Cairo’s Best Residential Compounds & Projects – Part 1

If you're looking for a new home or property investment, this list is for you

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There are so many new compounds and communities sprouting up all over Cairo to the point that most of us are overwhelmed and confused when it’s time for a new home or property investment. While we like to believe that real estate agents do their utmost in guiding us to the best investment, we’re still left feeling that their commissions come before our best interest. So we’ve done some research and had a look at the plethora of residential projects all over Cairo to give you a list of our favorites in no particular order. Our research revealed far more than just 10 compounds that deserve a mention, so in the spirit of fairness, we have decided to split this one up into a series.

Our selection was based on location, safety, property value increase, maintenance, developer reputation, facilities, and much more. Essentially, we were looking for the most promising areas that should give the best returns in the future, while being a great place to live. If you think we missed out a compound worthy of a top spot, let us know in the comments below.

 Oriana Villas

oriana villas

From the biggest brands at the tip of your fingers to the most lavish and planned area you will ever see, Cairo Festival City has it all. So what more can it offer? Well, here is the ultimate – apart from the hotels and a business district under way, Cairo Festival City is now offering a chance to live in one of their spectacular residential projects, the ORIANA Villas. A gated community with 500 luxurious villas, comprised of 3 different categories – modern, contemporary and classic. The villas range from 450m² up to 1100m².
Where: New Cairo
Contact: 16761, website, brochure



‘Welcome to the greener side of life’ – this is what Allegria claims to be and is succeeding quite spectacularly in doing so. It promises a feeling of being millions of miles away while being well within reach when need be. Located in Sheikh Zayed City along the Cairo-Alex Desert Road, and next to the British International School in Cairo, this stunning development was made with its customers in mind. World renowned architects and designers have come together to create this marvelous escape for the people of Egypt. Offering a diverse range of out of this world villas with modern sleek looks, this compound is an encouraging one to step in and lead a healthier and happier life style the ‘Allegria way’.
Where: Sheikh Zayed City
Contact: 16220, website, brochure



A rare treat in the stunning New Cairo district is the upcoming Mivida compound with the promise of a 33 acre lush green park and a tranquil lifestyle up for grabs. Emaar group aptly describes its new project as an integration of urban style with a touch of suburban living. Neighbors to the American University of Cairo, the community feel is high with plans to provide customers with international educational and health facilities, a town center with boulevard style shopping, Business Parks and hotels. It is a must see compound with a range of apartments, townhouses and villas on offer.
Where: New Cairo
Contact: 16116, website, brochure

El Patio Zahraa

el patio zahraa

El Patio Zahraa is brought to you by the creators of the incredible La Vista compounds dotted along the Ein El Sokhna and Sahel coasts. They’re also famous for the other El Patio compounds around New Cairo, but Zahraa in particular looks like its going to be a showstopper. Situated in Sheikh Zayed City, this compound is ideally positioned, and flanked on the sides by Al-Ahly Club, Smart Village, and Designopolis. Built on a total of 76 acres of land, out of which only 18% is used for structures while the rest of the vast area offers green gardens and spaces for its residents. The development is offering villas, twin houses and townhouses in a range of sizes. Construction just kicked off recently, so it’s a good time to invest if you’re interested.
Where: Sheikh Zayed City
Contact: 16063, website

Uptown Cairo

uptown cairo

The best view in Cairo at the moment? Uptown Cairo of course! This compound is as mesmerizing as the name suggests. Resting on a hill overlooking the rest of Cairo, this 4.5 million square meters of gorgeousness is one of a kind. From apartments, townhouses, villas to penthouses and duplexes, Uptown Cairo seems to have it all! Changing the suburban living we’re accustomed to, Uptown Cairo is opening up a door to Cairo’s very own Narnia. Promising a town square filled to the brim with facilities that will make you never want to leave, Uptown Cairo is a place to watch out for.
Where: Mokattam Hills
Contact: 16116, website, brochure

Palm Hills October

palm hills october

How to describe Palm Hills October? Well it is almost like a mini European style community in the midst of Cairo’s western suburbs with lots of green gardens, streets lined with trees, ponds glittering in the sunshine and best of all – no icy winds or snow! A fusion of different lifestyles with amenities to match, this 4 million square meters compound is offering luxurious villas, town and twin houses and a 27 hold internationally acclaimed designer golf course. It’s serene, well maintained and best of all; it’s offering a chance to enjoy the ultimate worry free life.
Where: 6th of October City
Contact: 19743, website



Eastown encourages you to do the unthinkable in Cairo and actually walk to accomplish your daily tasks. Another fantastic project coming to road 90, the 860,000 square meters of land is hoping to establish a sustainable greener life. The aim is to integrate the living and the working aspect of everyday life – all in one place. A good distance away from the main road, the vibrant compound is divided into two areas – commercial and residential. It is a hub to connect all, from apartments to duplexes to a burgeoning business community; elegance is the attitude when it comes to Eastown. It is also one of the best compounds currently under construction for young couples and new families.
Where: New Cairo
Contact: 16220, website, brochure

New Giza

new giza

“Think Left. Think right and think low and think high. Oh, the things you can think up if only you try”. Well Dr Suess – New Giza seems to have taken this philosophy to heart. And the views they are offering are unrivaled – the Pyramids of Giza! Located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, a 1500 acre plot has built itself on different elevations due to the topography. With the highest point reaching 70m above the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road! Exclusive flats, townhouses, mansions, duplexes, villas and cliff-side residences are all on offer, and built in an eco-friendly environment. This is one of the biggest compounds in development with its land divided into 4 spectacular projects well under way. These include District One, The Grove, Carnell Park, and Ivory Hill and they’re getting ready to introduce you to the new face of Cairo.
Where: 6th of October City
Contact: 16656, website, brochures

Katameya Heights

katameya heights

Imagine yourself living in a huge mansion, with wide open space and plenty of wriggle room, you walk out your back door and you see an absolute breath-taking view of a golf course as you sit by the pool and sip your iced tea. This is reality when living in Katameya Heights – one of the most established compounds in this guide. This place boasts one of the most impressive arrays of golf resorts, and a clubhouse to keep one entertained for hours on end. Situated in New Cairo City, 5th district, this compound has an abundance of the most gorgeously designed villas you will ever have the pleasure to see! If that was not enough, Katameya now boasts an array of luxurious apartments with extensive residential services.
Where: Katameya
Contact: +20227580512, website

Al Rabwa Compound

al rabwa

Situated in Sheikh Zayed City, and neighbors to El Patio Zahraa, this residential project is nothing short of serene and peaceful. Well away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Al Rabwa is one of those compounds that has it all figured out – from residents’ daily needs to their entertainment and safety. Built on 505 acres with 970 villas in 12 different types, this compound embodies simplicity at its finest. 41% of the overall area is nothing but lush green gardens in which residents can enjoy whenever they want. One of our favorite features about this compound is the club, which offers the means to a healthy and refreshing lifestyle. Overall, Al Rabwa provides residents with space, greenery, peace, and an excellent opportunity to get away from the madness of the city.
Where: Sheikh Zayed City
Contact: 19691, website


  1. I really like the idea of Eastown compound. The location is just beside the AUC and lies on the 90th street of the 5th district, on the way to new Cairo Captial. A compound is supervised and desgined by SODIC a very reputal company that had a past experience before in Egypt. Eastown will be a combination of Commercial and residental areas with support of high security, the huge area of 860,000 m2 desgined with green area with place for walking, cycling and park for kids. Overall a luxury compound for future stable family life.

  2. What about zayed dunes, palm parks, pyramid heights, west town? Are they good? What is percentage green:buildings?

    • Mountain View is basically an affordable and desserted compound. It doesn’t really have a luxurious element.

  3. I want to ask about brouje compound by capital group of emirates is it considered one of the best compounds in Cairo or no

  4. Why didn’t you rank them and provide pricing and value comparisons. This is just an advert for them

  5. Where is the best compound in Cairo ??? Near all the hotels / malls / schools / coffee shops ect ….

  6. Mena residence compound is ideally located on front of AUC, point90 and spot.
    Offering open spaces and great landscape views.

  7. Mivida is a lovely compound. I would definitely recommend purchasing property there if you can afford it.


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