Cairo’s Best Diamond Jewellery Stores

If you're in the market for a diamond ring, earrings or other fancy accessories, check out these top jewellery stores in Cairo


Our quest to uncover the best of Cairo brings us to the world of diamond jewellery. Whether you’re looking for the perfect engagement or wedding ring, a custom piece made just for you, or a special gift for a special someone, we’re here to present you with our favorite diamond retailers in Cairo in no particular order. We looked at various criteria to judge Cairo’s diamond jewellers including; selection of diamonds, expertise, customer service, reviews and customer interviews, prices, quality, certificates, selection of settings, reputation, and more… Our team even went undercover as real customers for a first-hand experience. If you feel like we’ve missed out a top diamond jewellery store in Cairo, let us know in the comments below.



If you stop someone and ask them to recommend a really good diamond jewellery store in Cairo, Aram is almost always mentioned first. Based on our research, it’s the people’s choice. Their reputation is as sparkling as their most brilliantly cut diamonds. With all the hype surrounding Aram, we went undercover as real customers looking to buy an engagement ring. In short, the experience was world-class. The service was amazing. Great care went into making sure our experience was perfect. All the staff are very friendly and took a lot of time to educate us about the diamonds and settings. They presented us with different options tailored towards our taste, but never pressured us into buying something out of our budget range. Aram is a top jeweller with a well-deserved reputation.
Where: El Korba (Heliopolis)
Contact: +20224185012

2Vartan & Co. Jewelers


Vartan is another stellar Armenian family-run jewellery business that has been around for nearly 100 years with its humble roots in Downtown Cairo. Vartan boasts some of the most unique designs you’ll find in Egypt. Our advice to you is to check out as many jewellers as you can, but don’t make a purchase without visiting Vartan. These guys are great. From the friendly atmosphere to the knowledge of the stones, the entire experience is all-in-all amazing. They have a wide array of beautiful stones and their designs are truly captivating. If you’re looking for jewellery that’s almost guaranteed to turn heads, Vartan is the way to go.
Where: Downtown, Zamalek
Contact: +20223913296


This entry should come as no surprise to those that are even slightly knowledgeable of Cairo’s diamond jewellery scene. We definitely think you will enjoy shopping at Akaoui because you can be assured that they are an honest and reputable jeweller who will offer you the best prices for the highest quality diamond jewellery. Similar to Aram, Akaoui has a reputation of quality that precedes them. Our undercover experience was nothing short of fantastic. We feel that Akaoui is one of the few jewellers in Cairo that truly understand and respect the fact that purchasing a diamond is a pretty big deal on our wallets. There was absolutely no upselling here. They worked with us to reach something beautiful within our budget. In fact, they go a step further. They’re like your favorite sommelier, guiding and coaxing you into a taste you didn’t recognize you had.
Where: El Korba (Heliopolis)
Contact: +20224156120

4Select Jewelry

Select is one of the most recognizable names in the Egyptian diamond market. Louis A. Youssef is widely credited with the success and expansion of Select with its roots tracing back to 1939. As we’d come to expect from the Korba district jewellers, Select offers an impeccable service coupled with the highest quality certified diamonds. The designs are drop dead gorgeous. There’s something for everyone. Big, bold, statement pieces for those that demand attention and simple, modern, jewellery for the younger generation. On our undercover visit, the staff impressed us with their ability to know what style suits you, along with the latest jewellery trends. They’re not pushy at all and gave us a great deal on the piece we were interested in. If you’re in the market for a stunning piece of diamond jewellery for yourself, or someone you love, do yourself a favour and visit Select.
Where: El Korba (Heliopolis)
Contact: +20222912255

5Berge Jewellery

Armenians don’t need an introduction when it comes to Egypt’s diamond industry. This is their domain. And Berge symbolizes everything good about an Armenian, family-run jewellery business. In our opinion, custom jewellery is where Berge really shines. Their level of craftsmanship and ability to deliver exactly what the customer had in mind is incredible. If you’re after a wedding or engagement ring, you won’t be disappointed either. Berge will work with you to find the perfect ring and stone. Garen Berge the owner offers a wonderful experience. He’s friendly, patient, and knows the world of diamond jewellery inside out. In short, Berge Jewellery is the Andrea Pirlo of Egypt’s diamond market; graceful, elegant, and magical without really trying – highly recommended!
Where: El Korba (Heliopolis)
Contact: +20224180085

6Erian Attia Jewellery

Really good service, selection and knowledge but most importantly they’re honest and don’t play games. They are experts at creating your dream ring at a good price. But that’s not the only reason why they have such a strong lifelong customer base. The people working at Erian Attia are warm, friendly and very patient. Even when the shop assistants are busting their butts going back and forth helping several different customers all at once, you still receive an excellent service. They offer good advice and aren’t afraid of telling you the pros and cons of the piece you’re interested in, or want to get custom made. There’s so much more good things to say, that this might never end… So we’ll just stop here. Worth a visit!
Where: Heliopolis
Contact: +20226423500

7El Mawardy Jewellery

This place has stunning jewellery, you could spend hours just looking at everything. Shopping at El Mawardy is a fantastic experience. People choose this jeweller because out of the many jewellers in Cairo, El Mawardy has some of the most elegant designs displayed in their showrooms. The assistants are very attentive to your wishes. They provide their expert opinion without being pushy or trying to steer you towards more expensive options. If you’re looking for fine jewellery at a good price and top notch customer service, El Mawardy is a great option. There’s no shortage of branches as the business is growing quickly and popping up all over the city.
Where: click here for all branches
Contact: +20227352556

8Diamond Land


Diamond Land is not as old as some of the other jewellers on this list but its owners have been operating in the market since the 50s. Diamond Land has many branches across Cairo, from Heliopolis to Mohandeseen and Zamalek. The designs are strikingly beautiful. Elegant and classic is the main theme, but they do have some very nice modern pieces for younger clients. In general, their jewellery captures light magnificently, indicating that the stones are of high quality. We weren’t able to visit all of their branches, but the ones we did visit in Zamalek and Heliopolis really blew us away. The staff in both shops didn’t just meet our expectations but exceeded them with aplomb. Friendly, polite, and patient. They seemed genuinely interested in our make-belief requirements, and weren’t too concerned about making a quick sale. It’s the same first-class service as the rest of the jewellers on this list which we feel not even New York’s Tiffany could replicate.
Where: Heliopolis, Mohandeseen, City Stars, El Korba, Zamalek, New Cairo
Contact: +20224146606

9Cherif El Sirgany Joailliers


If we can sum up Cherif El Sirgany in three words, they would be; elegance, education, and honesty. We visited the flagship store in Downtown as well as the Zamalek branch. Each store has its own character but the common denominator is an excellent selection of jewellery and wonderful staff. In our opinion, the designs are beautiful and elegant. They are varied enough to suit women of all age groups. And as the designs impressed, so did the buying experience. We brought along our resident gemologist masked as a clueless buyer to really put the staff to the test. Needless to say, the staff were full of knowledge. No sleazy sales tactics or lies here. They were honest in every aspect and never gave our gemologist a reason to doubt them. Full marks for Cherif El Sirgany Joailliers.
Where: Downtown, Zamalek
Contact: +20223913044

10Magdy George Nessim

Our customer interviews revealed a lot when it came to Magdy George Nessim. Some claimed that this is hands down the best diamond jeweller in Cairo. After some digging, we discovered that this is a superb family owned business with shop assistants that are great to deal with. They make you feel comfortable as they’re very willing to show you as many designs as you’d like until you’ve reached the right one. We interviewed a recent buyer who had a ring custom-made with very intricate details. When our gemologist inspected the piece, she noted Magdy George Nessim’s stunning level of craftsmanship. The happy customer claims that her friends and family regularly ask to take a second look at the head-turning ring. Mind you, this is not an isolated case. Nearly all customers we interviewed recited similar stories and experiences. In short, Magdy George Nessim is easily one of the highest rated and most recommended diamond jewellers in Cairo.
Where: El Korba (Heliopolis), Downtown
Contact: +20224141300


  1. Diamenti shop
    One of the best shops i had the pleasure to deal with
    Has its unique special designs and elegant collection
    Address 9 Soliman Abaza street
    Contact: +2 37629195

  2. You forgot the oldest and most exquisite shop of them all. Bajocchi in downtown Cairo features the most delicate and elegant diamond jewelry in town, with a tradition going back to the early 1900.these guys are pro and have been catering to generation of Egyptian families, royalties and celebrities… really suprised they are not featured here. …their refined taste is really one of the best in town.

  3. I’ve had good experiences with aram, vartan, select and berge. I never bought anything from diamond land but they stock some nice pieces. I think the biggest surprise for most is bajocchi not being mentioned. Personally, I’m not their customer, but many of my friends are and they actually DONT give very good feedback of the famous jeweller. I thought they were one of the best but it seems this list is accurate. Can’t fault the selection. And I’ll be back to check on this comments section soon as I’m curious to see if any debates explode like they did over at the “top schools in cairo” article. Or will we see a war of words between the Armenian families…?

  4. One of the best shops will be Carati diamonds in korba , from someone who’s a diamond maniac and went to almost all the stores mentioned and a lot more , they are the best in terms of customer service, speed of delivery and fine taste.
    The team makes you feel at ease and almost all their customers turn to friends through time.
    Check the store it’s beside bahy grill

  5. You might be right with your positive remarks about these names but ONE important negative point is that some of these stores – and you all know which ones – sell FAKE Jewellery pieces of famous brands without any scrupule. This cheating in itself is a sign of dishonesty. So how can you trust them in buying your lifetime piece?

    • @Nina, what you may not realize is that all jewellers in Egypt copy designs, or inspired by famous brands like Tiffany, De Beers, Graff, Cartier, Harry Winston, Chopard, etc… There are no exceptions. In fact, these global brands are trend-setters – meaning their designs are followed and recreated all around the world by jewellers of all sizes. So how can you trust local jewellers if they copy designs? Well, by judging them based on the criteria list in the article; selection of diamonds, expertise, customer service, reviews and customer interviews, prices, quality, certificates, selection of settings, reputation.

  6. Erian Attia is the best diamond shop I’ve ever dealt with. They are not only trust worthy but also the have the best jewellery ever.

  7. They can be inspired by the design, I agree. But they are NOT supposed to copy/paste and even put the brand’s signature. Some of the stores you selected have piles of fake products because there is no law that prohibits them.

    • I need to find a real jewelry place for my wedding ring. Please I’m in cairo and need help. We can’t find. Everytime I buy a ring, mh acidity eats the ring.

  8. They can be inspired by the design, I agree. But they are NOT supposed to copy/paste and even put the brand’s signature. because there is no law that prohibits them.

    • I have to comment Nina
      To me Aram is the name of confidence and Trust they have a reputation they keep since the Father Mr.Aram
      They sell Clean stones you can check overseas carries the 4 C grade Adding I quote they have their own designs and custom made design usually I make my own designs with their expertise .


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