doing their best to make sure you enjoy your trip while also making memories to share with your friends and family back home. We looked at the prices and value, ratings and reviews, customer service and organization, and much more. This list includes a wide range of local travel companies that specialize in; adventures, family vacations, business trips, honeymoons and even an escape from it all. Have you had a great a experience with a Cairo-based travel agency that’s not on this list? Let us know in the comments below.


gazef travel agency egypt

The friendly folks at Gazef don’t believe in ‘aimless travelling’. The 4 friends that founded this special travel company challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and explore the world. They live by a ‘life is too short’ philosophy. There are plenty of adventures designed to suit everybody who chooses to travel with Gazef. From ‘Ultimate adventures’ to ‘Marine adventures’ to even a ‘You only live once’ package. Each wallet friendly adventure is a mishmash of insanely awesome activities designed to get your blood flowing! You can select the number of days you would want to spend on an adventure be it in Asia, Africa, South America or Europe at a comfortable price that includes accommodation, meals, entrance fees and guides. Gazef believes in changing lives; this team is fully supportive of your needs, and guarantees you an adventure worth having. Time to step out of your comfort zone with Gazef. Life is certainly too short to miss out on the wonders of our world.
Contact: +2026781631, Website, Facebook

2Travco Holidays


A subsidiary of Travco Group, Travco Holidays enjoys a good standing in travel companies since 1979. They provide both tours and travel services, for individual and business customers. Consisting of knowledgeable and friendly staff members, Travco Holidays offers tailor made packages for domestic and outbound travelers. Their mission is to utilize the latest and most effective technology to facilitate the customers. They are proud, as they should be, of their efforts to assist in hotel bookings, tickets, visa and passport assistance along with providing travel insurance, reservations, booking tours and transport anywhere in the world. Positive reviews and excellent customer testimonials reciting positive experiences cements Travco’s place among the best travel companies in Cairo.
Contact: 19779, Website, Facebook

3Wild Guanabana

wild-guanabana travel agency egypt

Wild Guanabana, named after a fruit (check out the story here), is an award winning travel agency that masters the art of organizing authentic, ethical and safe adventures all over the world for you. Founded by Omar Samra, the first Egyptian to climb Mount Everest, it serves an amazing variety of adventure trips with affordable prices that include meals and lodging. From Kenya to Cambodia, to Turkey to Peru, to Jordan and even Antarctica, this agency is built on the belief of ‘exploring and discovering’. With over 15 countries across 6 continents, the trips can be modified to suit the individual. The team has extensive travel experience and they believe in sustainable tourism practices while offering their full support and commitment to the customer/traveler. They have rave reviews on TripAdvisor, and the customer testimonials highlight the absolute fun Wild Guanabana can provide. Check out their interactive yet simple website and design your own trip with a budget, or take a risk and click on one of the upcoming trips and start exploring today!
Contact: +201060400070, Website, Facebook

4Honeymoon Tailors


Seeing as we are looking at the best travel and tour providers, this one was not to be missed – especially for the lovebirds out there. Honeymoon Tailors describe themselves as a ‘spin-off’ from the typical travel agency with an emphasis on crafting tailor-made romantic getaways and holidays. No packages for you to browse through, this company gets personal; the team invites you over for a chat, discusses your budget, preferences, dates and voila! Your perfect getaway is planned. Honeymoon Tailors believe that marriage, a big milestone is always hectic so they set out to provide you a hassle-free trip with a little travel-book listing and recommending the best places to dine, shop and see (a memory keeper if you will) with all the information you need to enjoy your destination. No place is out of reach and nothing is impossible for this company. So if you have your big day on the horizon, give these guys a call and relax – they will plan the perfect honeymoon.
Contact: +201005445777, Website, Facebook

5Travel Choice Egypt


Formerly known as Thomas Cook since 1869, they go by the name of Travel Choice now in Egypt. They have the largest network of travel and foreign exchange offices in the country. Delivering outstanding services while maintaining the quality of their product and services, Travel Choice is meeting the needs of their customers in Egypt and Overseas. They are constantly changing their offers, packages, information and technology to match the constantly changing needs and wants of the people. Travel choice offers Leisure, business, medical and incentive packages throughout Egypt. You can even plan your own holiday and design your itinerary. Additional services by the company include accommodation, sightseeing tours, and cruises across Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Unites States. When in need of a well-planned holiday, Travel Choice will be there to help.
Contact: 16119, Website, Facebook

6Destination 31

destination 31 travel agency egypt

Destination 31 started in 2009 when 2 friends eagerly wanted to encourage adventure travel throughout Egypt and beyond. The travel agency’s name is inspired by the Nile Delta’s geographic coordinates: 31°00’00”. Their forte is ecotourism and extreme sports, and their passion is to share the beauty of the world with the people of Egypt. Their trips focus on three core aspects: cultural interactions, stunning nature and adventures. From exploring our own stunning country to the rest of the world, Destination 31 does it all. They offer discovery tours, treks, safaris, expeditions, sports and plenty more! Destination 31 is also raising cultural and environmental awareness along the way. Their affordable rates, great selection of trips, full support and advice makes Destination 31 one of our favorite adventure travel companies, and one you don’t want to miss.
Contact: +201222945740, Website, Facebook

7Holiday Tours


Holiday Tours, established in 1973, is a successful and well-known travel agency providing high quality travel services and products. In 2009, the company launched the hugely popular Weekend Trips for people looking for a quick weekend getaway. This unique travel agency claims to be the first to hike the Rinjani National Park in Indonesia. They enjoy developing creative ideas for their customers – road trips from Cairo to Beirut, extreme sports, and interpersonal and team bonding trips. The people at Holiday Tours are quite talented at creating new, exciting and affordable trips for you. Their packages cover vacations, honeymoons, business trips, and “off the beaten track” adventures. This travel agency also holds a group challenge every year that connects and invites people from all over the world to learn, encourage and inform.
Contact: +20225905289, Website, Facebook


trippin' travel agency egypt

Trippin’ is as fun and daring a travel company as their name suggests. Launched in 2014, they boast a range of exotic, fun, and memorable trips to some of the most stunning destinations across the globe. Trippin’ usually announces its upcoming trips on their Facebook page including the destination, dates and prices. Every flavor is there – if you’re an adrenaline junkie, a beach lounger, a nature lover, or just looking for a unique trip with your best buds, Trippin’s got you covered. Trippin’s packages include all the planning, accommodations, transfers, tours, and activities. Every detail is taken care of by a network of young travel experts at each destination. Their motto is ‘you name it, we make it’. Completely flexible and affordable, Trippin’ designs trips around your comfort, finances, and needs. Great reviews and testimonials by their customers, and highly recommended by Top 10 Cairo.
Contact: +201063300050, Facebook



Travista offers some really good deals and package holidays to old-time favorite destinations such as Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Rome, and London. But they’ve also got tours and holidays within Egypt making Travista good for international and local travel. Travista actually competes with hundreds of other travel agencies offering very similar package holidays, meaning customer service,, organization, prices, and the choice of hotels and flights act as the main judging factors. After examining all the criteria, we discovered that Travista scored very high marks across the board. One customer had this to say: “I just loved travelling with Travista. They pay so much attention to detail, and checked up on me as much as they can. I really felt they care about my experience and went out of their way too many times to make sure I was having a special holiday. The hotel was in a very good location, the tour guide was knowledgeable, the customer service was amazing. It was a splendid experience overall.”
Contact: +201003282666, Website, Facebook



Triptanzä believe in using the best technology to make travelling easier and more affordable for their customers. An online system is available for customers to browse through with a variety of places to visit. They have an array of amazing and affordable package deals which are booked as soon as they go on offer. Triptanzä is 24/7 at your service, with no booking fee for any hotel, cars or flights booked through their online system. They also provide accommodation and tours on various packages. This travel agency is perfect for people who are ready to jet, set and go. They are continuously trying to find out the best ways to address people’s needs when it comes to travelling and their powerful use of the Internet is just one example. While the model of Triptanzä is nothing new in the western world, it is for Egypt, and Top 10 Cairo loves the fact that a local travel agency is starting to rub shoulders with the western travel agencies in its unique offering and tech value. Triptanzä, you get our seal of approval, ten times over!
Contact: 16957, Website, Facebook

Now it’s your turn. Let us know if we’re missing a special travel agency in the comments below. If you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience with any of the travel agencies listed above, please let us know in the comments section. Want to get in touch with us? Just click here and drop us a message.


  1. gazef w wild guanabana are so good for adventure holiday bgad i went for a safari with my family and loved it

  2. i think travco lost its spark over the years, maybe too big to care i duno but i still hear good feedback from my friends that travel with them….

  3. My sister tried honeymoon tailors for her honeymoon and she said it was great and very personal experience ya3ni zay ma maktoob!

  4. Agreed except for triptanza. very bad agency. they never answer their phones and when they do they are rude.

    • I think its between gazef and wild banana,, i have a friend who went with wild banana and she said omar samra thinks he is a special god of egyptians so i would say go with gazef they seem more down to earth.

  5. I believe you are missing Travel House by far , i tried with the a nice adventure like fire-Walk in Soukhna and Fayoum there are super and i think they are the only one offer this, Also went with them for my Honeymoon and i can say they made it different than normal honeymoon to Far East ( they know more secret places and tips)

    Agree with Omar that Travco and life choice are counting on their big name but they really do not care that much any more..

  6. I love trippin man they r the best people for the job and the staff is friendly and tak lots of care of u when u r “trippin” haha

  7. I had a very bad personal experience with HONEYMOON TAILORS , i went to them for prepartion of my honeymoon, discussed all the details , and was supposed to have a reply in 24-48 hours now it is more than month actually 34 days nearly and i had no answer. NO RESPECT to the customer

  8. I personally travel with thomas cook which is now called travelchoice and I think they are perfect for me and my family. Glad to see them on the top 10. Mabrouk ya Sammy.

  9. Please promote agencies that focus on egypt because local tourism can revive the economy. let’s spend our hard earned money inside egypt not ooutside because everyone needs to help each other in egypt. thanks!

    • I completely 100% agree with you and I think many trave lagencies above actually have lots of local trips which i think is very good

      • Hello,is here anyone that can tell me agencies in Egypt that organize trips,
        or can you propose hotels that worth visting..

  10. who actually travels with travel agencies any more? just book your ticket online and do research online. I used to go with travel agencies and it SUCKED …

  11. Youma Tours which located in New Cairo one of the best Tailor made travel agency specialiest in corporate / family packages / and HoneyMoon as well as they have Iata system to issue any Airline Tickets , very strong to issue visa for the whole destination . Really I recommended .

  12. Hello,
    anyone works in the Nile cruise agency? is there such thing as starting the cruise from Cairo instead of Luxor? thanks

  13. Hey everyone, I am planning a business trip for my manager any advice or what the steps I should I begin with. 🤔


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