The Best Restaurants in Cairo

We've rounded up the best restaurants in Cairo, from long-standing institutions to cutting-edge dining, tuck in to our handy guide

The Best Restaurants in Cairo

Across Cairo, culinary treasures await discovery, from the trendy corners of New Cairo and Sheikh Zayed City to the timeless charm of districts like Maadi and Zamalek. Whether you seek the allure of city classics or the excitement of hot new openings, the options are as diverse as the city itself. Amidst this culinary tapestry, finding the best restaurants in Cairo can be overwhelming.

That’s where we come in. We’ve scoured the city, unsponsored and unbiased, to find the best restaurants in Cairo. Our journey led us through fine dining establishments, hidden gems, budget-friendly delights, and historic diners. After passionate debates and indulgent tastings, we present to you the definitive guide to Cairo’s culinary wonders.

Let’s tuck in!

How we choose the best restaurants in Cairo

When choosing restaurants, we consider several factors, including:

Food: The heart of any dining experience lies in the food. We insist on culinary creations that are not just delicious but also meticulously prepared, using fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Service: Service is an art, and we recognize its pivotal role in enhancing your dining pleasure. Attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable staff transform your meal into a truly enjoyable experience.

Ambience: The ambience sets the stage for your visit. We evaluate every detail, from the design and lighting to the music, temperature, and overall vibe. A perfect dining atmosphere is essential for your comfort and enjoyment.

Price: We understand the value of your hard-earned money. While we explore all price ranges, we prioritize restaurants that offer exceptional value for your money. Quality should always be commensurate with the cost.

Accessibility: A great dining experience is accessible to everyone. We consider the safety and convenience of the location, catering to diverse needs, including families with children and the elderly.

With these criteria guiding our selections, we invite you to savour the diverse flavours of Cairo, confident that each restaurant on our list has been chosen with care and passion. We update this list regularly as new restaurants open and existing ones evolve. If you want a more specific cuisine, check out our favourite pizzeriasburger joints, and breakfast spots.

1Al Khal Egyptian Restaurant

Nestled within the InterContinental Cairo Citystars Hotel, Al Khal stands out for its delectable traditional Egyptian cuisine, capturing the hearts of locals and foreigners. It’s no small feat, considering the discerning nature of Egyptian palates, accustomed to the homemade charm of traditional dishes. When Egyptians themselves praise a restaurant for its authentic offerings, you know there’s something truly special about it.

Operating in a hotel frequented by tourists, Al Khal adeptly meets the challenge of pleasing international tastes. Their secret? A blend of high-quality ingredients and a generous sprinkle of love in every dish, ensuring a great dining experience for everyone, regardless of their background.

Traditional dishes deserve an authentic backdrop, and Al Khal delivers effortlessly. The pervasive use of wood gives a rich character to the restaurant. We love the curtains adorned with portraits of Egyptian farmers from a bygone era, a tribute to the roots of the cuisine and Egypt’s heritage.

The restaurant’s warm ambience, inspired by countryside homes, welcomes visitors with open arms. The vibrant colours and patterns on upholstery, cushions, dishes, and napkins draw inspiration from rustic eateries, creating an inviting atmosphere that beautifully captures the essence of the Egyptian countryside, all while maintaining an air of elegance. As expected from a restaurant in a five-star hotel, Al Khal excels in providing high-quality materials, impeccable cleanliness, exceptional service, and meticulous attention to detail.

Now, let’s talk about what truly matters— the food. This isn’t a fine dining restaurant; it’s a haven of hearty, soul-satisfying flavours all under one roof. Choosing just one or two dishes is a challenge in itself. This is one of those restaurants where you need to come with an appetite and indulge in a variety of dishes. Better yet, gather your friends or family and share, as is the Egyptian way of dining.

If we must highlight some favourites, the oxtail with onion is a masterpiece. The stuffed pigeon is divine, and the hawawshi is simply heavenly. The koshari and molokhia are impeccably prepared, and the freshly baked bread from a traditional oven is a delight in itself.

For a sweet conclusion, the Om Ali and rice pudding are sure to leave a lasting impression. Al Khal promises an authentic culinary journey through the heart of Egypt, where every bite tells a story of tradition, passion, and exceptional taste.


If you’re craving an unparalleled Turkish culinary experience in Egypt, look no further than Nişantaşi. Named after Istanbul’s exclusive European quarter, this eatery stands as a culinary triumph. There are two branches, one in Citystars and the other in Cairo Festival City. Both branches are equally brilliant.

Prepare your taste buds for a tantalizing journey. Let’s start with the appetizers – they are simply irresistible. From the palate-refreshing Fettuş (Fattoush) Salata to the mouthwatering Hummus and Yaprak Sarma (stuffed vine leaves), Nişantaşi’s starters set the perfect tone. For a special treat, dive into the Nişantaşi Meze, a selection of their finest cold appetizers, served with their freshly baked bread – a true indulgence.

Our favourite hot appetizer is the Sac Oruk, which shares some similarities to Kibbeh with the use of beef and bulgur but Sac Oruk is enhanced with a delicious pomegranate molasses dressing.

Now, the pide – Turkish-style pizza that melts in your mouth. Nişantaşi’s pide is a revelation. The Kuşbaşı Mozzarella Pide, adorned with beef fillet, peppers, and melted mozzarella, is a must-try. Each bite is a symphony of flavours that will leave you craving more.

Nişantaşi is one of those restaurants that will keep you coming back with their exceptional turkish food. A true gem.

For mains, the Et Sote tajine is a highlight. Slow-cooked in a wood-fired oven and enclosed with bread, this dish features beef fillet, peppers, and a rich homemade tomato sauce. Pair it with Mihana, a traditional bulgur dish, or use the bread to mop up the juices.

The Karışık Izgara is one of the most flavourful mixed grill dishes in Egypt. We don’t know what they’re doing to achieve the flavour but we are in love. Just imagine a bite of Adana beef kebab hugged by fresh Turkish bread and dipped in an amazing mezze. The grilled food is a flavour explosion that lingers in your memory, making each visit to Nişantaşi unforgettable.

Nisantasi Top Turkish Restaurant in Cairo

And oh, the desserts! Indulge in the Peynirli Künefe, a cheese-stuffed kunafa crowned with pistachios. It tastes wonderful, and the cheese pulls are so satisfying. Alternatively, savour the Dondurmalı Baklava, a pistachio baklava served with ice cream, a dessert experience like no other.

Beyond the exquisite cuisine, Nişantaşi boasts impeccable service. Despite its bustling atmosphere, the staff maintains professionalism, courtesy, and attentiveness, ensuring your dining experience is seamless and delightful.

Despite economic challenges, Nişantaşi remains unwavering in its commitment to quality. The ingredients are top-notch, the portion sizes are generous, and the flavours are consistently outstanding. This restaurant embodies excellence in every sense, making it one of Cairo’s most consistently remarkable culinary destinations. Come to Nişantaşi for a taste of Turkey that will leave you enchanted and coming back for more.


Babel stands as an exquisite testament to Lebanese culinary artistry, originally gracing Dbayeh, Lebanon, and subsequently expanding its allure to Kuwait, Dubai, and, finally, Cairo. Nestled within the opulent 5A by the Waterway complex in New Cairo, this fine dining establishment offers an unparalleled gastronomic experience.

Stepping inside Babel is akin to entering a realm where the past meets the present. Visitors are immediately captivated by its awe-inspiring interiors. Majestic stone columns, reminiscent of an ancient era, support a lofty ceiling adorned with arches that seem to echo centuries of history. The space is bathed in a soft, inviting glow emanating from oversized cone-shaped lights, complemented by a glass facade that infuses a contemporary vibe. Babel masterfully marries the essence of antiquity with modern design, creating an ambience that none of the restaurants in Cairo can match.

Babel is one of the few restaurants in Cairo where you can try raw meat dishes. A unique offering in Egypt.

Yet, Babel’s allure extends far beyond its unique atmosphere and visually striking interiors. The restaurant boasts a menu that celebrates Lebanese cuisine, showcasing a tantalizing array of Mediterranean delights. From imported lobster to meticulously crafted stuffed grape leaves, the menu caters to every palate.

A notable addition to their offerings is raw meat, a Lebanese delicacy that was once unfamiliar to Egyptian taste buds. However, Babel fearlessly introduces this culinary gem, presenting it in meticulously prepared dishes that beckon even the most hesitant diners to embark on a flavorful adventure.

Babel’s reputation as the best Lebanese restaurant in Egypt is well-deserved. It’s not just about the delectable food; it’s the seamless blend of exceptional service, innovative design, inviting ambience, strict hygiene standards, and a strategic location that elevates the dining experience to extraordinary heights.

While Babel wears the crown of Egypt’s best Lebanese restaurant with pride, tastes can indeed be subjective. We invite you to share your thoughts in the comments below. Do you believe other restaurants in Cairo deserve to share the spotlight? Your insights are incredibly valuable as we explore the vibrant culinary landscape of Cairo. Your input helps us discover restaurants we might have missed, and rest assured, we will diligently evaluate your recommendations and make necessary updates to this article.


One might conjure images of bustling tables and molokhia-filled gatherings when envisioning Egyptian cuisine. However, Khufu’s defies this stereotype, offering a refined take on Egyptian gastronomy.

What truly distinguishes Khufu’s is its awe-inspiring, up-close panoramic view of the Great Pyramids of Giza. The restaurant is situated within the Pyramids of Giza Plateau, so you will need to purchase a visitor’s ticket to access it. But don’t let that deter you – the views and the memories you make at Khufu’s are priceless, making it one of the best restaurants in Cairo to savour delicious food while taking in the spectacular surroundings.

Khufu's Restaurant by the Pyramids in Giza

Behind Khufu’s is Giovanni Bolandrini, of the Pier 88 Group of restaurants, and Egyptian Billionaire, Naguib Sawiris. Khufu’s is operated by Orascom Pyramids Entertainment, a subsidiary of Orascom Development, striving to enhance global interest in the Pyramids of Giza Plateau.

Amidst the grandeur, Khufu’s design seamlessly melds with its ancient wonder surroundings. Earthy decor, neutral tones, stone-clad walls, and simple furnishings accentuate the vibrant dishes and the breathtaking panorama.

Khufu's modern twist to Egyptian food makes this one of the best restaurants to try a new spin on the local cuisine.

Under the guidance of Egyptian chef Mostafa Seif, Khufu’s redefines Egyptian fare with a modern twist. Elevating the experience further, the restaurant collaborated with world-renowned Michelin-starred chef Pere Planagumà Sala, crafting a sensational nine-course dinner that rivals the splendour of the Pyramids themselves.

Khufu’s menu is a culinary adventure, featuring delights such as koshari salad, pulled beef qatayef with raisins and chilli jam, and stuffed falafel. From taste to view, Khufu’s excels on all fronts. For those seeking a dining experience elevated to new heights, complemented by arguably the world’s best view, Khufu’s awaits.

5Sala Thai Cuisine

Sala Thai, formerly known as Bua Khao, has brought the vibrant flavours of Thailand to Cairo, captivating Egyptians and non-Egyptians alike with its Southeast Asian culinary magic. Mastering the art of Thai cuisine, with its intricate balance of flavours, is no small feat, yet Sala Thai has flawlessly executed it, offering an authentic taste of Thailand in Maadi.

Hailing from Thailand to Hurghada and then to Cairo, Sala Thai is not just a restaurant; it’s a testament to a Thai family’s deep love for Egypt, making it their second home. As you step inside, the restaurant envelops you in a warm ambience reminiscent of a family-owned eatery in Bangkok, adorned with sculptures, paintings, and décor that celebrate its rich heritage.

The attention to detail extends to the tableware, featuring beautifully adorned plates and ceramic spoons, enhancing your dining experience. Don’t miss their sticky rice, served in bamboo baskets – not just a culinary delight but also a visual treat worthy of a few Instagram shots.

What truly sets Sala Thai apart is its knowledgeable staff, eager to guide you through the menu, sharing their recommendations and ensuring you feel at home. The synergy between the Thai owners and Egyptian staff creates a welcoming atmosphere, where diners are embraced by the restaurant’s positive energy.

Sala Thai Best Thai Restaurant in Egypt

Now, let’s talk about the food – a symphony of flavours that tantalizes the taste buds. From the aromatic Thai green curry to the decadent Tom Kha Gai, a coconut milk soup infused with chicken and galangal shoots, every bite is an explosion of authentic Thai flavours. The Pad Thai delights with its sweet and nutty notes, while the Tom Yam soup entices with its perfect balance of sour and spicy elements. We won’t delve further; suffice it to say that Sala Thai’s menu is a masterpiece.

In our view, Sala Thai is more than just a hidden gem; it’s a culinary treasure. It’s a delightful surprise and a source of pride that a Thai restaurant in Cairo can rival Bangkok’s best. The flavours here are not just authentic; they are a celebration of the rich culinary heritage of Thailand, inviting you on a gastronomic journey that will leave you craving more.

6The Grill Restaurant & Lounge

Step into a world where succulent steaks and delectable sides take centre stage. The Grill, a bastion of French cuisine, graces Cairo’s historic Downtown area, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the Nile.

At The Grill, excellence begins with quality ingredients, and this commitment is evident in every aspect of your dining experience. The menu, though succinct, is a testament to the prioritization of quality over quantity. If you’ve heard tales of foie gras but never had the opportunity to savour it, The Grill is the place to embark on this culinary journey. For those who prefer a familiar introduction, we wholeheartedly recommend the sea scallops, an unforgettable appetizer.

Yet, The Grill is renowned for its mastery of steaks. While it excels in delivering a quintessential French steak, it also spoils its patrons with an array of imported Australian and Angus steaks. Whether your heart desires roasted lamb, rib-eye, or the indulgent Tomahawk steak, The Grill is the arbiter of carnivorous delight.

The Grill is one of the best restaurants for french cuisine and an excellent choice for perfectly cooked steaks.

Unlike many steakhouses, The Grill refrains from drowning its cuts in excessive sauces and spices. Here, the focus is on the art of presenting, cooking, and savouring high-quality steaks. The carefully curated sauce selection complements the steaks, inviting you to experiment with your choice, although our recommendation leans towards the delectable truffle butter.

To conclude your evening on a sweet yet citrusy note, indulge in the authentic crêpes Suzette flambé. The Grill ensures your palate is enchanted from start to finish.

The luxurious setting, the picturesque backdrop, and the exceptional French cuisine create an unforgettable experience. The Grill is the perfect destination for a romantic evening, a memorable weekend outing, and a culinary journey that has earned accolades. It was proudly featured in Trip Advisors’ Traveler’s Choice in 2022. When seeking a superb dining experience that transcends the ordinary, The Grill in Cairo beckons you with open arms.


Kazoku, honoured as the 12th best restaurant in the Middle East and North Africa by the esteemed William Reed Group, stands as a culinary beacon in Cairo, elevating Egypt’s gastronomic reputation on a regional scale. Part of the renowned Baky Hospitality Group, which also oversees notable restaurants like Sachi and Reif Kushiyaki, Kazoku is our unequivocal favourite among this illustrious lineup.

Nestled within the exclusive Swan Lake compound in New Cairo, Kazoku boasts a refined yet understated interior. Patrons can choose from a variety of seating options, both indoor and outdoor, along with high tables, catering to diverse moods and preferences.

The restaurant’s ambience is artfully balanced with elements from nature; lush greenery envelops Kazoku’s terrace, infusing an earthy harmony into its opulent surroundings.

Throughout Kazoku, paper birds serve as a charming motif, adorning the entrance, plates and even their website. This attention to detail extends to the exquisite tableware, enhancing the presentation of the delicately crafted dishes and elevating the overall dining experience.

Sushi lovers in Egypt rejoice. Kazoku is one of Cairo's best sushi restaurants. Don't forget to enjoy their other delicious dishes.

At the helm of Kazoku’s kitchen is the award-winning Chef Reif Othman, a master at blending flavours to create uniquely delicious and innovative Japanese dishes. Highlights include the glazed short ribs, a Japanese twist on traditional tacos featuring salmon, and the authentic katsu curry, each dish receiving high acclaim.

For sushi enthusiasts, Kazoku offers a diverse selection of rolls, ensuring there’s something to tantalize every palate. Flaky fish, perfectly seared salmon, and the freshness of ginger and avocados elevate each bite, exemplifying the restaurant’s commitment to culinary excellence.

Consistently delivering exceptional quality, Kazoku offers a dining experience that transcends expectations, making it a worthy investment. In our view, Kazoku stands as the best Japanese restaurant in Cairo, surpassing the competition by a considerable margin.


Berro’s has taken social media by storm, emerging as a must-visit Mediterranean brasserie, and it’s easy to see why it has become the talk of the town.

But what defines a brasserie, you ask? It’s an ambience that’s relaxed, vibrant, and full of life, where hearty and delicious food takes centre stage. Whether the menu is French or French-inspired, the essence of a brasserie is in its unpretentious charm and delightful cuisine – and Berro’s embodies this spirit perfectly.

Situated in The Nox Mall in New Cairo, Berro’s boasts a unique decor that sets it apart. Spacious tables and cosy booths make it ideal for families and groups. Warm, inviting colours create an elegant yet homey atmosphere, complemented by local artwork and clever floral patterns. It’s a place where brunch, lunch, dinner, or even a quick coffee feel just right.

Berro's Best Restaurants in Egypt

Now, let’s talk about the real star: the menu. Berro’s offers an array of Mediterranean delights and viral TikTok sensations – yes, you read that right. Ever heard of “15-hour fries,” the TikTok sensation that requires patience but delivers perfection? Berro’s excels in crafting innovative and inventive dishes, far from gimmicks but full of flavour.

The Ratatouille à la Shakshuka is a delightful fusion, and the Spanish Patatas Brava adds a spicy twist. Craving a tartine or sandwich? Choose from avocado toast, croque madame, or a smoked turkey bagel. Fresh pastries and delightful desserts, especially the heavenly Pain Perdu, cater to your sweet tooth. And let’s not forget the coffee – Berro’s sources its beans from Brown Nose Coffee, one of Egypt’s top-rated coffee roasters, ensuring a perfect cup every time.

In a nutshell, Berro’s is not just a brasserie; it’s a culinary adventure waiting to be savoured. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of TikTok-famous fries or a comforting croque madame, Berro’s promises an exceptional dining experience that’s as delicious as it is delightful. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in the flavours that have captured Cairo’s heart – visit Berro’s today and taste the buzz for yourself.


Introducing Cairo to the rich tapestry of Asian flavours, Tao stands as a culinary gem, seamlessly weaving together gourmet Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Indian cuisines in an exquisite fusion. What sets Tao apart from other Asian restaurants in Cairo is its dedication to authenticity – each cuisine boasts its own skilled chef, ensuring a genuine and diverse experience for diners.

Nestled within the luxurious confines of the five-star Dusit Thani hotel, Tao is more than just a restaurant; it’s an aesthetic masterpiece. The interior mirrors its cosmopolitan essence with a distinct Asian flair. Its thoughtful design encompasses various seating options, from cosy lounges to elegant tables and high tables, catering to the unique preferences of every guest.

Among all the restaurants in Cairo, Tao stands out for its unparalleled service. The staff exudes friendliness, engaging patrons in lighthearted conversations and offering helpful recommendations. True to its cultural roots, Tao embodies the spirit of hospitality. Whether you’re impressing work associates, treating family, or planning a romantic date, Tao provides an atmosphere that combines warm hospitality with an air of luxury.

Top Asian restaurants in Cairo are hard to come by but Tao fills that void with aplomb.

One of Tao’s standout features is its open kitchen layout, where culinary artistry comes to life. Sashimi-grade fish glisten proudly at the entrance, while expert sushi chefs craft some of the freshest rolls in the city right before your eyes. Venture further, and you’ll witness the kitchen staff collaborating seamlessly, creating delectable curries, noodles, dumplings, and more.

Unlike chain sushi spots, Tao doesn’t offer ‘half portions’ – each roll is meticulously made-to-order, showcasing the restaurant’s commitment to freshness and quality. From the meticulously chosen cutlery to the impeccable presentation and, of course, the divine taste, Tao upholds stringent quality control measures, maintaining its high standards consistently over the years.

Without a doubt, Tao has earned its place among Egypt’s finest Asian restaurants, offering a culinary journey that delights the senses and leaves a lasting impression on every diner lucky enough to experience its exquisite offerings.


Indulge in the enchanting flavours of the Bosphorus right here in Cairo at Osmanly, where the boundaries between traditional Turkish cuisine and fine dining blur seamlessly. Nestled within the luxurious Kempinski Nile Hotel, Osmanly not only offers a culinary adventure but also exudes an air of cultural pride and opulence.

As you step inside Osmanly, you’re greeted by an artistic spectacle of Turkish ceramics adorning the space, making your dining experience both visually captivating and gastronomically delightful. Despite the grandeur of the chandeliers, silverware, and high-quality China, Osmanly maintains an inviting atmosphere, enhanced by the presence of wooden shutters and Turkish brass teapots. The ambience is cosy, inviting guests to gather around generously portioned dishes.

Osmanly takes immense pride in its Ottoman heritage, evident in its menu featuring Turkish specialities and intriguing options like the Anatolian soup and the restaurant’s signature dish, hünkâr beğendi—a slow-cooked beef masterpiece infused with a symphony of spices and vegetables.

Osmanly Best Restaurant in Egypt

The mezze, borek, and grill selections are simply irresistible, making Osmanly one of the best restaurants in Cairo for group dining. Gather your friends and family, as the more, the merrier. Dive into a variety of options, each dish prepared with the finest and most tender cuts of lamb and beef, fulfilling Osmanly’s commitment to culinary excellence.

While intimate dinners have their charm, Osmanly is best enjoyed as a shared experience among friends and family. It’s a place where laughter echoes, and conversations flow freely, especially when you’re relishing an array of delectable dips and savouring the richness of Turkish cuisine. Osmanly stands as a testament to the very essence of Turkish culinary artistry, making it one of the best Turkish restaurants in Cairo. Osmanly invites you to embark on a culinary journey that’s not just about exquisite food but also the joy of shared moments.

We value your input! If we’ve missed out on any top restaurants in Cairo, we’re all ears. Share your favourite spots in the comments below. Your experiences matter – whether they’ve been exceptionally delightful or left much to be desired, we’d love to hear your stories about the restaurants mentioned above. Your feedback helps us serve you better.

Have something specific to share or a question to ask? Click here to send us a message. We’re here to assist and eager to make your culinary explorations in Cairo even more enjoyable.


  1. Some very interesting additions to this list. I agree with the top 3 for sure. But after devaluations and economic problems, eating out in Cairo is just not worth it anymore. I think all restaurants, even the ones in five-star hotels are cutting too many corners. My advice is to cook at home as much as you can, unless of course it’s a special occasion, or you’re a tourist.

    • I totally agree. The restaurants in Egypt are ridiculously overpriced and there’s no value for money. Personally, I’ve stopped eating out, and if I do, it’s just local street food.

  2. I went with my family to Nisantasi based on the recommendation of this article and im not disappointed. We tried all the dishes that are recommended here and we were blown away. excellent research and beautifully written. thanks a lot!

  3. wow i am surprised to find my favourite thai restaurant ranked here. just goes to show that you dont have to be the most expensive or flashiest restaurant to be highly regarded. 100% deserved. please do check out other asian restaurants in maadi. I guarantee that many of them deserve a spot here more than these over priced restaurants.

  4. Good choices except for khufu’s… I understand that no restaurant on this planet can have a better view but it should not come at the expense of service. As an Egyptian, I felt like I was not given attention or priority compared to the tourists. We should be treated equally. We are all humans after all. I understand that tourists might be tipping more than Egyptians, maybe tipping in foreign currencies but for an establishment like this, I wasn’t expecting to be treated like this. What a shame. Also, the food was not the best especially considering the exorbitant pricing. tsk tsk tsk.

  5. Have to say the imagery in this article, and the way its written its excellent. I didn’t know we had such amazing restaurants in Egypt. Ta7yaaa MASR!!!!


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