The Best Wedding Planners in Egypt

The Best Wedding Planners in Egypt

Finding the top wedding planners in Egypt is a challenge that many couples face. It is a day that must be perfect. It is a lifelong memory. It is a day filled with love and the merging of two families. Hiring one of the best wedding planners in Egypt helps make the wedding a stress-free experience for everyone involved.

Picking the ideal wedding planner is not easy. There are so many wedding planners in Egypt and sometimes it is difficult to find honest reviews about them. To help make your wedding the best it can be, we have compiled a list of the best wedding planners in Egypt.

To identify the top wedding planners in Egypt, we assessed the following:

  • Experience
  • Overall Reputation 
  • Professionalism
  • Attention to detail
  • Budget utilization and management
  • Offerings customization

Please let us know if we are missing any top wedding planners in the comments section below. We would also love to hear about your wedding planning experience, and if you have any hints and tips for other couples.

1DIVA For Events – Wedding Planners & Event Organizer

Established back in 2005, DIVA is an event management company specializing in a range of occasions. They have completed events all around Egypt’s governorates. Besides their expertise in corporate events, DIVA is known for customizing beautiful weddings.

After understanding their client’s needs, DIVA performs all the necessary procedures to produce their ideal wedding. They have a portfolio of diverse indoor and open-air wedding venues. They ensure the overall wedding set-up and decorations are primarily based on the couple’s preferences. Also, their entertainment and catering packages are highly praised.

In terms of customer satisfaction, our research shows excellent results. The happily married clients of today regularly express their gratitude for DIVA’s great wedding planning efforts.

Location: Mohamed Ramzi Street, Safeer, Heliopolis
Contact: [email protected] / +201144000067 / Facebook / Instagram

2QIG Egypt – Weddings & Corporate Events

QIG is a reputable events management company within the Egyptian market. They are focused on planning and executing premium-level events. With a unique approach to management, QIG is known for its superb eye for detail in every aspect of the occasion.

With over 250 successful weddings and corporate events, QIG was able to leave a great mark in the industry. They provide uniquely innovative solutions to create the best possible experiences. With their insistence on superior quality and professionalism, it’s no surprise they receive multiple positive testimonials and recommendations.

What sets QIG apart is its customizable options and expectations management. They constantly strive to exceed a couple’s expectations instead of their budgets. On that point, QIG makes sure to produce the most amount of value with the provided budget.

These reasons make QIG worthy of landing a spot on our list. Their professionalism and focus on quality allow couples to enjoy their once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Location: 114 Mecca Street, Sheraton, Heliopolis
Contact: [email protected] / +201224051414 / Facebook / Instagram

3byGanz Events

“byGanz” are known to produce weddings like no other. Their tailor-made, customized weddings surpass couples’ expectations. This is unsurprising given their intense focus on the finest of details and procedures.

Founded by Ahmed Ganzoury in 2003, byGanz was able to quickly make a highly-respected name for itself. They have planned and produced over 300 parties, corporate events, and most notably, weddings. With their high standard for quality, byGanz was able to arm themselves with premium suppliers. From catering to entertainment offerings, couples can rest assured that they will find what they are striving for. This complements their mission of always producing one-of-a-kind weddings.

Speaking of vastly unique weddings, byGanz differentiates itself in the market on that basis. They are experts in transforming their client’s visions into realities. Accordingly, their portfolio exhibits exclusive weddings with original themes. Weddings within the Red Sea Mountains or by along the shores of the Mediterranean are a few of the possibilities. Italian-inspired weddings and celestial moods were once a bride’s vision that byGanz brought into reality.

In a nutshell, if any couple is striving for an originally unforgettable wedding, byGanz is the way to go. Their professionalism and operational capabilities make them a great wedding planner to go with.

Location: Abd El-Aziz El-Hawary, Almazah, Heliopolis
Contact: [email protected] / +201000775540 / Website / Facebook / Instagram

4Le Reve Event & Wedding Planners

With its experienced team of wedding planners and designers, Le Reve is a great name to rely on. They combine all the required elements to come up with the perfect wedding for each couple.

Being a well-known name in the industry, Le Reve provides its clientele with great room for flexibility and customization. They offer a range of unique wedding decorations to fit the tastes and preferences of all kinds of brides. Furthermore, their packages all come with stylish light & sound systems, videography, and multiple entertainment options. All of these are necessary elements for an unforgettable occasion.

Church weddings are also one of Le Reve’s specialities. They exhibit diverse church-specific decorations to fit any preferred theme and mood. This alone is considered one of their unique propositions. Their decoration quality and overall planning activities allow couples to fully enjoy their special day.

Location: 30 Ibrahim Salem, Merghany, Heliopolis
Contact: [email protected] / +201066741116 / Website / Facebook / Instagram

5The Lounge DB

The Lounge DB is a specialized event management firm covering a wide range of events and occasions. From private parties to engagements and weddings, The Lounge DB has its clients covered. They are known to offer particularly great prices without sacrificing the quality of their events. This is achieved with the help of well-trained professionals who make the most use of the available budget.

After closely working with the groom and bride, The Lounge DB works to realize the couple’s vision and preferences. This way they can approach their day with confidence and without stress. The Lounge DB coordinates with the necessary suppliers to have everything needed promptly and of the best possible quality.

With over 300 events planned and over 40 prestigious venues covered, The Lounge DB is a worthy name to plan any wedding. On their website, you can view their wedding events gallery to get inspiration from their previous events. Any style and theme seems to be achievable by The Lounge DB.

Location: 17 Abd El-Moneim Hafez, Heliopolis
Contact: [email protected] / +201005000620 / Website / Facebook / Instagram

6Dina Iskandar Events & Wedding Planners

Dina Iskandar Events is a well-known and reputable wedding and events planner in Egypt. These planners tend to cater to society’s highest socio-economic group. In other words, they mostly serve the “Crème de la Crème” of society.

Dina Iskandar weddings are original, distinct and memorable. In just one year, they could manage more than 250 premium weddings and events. Many of these events are discussed and shared virally on social media for their glamour, beauty and sheer scale.

Unlike traditional wedding planners, Dina Iskandar ensures that the couple’s vision is above all else. Its proficient planners and designers and constantly exposed to international markets to bring in the latest ideas and methodologies employed in the field. Also, Dina Iskandar’s team constantly attends international exhibitions to learn all the newest event management skills and techniques. This allows for unparalleled weddings to be planned and executed.

As most couples would prefer, Dina Iskandar covers the whole spectrum of a wedding. Clients will not need to communicate with multiple vendors. Choosing the venue and caterer, creating the concept, and building the whole setup is the norm when dealing with Dina Iskandar.

Location: 11 Iran Street, Dokki
Contact: [email protected] / +201227755749 / Facebook / Instagram

7Eventfull by Mirelle Amin

Eventfull specialises in planning and implementing elegant weddings all around Egypt. They are known to have executed weddings that went viral and were highly spoken of. Eventfull can guide the major decisions such as overall theme and venue but like any top wedding planner should, they also offer their expertise in the finest of details such as the type of flowers and lighting.

Their attention to detail does wonders to put couples’ nerves at ease and ensures that Eventfull will take care of every little detail surrounding the big day.

The wonderful founder, Ms. Mirelle Amin, is admired for her kindness and professionalism in turning her clients’ dreams into realities. Her full-fledged team ensures the couple has nothing to worry about with wedding preparations and planning. She’s mentioned that you should “just bring yourself, your guests, and your smile and we’ll produce the best possible wedding for you.” Without a doubt, she is living up to her word as she continues to deliver some of Egypt’s best weddings.

This form of professionalism and care for clients is what makes Eventfull a reputable wedding planner in Egypt. Couples feel reassured and backed by an experienced team who knows how to turn a dream wedding into reality.

Location: Heliopolis
Contact: [email protected]  / +201001453184 / Facebook / Instagram


Leylti was established in Cairo in 2013 to provide event planning services for a wide scope of events. It was founded by 3 ladies aspiring to disrupt the event and wedding planning market. Even though they are based in Cairo, they cover events throughout the whole region. From a simple romantic proposal to a whole weekend wedding at majestic locations.

Leylti offers a wide range of services. Whether it’s a brief consultation regarding a proposal or a 360 wedding planning service, Leylti excels in both and everything in between. Their flexibility allows them to cater for different types of clients. Being one of the few wedding planners in Egypt with this flexibility is a breath of fresh air.

However, if you are interested in their fully-fledged wedding planning service, you will not be left disappointed. Leylti can and will deliver a jaw-dropping stunner of a wedding that will live long in the memories of the bride, groom and guests alike.

Even their proposals are special. They have planned multiple marriage proposals that left brides in tears at the time. Proposals could be on the roof of a gorgeous venue or even on a mountain cliff – Leylti plans everything while the groom focuses on getting his love to say yes!

On their website, they exhibit a trendy “Bride Type” quiz. After filling out the answers, the algorithm outlines the type of bride that closely matches a girl’s personality. Types range from classic and beach brides to girly and minimalist ones. You can also browse their portfolio of ideas for all themes and bride types.

Ultimately, Leylti can be seen as a rising star in the wedding planning industry. We predict their creative solutions, flexibility and eye for detail will get them to great places.

Contact: [email protected] / Website / Facebook / Instagram

9Tailor’d Events & Wedding Planners

From the name, you can probably guess what makes “Tailor’d Events” unique in the events management industry. Their methodology involves merging a couple’s personality, inspiration, and vision through every aspect of their day. The whole planning procedure is focused on customizing the event to reflect the couple’s distinctive style. Styles could be modern, classic, vintage, or minimalist among others.

Tailor’d Events was founded in 2012 by planning weddings for close friends and family. The brand has grown since then and is now one of the most recognizable names in the industry. They also picked up the prestigious McQueen’s & DWP certifications along their short but successful history thus far.

Reviews of Tailor’d Events emphasize their smooth and efficient planning process. After laying out their couple’s style and ideas, they implement all the occasion’s elements from the décor concept to the entertainment packages. They coordinate with all external parties to so the groom and bride can enjoy their day with no stress or overthinking.

All in all, this great focus on customization and quality is what makes Tailor’d Events among the top wedding planners in Egypt. Listening to their clients and acting upon their requests gives peace of mind to the bride and groom.

Location: Heliopolis / New Cairo
Contact: [email protected]  / +201002861000 / Website / Facebook / Instagram

10SAM Wedding Planners

Established in 1998, SAM Events is one of the very first wedding planners in Egypt. Today, they are a pioneering company in the event planning industry. Not only do they offer comprehensive solutions to their clients, but they also display great room for customization and alterations. They create, invent, prepare, and execute all elements to make any wedding unforgettable.

What makes SAM Events particularly unique is that it owns over 90% of the equipment used during their weddings. Whether it’s lighting and sound systems or DJ equipment, they own a huge variety of gear. This alone is a great advantage since it prevents any potential delays or errors from occurring.

Clients have also admired their quality control and seamless planning experience. In a nutshell, SAM Events are brilliant wedding planners in Egypt and should taken into consideration when choosing yours.

Location: 3 Ahbab El Rasoul Street, Nasr City
Contact: [email protected] / (+20)1222222251 / Website / Facebook / Instagram

Now it’s your turn. Let us know if we’re missing any special wedding planners in Egypt in the comments below. If you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience with any of the Cairo wedding planners listed above, please let us know in the comments section. Want to get in touch with us? Just click here and drop us a message.


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