Cairo’s Best Sushi Restaurants

Cairo's best sushi restaurants

Sushi has taken over Cairo by storm in recent years. We just can’t get enough of those delicious, fishy Japanese bites of heaven. Whether you prefer westernised, fried creations, or classic Sashimi dipped in soy sauce, you’ll find it in Cairo. Take a look at the following list of the top 10 Sushi restaurants in Cairo, and get ready to tuck in. Do you agree with the choices? Let us know in the comments below.


Makino is considered by many as the only “real” Sushi restaurant in Cairo. Why? Because no other restaurant imports its fish and seafood from Japan. That means the Sushi is absolutely delicious. The flavour of the fish oozes with quality and freshness. The chef is also Japanese, so you really are getting the real deal. In short, Makino is a no fuss, authentic Japanese restaurant that serves Sushi as served in Tokyo. No wonder this is where the Japanese people in Cairo like to eat.
Where: Hilton Cairo Zamalek
Contact: +20227375163, website


Fuego is one of the most popular restaurants in Cairo due to its very successful all-you-can-eat deal. For 180-200 LE, you can enjoy an endless amount of Sushi. The fish is fresh and they maintain a high standard of hygiene. The menu ranges from the classics you’d expect, to more unique creations featuring a lot of cheese. The service is generally good, and it’s a nice place for friends and families. It’s one of the people’s favourites, and definitely one of ours.
Where: Maadi, Zamalek, Sheikh Zayed
Contact: +20165524466, website


Shogun is not your typical restaurant where you go, eat, and leave. Shogun is a fun Japanese dining experience. It’s a Teppanyaki restaurant, which means the chefs cook right in front of you, putting on an interactive show which will leave you with a smile on your face. The sushi is also brilliant. It’s fresh and tasty, without any compromise on quality. The interior design and ambiance is very pleasant, and the service is remarkable. Well done, Shogun.
Where: Heliopolis
Contact: +20224800100, website

4Mori Sushi

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without Cairo’s sweetheart, Mori Sushi. With branches popping up seemingly overnight, the restaurant has clearly succeeded in its mission to deliver impeccable tasting sushi to the people of Cairo. The Nigiri in particular is outstanding. And if you want to start with a salad, then you’re in luck because their salads are divine. The service at this restaurant is very good, and the waiters will gladly help you decide and make recommendations.
Where: Everywhere! Click here for all branches.
Contact: 16885, website


Recently opened in Maadi, Zentro is building quite a reputation for itself as one of Cairo’s best sushi spots, along with being an excellent Asian fusion restaurant. The sushi here, or “zushi” as Zentro prefers, is on par with the likes of local favourites, Mori and Fuego in many regards. But what makes them stand out is how well balanced their sushi is. Balance in flavour, balance in the quantity of ingredients, balance everywhere. It’s a very important factor when determining how good sushi is, and Zentro, you’re all about finding equilibrium, and we love that about you.
Where: Maadi
Contact: +20225213026, website

6Upper Deck Lounge

Their set menu includes sushi, sashimi, a salad and dessert for around EGP 340++ making it one of the more pricey options on this list, along with Makino. But you really get what you pay for. Fresh, high quality ingredients presented beautifully. And that’s what we’ve come to expect from any restaurant at the Four Seasons, Nile Plaza. The service is nothing short of excellent. Friendly staff, and warm, welcoming smiles all round.
Where: Four Seasons Nile Plaza
Contact: +20227917000, website


Fusion is another Teppanyaki-style restaurant. This restaurant belongs to the Americana Group, which brought us the likes of TGI Friday’s, Chicken Tikka, and Haardee’s to name a few. But Fusion stands out from these mainstream brands with higher quality ingredients, and more skilled chefs. The sushi doesn’t hit the sky-high notes of Makino, nor is it adored like Fuego and Mori. But it’s a pleasant restaurant that serves good, fresh sushi, and offers the added value of the Teppanyaki experience for the whole family to enjoy.
Where: Americana Boat (Giza), Corniche El Nile (Maadi), Americana Plaza (Sheikh Zayed)
Contact: +20223800210, website

8Saki Sushi Lounge

Saki Sushi Lounge is one of the more modern spots in this list. It features an open kitchen for guests to enjoy the knife skills of the Japanese master chefs. And as the chefs showcase their talent, you’ll be digging in to some of the tastiest and freshest sushi and sashimi in Cairo. You’ll also be pleased to learn that the service at this brilliant Fairmont restaurant is amongst the best in Cairo.
Where: Fairmont Heliopolis
Contact: +20222677730, website


If you prefer your sushi without rice, and just want to enjoy a delicious cut of raw fish, then you actually prefer sashimi, not sushi! And we think that’s what Sakura does best. Mind you, the sushi also packs some serious quality and freshness, but the value of the sashimi is remarkable. Apart from the sashimi, Sakura offers a nice variety of Ura Maki, Hozo Maki, Nigiri and Gunkan Sushi.
Where: City Square Al-rehab
Contact: +201000131271, website

10Bob Sushi

With branches in Dokki and Zamalek, Bob Sushi has proven over time to be one of Cairo’s favourite and adored sushi spots. Their loyal customer base will proudly claim that Bob Sushi is superior to Fuego, Mori and Shogun. But we’ll leave that for you to decide. What’s for sure is that Bob Sushi deserves a spot amongst the best sushi restaurants in Cairo. The restaurant boasts some of the freshest and tastiest sushi. Nom nom nom…
Where: Dokki, Zamalek
Contact: +201004939399, website


  1. Quite odd you featured Fusion for sushi. They don’t have a sushi chef and their sushi is very very bland and tasteless, not worth the money at all. Their other food is good but their sushi is absolutely bad. They don’t have any offers for sushi and it feels like the sushi has been made by an amateur who is just trying out making sushi for the first time. The rice is not well seasoned, the roll is not properly rolled, very limited options and no offers. Not a good deal. I was very disappointed by the place with regards to their sushi.
    Also One Oak should have been on that list for sure! Their sushi is of high quality and it tastes really good.

    • Thank you Reem for your comment. We just gave One Oak another try last night and we think you’re absolutely right about them! They surely deserve a spot on this list. We’ll be making a fix shortly. Do you agree with the rest of the list?

  2. How come Mirai is not on here! it is of the TOP! 😀 and their atmosphere and teppanyaki just adds to it! A real restaurant!


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