The Best Recruitment Agencies and HR Companies in Egypt

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Working with the top recruitment and HR agencies in Egypt is very important in today’s market. The job market is as competitive and crowded as it can be. Applicants are seeking the right jobs and companies are looking for the ideal candidates. This is where HR and recruitment agencies come into play. They bridge the gap between job-seekers and employers.

Choosing the best recruitment agency is no easy task. Multiple HR and recruitment agencies in Egypt claim to be the best, making the task even harder. To ensure you experience a smooth recruitment process, we have compiled a list of the best HR and recruitment agencies in Egypt.

How we chose Egypt’s best recruitment agencies

To pick the top HR companies and recruitment agencies, we assessed the following:

  • Experience, Reputation & Professionalism
  • Range of Services
  • Client Support 
  • Specialization & Industry Knowledge
  • Candidate Screening & Selection Process

Check out our recommendations below and let us know if we missed any notable recruitment agencies in the comments section. Also, we would love to hear your experience with an HR company or recruitment agency in Egypt; as a job-seeker or an employer.

1EL Maaly for Recruitment

El Maaly is a well-known recruitment agency in Egypt. Established in 1992, they provide high-quality HR services to Egypt and Gulf countries. Through their competence and expertise, they are trusted by multiple prestigious corporate clients within the region.

El Maaly views recruitment as a delicate form of art. They fully understand their client’s need to provide the best pool of candidates. Their qualified team of professionals ensures a smooth recruitment process as a result of their great knowledge and expertise. With a strong grasp of the market trends, El Maaly’s team can provide valuable insights to both employers and job-seekers.

Having a global contact network is important for any recruitment agency. El Maaly displays such an important asset. They consistently update their broad-based contact network to make sure they are always on top of their field. El Maaly is set to become the Middle East’s industry leader. By providing great HR and training services, they are on the right path to this objective.

Location: 26 Khedr El Touny, Nasr City
Contact: [email protected] / +20224010742 / Facebook / Website         

2Tawzef for Recruitment

Twazef is a leading HR and Human Capital Management consultancy. With its headquarters in Cairo, it also has branches in India, Philippines, Nepal, and Indonesia. Tawzef primarily specializes in Executive Search and Talent Acquisition, HR Consultancy, and Training.

Tawzef actively provides its recruitment services to a variety of clients across various industries. However, they have particularly great expertise in the oil & gas, financial services, mining, retailing, real estate, and FMCG markets. Their clients highly praise their recruitment services. Whether it’s appointing a new CEO or manual labour, Tawzef provides the best possible candidates for all levels.

With a primary focus on the Egyptian market, Tawzef aims to expand further into the GCC. Through the past 10 years, they have assisted multiple companies in the Gulf region with overseas recruitment. They have even established fully-fledged HR support systems for their GCC corporate clients. This has made Tawzef a reputable local and overseas recruitment service provider.

With their expertise and professionalism, Tawzef displays amazing results in the recruitment industry. Helping over 150 corporate clients in more than 15 industries, Tawzef was able to reduce companies’ search costs by over 30%. This alone makes them one of the best recruitment agencies in Egypt.

Location: Al Serag Mall, Nasr City
Contact: [email protected] / +20226721202 / Facebook / Website

3Premier Services & Recruitment

Premier is one of the best recruitment agencies in the country. It was the first recruitment agency to obtain its license in Egypt. Since then, they have been providing top-quality recruitment and talent management services to a variety of corporate and individual clients. Over the past 32 years, Premier was able to build a strong, loyal client base in Egypt and around the globe.

As a multifaceted firm, Premier excels at providing a diverse range of services in the recruitment market. HR consultancy, talent development, and employee assessments are a few of their offered services. Their corporate clients view them as their HR department.

Moreover, Premier offers overseas recruitment and visa processing services. This makes them one of the few recruitment agencies in Egypt to have such a wide range of HR solutions.

In terms of professionalism, one should know that Premier is an ISO-certified organization. A certificate that displays the great quality of their services. If any company or individual is seeking a recruitment agency with experience and excellence, Premier should be considered.

Location: Saray El Maadi Tower
Contact: +2019768 / Facebook / Website


Target is another well-established recruitment agency in Egypt. Founded back in 2006, Target delivers tailored HR solutions across a range of domains. From recruitment and outsourcing to payroll services and labor-conflict resolution, Target excels in providing the best possible solutions.

What sets Target apart from its competitors is its highly customizable offerings. They do not just provide pre-set services to all of their clients. Upon fully understanding their client needs, Target designs the most effective solution for the highest impact and value for money.

Target’s team is known for its great expertise when comes to recruitment-related services. Their communication skills are highly praised among their clients. This is an important trait since communication plays a pivotal role in dealing with clients as well as possible candidates. Target was able to outsource over 4,000 employees to companies in diverse industries.

With a particular specialization in HR service and executive recruitment, Target is a great option to seek assistance from. Their expertise and tailored offerings allow them to stand among the top recruitment agencies in Egypt.

Location: 44 Paestine Street, Maadi, Cairo
Contact: [email protected] / +20225199320 / Facebook / Website

5Staff Arabia

Staff Arabia is one of the leading HR consultancies and recruitment agencies in the region. They have been operating for over 20 years through their main Cairo office. Also, Staff Arabia has a notable regional presence across the MENA region and Asia. Staff Arabia provides total HR & recruitment solutions to help their clients find ideal talents for their vacancies. They also provide multiple supporting services to help companies achieve their business objectives.

Across the MENA and GCC regions, Staff Arabia stands out for its excellent recruitment services. They display a great portfolio of hiring executives across a variety of industries. Staff Arabia’s offices are also equipped with an extensive data bank to provide clients with top-quality services.

The firm is one of the few ISO-certified recruitment agencies in Egypt. Their efficient systems, networks, and experienced team allow them to stand out in the market. Their extensive offerings and client satisfaction have allowed Staff Arabia to be one of the leading recruitment agencies in Egypt.

Location: 80 Mossadak Street, Dokki
Contact: [email protected][email protected] / +201096835555 / Facebook / Website

6Aims International

Established in 1997, Aims International is one of the top recruitment agencies in Egypt. The company originally started with the name “Pauline D’Arcy HR & Recruitment Consulting”. Upon its foundation, the company was one of the first executive search firms in the country. They joined Aims International in 2007 as the holding company’s local Egyptian partner. Since then, Aims International’s Egypt arm provided its recruitment services to multiple multinational companies for senior and executive roles.

Aims International has an amazing track record of working across most major fields and sectors. Their main focus, however, is in the manufacturing, chemicals, financial services, and retail industries. Aims was able to successfully place multiple senior managers, directors, and even CEOs within their clients’ firms. Their great experience in executive-level recruitment within multiple industries allowed Aims to build a powerful name for itself in Egypt.

Aims International prides itself on its top-level approaches and processes. Their candidate search and overall client service processes are as smooth as they can get. This is why many regional and international entities seek their recruitment expertise. Therefore, if a company requires assistance with executive search & selection, Aims International is one of the best companies to go with.

Location: 40 Al Falah Street, Agouza, Giza
Contact: [email protected] / +201064137912 / Facebook / Website

7Top Business Group

Top Business Group is an HR solutions provider that operates in the Egyptian market. It was founded in 1993 with two main subsidiaries under its umbrella. The first subsidiary is focused on providing HR consultancy services for companies in different industries and markets. The other is concerned with offering local & overseas recruitment services.

Top Business Group is known for its high-quality resource solutions. Their clients speak highly of their services, which allows them to enhance their business performance. The unique relationship they have with their clients is what makes Top Business Group one of the best agencies in Egypt. They view clients as partners who require customized services to satisfy their business needs. This view has been shown to yield great satisfaction among both clients and employees.

The high-quality solutions offered have allowed Top Business Group to win the 2023 Stevie Award. This alone displays that they are internationally recognized for their exceptional service quality and professionalism.

Location: 17 Abdel Wahab El Beshry, Sheraton Al Matar
Contact: [email protected]  / +20222687144 / Facebook / Website


Envision is one of Egypt’s leading recruitment agencies and HR solutions provider. It was founded in 2013 to provide full recruitment and headhunting services for companies of all sizes. Ever since it was established, Envision has placed over 1000 employees in firms within 10 countries around the world.

How Envision operates allows it to be among the best recruitment agencies in Egypt. They are known to show great care as if they are a small boutique agency but with the delivery scope of a major multinational organization. Moreover, Envision prioritizes tailoring their recruitment experiences to better suit their clients and candidates.

Envision’s team has great expertise across multiple industries. However, their main focus is known to be on the IT and software market. Trained professionals at Envision identify the top talent around the world and match them with the requirements of their clients.

This attention to detail and seamless client experiences are the main reasons Envision stands strong among its competitors. They are known to provide great value for their clients’ investments. Envision is highly praised for having a replacement guarantee in case any candidate leaves their role within the first 3 months. In this case, Envision takes responsibility to provide a replacement free of charge!

Location: 151 Street, Maadi
Contact: [email protected] / +201005088013 / Facebook / Website

9Professional Services (PROSERV)

Professional Services (PROSERV) specializes in recruitment HR consulting. It provides its services to corporate and individual clients across a variety of markets. PROSERV is known for its highly direct impact on its clients’ goals. Whether it’s an organizational objective or a personal development goal, PROSERV tailors some best recruitment solutions in Egypt.

Founded back in 2010, PROSERV grew to become one of the top recruitment agencies in Egypt. They focus on offering five main services: outsourcing, consultancy, government compliance services, L&D, and recruitment. Their clients are very loyal as a result of PROSERV’s huge contact network and overall professionalism.

Client satisfaction is PROSERV’s number 1 priority. They stress providing the best value for their clients is what allows long-term relationships to be built and sustained. Our research shows that PROSERV’s clients appreciate the company’s servicing approach. They are known to customize their solutions to overcome any firm’s unique challenges. This makes PROSERV worthy of having a spot on our list.

Location: Maadi
Contact: [email protected] / +201151566656 / Facebook / Website

10Rawaj HCM

Rawaj is one of the best recruitment agencies and HR services providers in the region. They are known to offer great recruitment services that provide the best return on their client’s investment. Rawaj’s client portfolio extends to a diversity of industries where they have great expertise.

Rawaj strives to become the leader among all human capital solutions providers in Egypt and the entire MENA region. We can see that they are moving in the right direction to achieve such a vision. Not only do they provide great results for their clients, but they also make sure to follow up on their services to build a vast base of loyal customers.

Rawaj is an especially unique recruitment agency because of its focus on innovation. They strive to introduce new HR solutions to allow their partners to reach their strategic objectives. Rawaj cannot be viewed as just an ordinary headhunter. Their innovation makes them a fully integrated human capital services provider.

This innovation and performance-led processes set them apart as one of the best recruitment agencies in Egypt. Rawaj is a great option when it comes to business support as well as personal development and enrichment.

Location: Zahraa Al Maadi
Contact: [email protected] / +201281209926 / Facebook / Website

Now it’s your turn. Let us know if we’re missing any special HR companies or recruitment agencies in Egypt in the comments below. If you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience with any of the Cairo recruiters listed above, please let us know in the comments section. Want to get in touch with us? Just click here and drop us a message.


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