Cairo’s Best Sushi Restaurants

Cairo's best sushi restaurants

Sushi has taken over Cairo by storm in recent years. We just can’t get enough of those delicious, fishy Japanese bites of heaven. Whether you prefer westernized, fried creations, or classic nigiri sushi, you will find it in Cairo. Our survey is designed to identify the best restaurants based on the freshness and quality of the ingredients, variety of sushi on offer, value for money, service, and ambiance.


Shogun is not your typical restaurant where you go, eat, and leave. Instead, Shogun is a fun Japanese dining experience. It’s a Teppanyaki restaurant, which means the chefs cook right in front of you, putting on an interactive show which will leave you with a smile on your face. The sushi is also brilliant. It’s fresh and tasty, without any compromise on quality. The interior design and ambiance is very pleasant, and the service is remarkable. Service is good but not the best in our survey. In terms of value for money, it is an expensive restaurant but the price is justified with the exquisite ambiance, portion size, and freshness of the sushi.
Location: Nasr City (Citystars)
Contact: +20224800009, Facebook, Instagram


Kazuko is located in Swan Lake Compound, New Cairo. The restaurant is chic and tastefully decorated. The service is superb thanks to the friendly waiting staff and quick food preparation. Kazuko focuses on quality rather than quantity which means the sushi is delicious but the portion size might leave some diners wishing for more bang for their buck. But if you are looking for flavorful sushi prepared with the utmost talent, you cannot go wrong with Kazuko. The ambiance, service, and quality of food is incredible. Top dishes include the flying salmon roll, Kazuko pyramid, and soft shell crab.
Location: New Cairo
Contact: +201270004877, Facebook, Instagram


When the Japanese people want to dine in Egypt, they head to Makino. That alone is a testament to Makino’s authenticity. The sushi is out of this world. Fresh, tasty, good portions of high quality seafood. The nigiri and sashimi are the stars of this incredible show. Sadly, the service is slightly slow but once the food hits the table and you take that first bite, you will realize it was worth the wait. The flavor of the seafood oozes with freshness. Prices are on the expensive side but worth every penny considering the quality of the sushi, Nile view, and beautiful ambiance.
Location: Zamalek
Contact: +20227375163, Facebook, Instagram


Fuego opened its doors when the sushi craze was sweeping across Egypt for the first time. They have been consistent over the years with their sushi identity. Specifically, good sized portions and western-style sushi that features a lot of creamy, cheesy, saucy, fried up goodies. The seafood’s freshness and quality is acceptable but not mind-blowing. However, they do follow excellent food safety practices. The service can be agonizingly slow during busy times, especially at the Zamalek branch. Once seated, you will find that Fuego is good for casual lunches or dinners.
Location: Maadi, Zamalek, Sheikh Zayed City
Contact: +201065524467, Website, Facebook, Instagram

5Garnell Sushi & Poke

If the photo above made your mouth water, then you should ignore this article and head to Garnell because the sushi there tastes as good as it looks. Some favorites from the menu include the volcano Philadelphia, hot lemon roll, and merry G roll. The service is not as good as other places in this article but that’s not to say it is terrible. You might have to wait a long time to be seated, especially on the weekends. The interiors are nice and perfectly suitable for a casual dinner among friends and family. The prices are not very expensive considering the portion size. Garnell offers plenty of modern and westernized sushi options so if you are looking for a more authentic Japanese dining experience that focuses on freshness and quality, it is better to give Garnell a miss.
Location: New Cairo, Heliopolis, Maadi
Contact: +201279445506, Facebook, Instagram

6Asia Bar

Asia Bar is located inside the Blue Nile boats in Zamalek. The ambiance and decor is chic, trendy and elegant. You can enjoy a peaceful lunch during the day or go later at night. In fact, Asia Bar comes alive after sundown with live entertainment, great cocktails and beautiful people dancing the night away. The selection of sushi should satisfy even the most picky diners. Almost all varieties are fresh and taste wonderful. The sushi at Asia Bar is in the same price range as five star hotels, so it is not the cheapest option but the portion size is generous. On a more positive note, the waiting staff are friendly and happy to help you with your sushi order. In short, Asia Bar earns a spot on our list because it is one of the few places in Cairo where you can drink, dance, enjoy live entertainment and eat good sushi along the banks of the majestic Nile river.
Location: Zamalek
Contact: 16166, Facebook, Instagram

7Saigon Restaurant & Lounge

Delectable sushi with a Nile view… That is Saigon in a nutshell. The ambiance is unbeatable with the city lights glittering in the backdrop. Waiters are friendly and ready to describe every type of sushi on offer. The sushi is diverse and will cater to everyone as Saigon offers classic creations as well as modern interpretations. The nigiri in particular tastes fresh and lovely. This is an expensive restaurant but you end up paying for so much more than wonderful sushi. The Nile view, elegant setting, and remarkable service makes this a good value for money option and a top spot if you want to impress your partner for a memorable date night.
Location: Fairmont Nile City
Contact: +20224619494, WebsiteFacebook, Instagram

8Mo Sushi

Our survey proved something most of us already know… The cheaper the sushi, the lower the quality and freshness. Then Mo Sushi comes along and offers relatively affordable sushi that is tasty and fresh. There are plenty of options that Egyptian sushi lovers enjoy such as tempura rolls, volcano rolls, and kunafa rolls. Similar to other sushi spots in the same price bracket, Mo Sushi features a lot of cheesy and saucy varieties on their menu. The staff are excellent. No matter how many questions you ask about the sushi, they will answer everything politely. The decor is very straightforward and simple – but that is fine considering the reasonable sushi prices.
Location: Dokki
Contact: +201021261736, Facebook, Instagram

9Arigato Sushi & Grill

Arigato serves a delicious range of sushi including all kinds of westernized creations. Go for the sashimi or nigiri and you will notice the freshness of the ingredients. There are so many choices but the highlights include the spider roll, hanami roll, ginza lemon roll, spicy shrimp tempura, and the Philadelphia roll. The sushi is not too expensive and is slightly better priced than other similar restaurants. If you have a particularly big appetite, go for Arigato’s all-you-can-eat deal to enjoy the most bang for your buck. The interior design is not very appealing. The big Asian paintings (or prints) combined with the wood trims, dark furniture, and old fashioned ceiling creates a dull and outdated ambiance. Thankfully, the service is excellent – even during weekends.
Location: Zamalek, Sheikh Zayed City
Contact: 16264, Facebook, Instagram

10Mood Swing

Mood Swing is located in El Korba – a charming part of Heliopolis with beautiful buildings and a ton of character. This spot is known for its live entertainment nights. There are hip-hop nights, jazz nights, and so on. We recommend calling them to find out in advance before going as some have complained of the music being too loud. On a more positive note, the staff are extremely attentive and polite. The interiors are tastefully decorated with a lot of attention to detail. We would describe it as an elegant and cozy setting. The sushi menu has many options but the nigiri and ura maki varieties are particularly delicious. Considering the generous portion sizes, the prices are good. Not cheap but not five-star hotel expensive.
Location: Heliopolis (Korba)
Contact: +201000806140, Facebook, Instagram

Now it’s your turn. Let us know if we’re missing any restaurants that serve great sushi in Cairo in the comments below. If you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience with any of the restaurants listed above, please let us know in the comments section. Want to get in touch with us? Just click here to send us a message.


  1. How come Mirai is not on here! it is of the TOP! 😀 and their atmosphere and teppanyaki just adds to it! A real restaurant!

  2. Can you make lists for food we can actually afford!! pleeeeeease i really love the review style of this website but it is for the upper class only

  3. I’m so sorry but kazuko should NOT be on this list .. I went with my wife.. The waiter was rude and had a bad attitude because we were asking a lot of questions about the sushi .. And it did not taste that good .. And it is so expensive .. The feeling of spending so much money on bad food and service is terrible .. I really regret it and don’t recommend it to anyone.

  4. Avoid Izakaya in Palm Hills. They are so expensive and not worth it and they are so over hyped!!!! Don’t believe in the marketing lies.

  5. Avoid Izakaya in Palm Hills. They are so expensive and not worth it and they are so over hyped!!!! Don’t believe in the marketing lies.

  6. makino is the only one worth your money. i have been to tokyo twice and makino is the only place that comes close to what is served in japan. it is true that makino has the freshest ingredients. amazing food begad.

  7. every time a new sushi restaurant opens i make sure to eat there so i have tried almost all options in cairo and this list is very accurate. but my problem is with fuego, garnell and arigato because they serve the same tasting sushi with the same service and overall experience so i recommend grouping these 3 into 1 spot and giving us 2 more that offer something unique thanks

    • Not true at all. Fuego has a very unique new menu they put out a few month ago and they are always imitated by other sushi restaurants


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