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Top Best Real Estate Companies Agencies Brokers Cairo Egypt

Real estate brokers in Egypt are not viewed in a good light. In fact, this is the case around the world. People assume that they are only after the commission. While that may be true for many agents, there are real estate companies in Egypt that put honesty and integrity above money.

To help guide you, we have conducted a survey to identify the best real estate brokers in Egypt. We chose the top agencies by speaking with past buyers and sellers to get their first-hand reviews. We also examined each real estate agency’s experience, properties, speed, and property marketing strategies.

So if you want to rent, sell or buy property in Cairo, the North Coast, El Gouna, New Cairo, the New Capital, or anywhere else in the country, here are the top 10 real estate companies in Egypt.

1Coldwell Banker Egypt

Coldwell Banker has been leading the Egyptian real estate market for a long time. Their history and experience is matched by very few companies. They have plenty of real estate agents that will work closely with their clients to find them the best property for their budget. Based on the feedback of past clients, the estate agents working at Coldwell Banker have great communication skills. They do not rush you into making a decision or needlessly pressure you. They take their time to walk you through all options in a friendly manner and advise you in a professional way. If you are selling or renting out, Coldwell Banker makes sure that your property spends the least amount of time on the market with an accurate evaluation, excellent marketing techniques, and great people skills. They also work closely with Egypt’s top real estate developers and can guide you to the best investment that fits your budget.
Contact: 16223, FacebookWebsite

2Avenues Real Estate

Avenues works with a lot of Egypt’s top real estate developers such as SODIC, Palm Hills, Orascom and Hassan Allam to market their new properties. So if you are looking to invest in one of the many new developments popping up around Egypt, do consider Avenues. The real estate agents at Avenues are trustworthy and do not try to push you for a quick sale. Instead they behave as consultants, which is something that many of their previous clients praised. They have good contacts in the real estate development world and insider knowledge that other brokers in Egypt do not have. They can advise you on which properties to invest in and which to think twice about.
Contact: 19896, FacebookWebsite

3Connect Homes

Connect Homes is an experienced real estate brokerage company in Egypt with what many describe as the best agents. Based on the reviews of past customers, Connect Homes’s agents are honest people that possess a lot of knowledge of Egypt’s real estate market. Not a single past customer mentioned that Connect Homes’s agents made them feel that they were after the commission. This is a very rare result in our survey. It is enough to include Connect Homes among the top real estate companies in Egypt for that result alone. But Connect Homes is more than friendly faces and honesty. They have the knowledge and expertise to sell properties in a short period of time at prices that satisfy both the buyer and the seller.
Contact: +201028099992, FacebookWebsite


ERA is another reputed and well established real estate company in Egypt. They have a wealth of experience in helping people buy and sell property across the country. If you are in the market to buy property in Egypt you are likely to find what you are looking for with ERA. They advertise a lot of different types of properties for all sorts of clientele. They also have sales exclusivity for several developments. If you are selling, then the agents at ERA work fast and efficiently to sell your property. According to past clients, ERA is able to secure a price that you are happy with, and sometimes more than you expected. Many clients praised ERA’s ability to make the entire process transparent. Knowing what is happening at every stage and keeping their clients updated is a successful strategy that ERA follows to make sure their clients are completely satisfied.
Contact: 16452, FacebookWebsite

5LIV Real Estate

People that want to invest in property in Egypt will enjoy the huge number of properties advertised by LIV. There’s a lot of variety in the properties including different sizes and in different locations across the country. LIV has a proven track record of listing properties that prove to be a good investment down the line. Their team of agents are also very good at communication and behave more like consultants than agents in our opinion. Past clients highlighted the agents’ trustworthiness, friendliness, and professionalism. They are able to hold discussions with buyers and sellers with patience and more than happy to answer all questions.
Contact: +201155559917, FacebookWebsite

6BLU Real Estate

BLU is an all round brilliant real estate company in Egypt. They can facilitate the sale or purchase of your property without problems or headaches. They are able to get their clients the best deals without any shady strategies. Their commission rates are competitive and their estate agents are extremely skilled. The team at BLU have a lot of knowledge of the Egyptian property market that few other real estate companies can come close to. Their inventory is wide and varied, and include a lot of great investment opportunities.
Contact: 19260, FacebookWebsite


Byotat has been around for a long time and considered one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt. Their agents are some of the busiest in Egypt. But that does not mean their service is any less brilliant as any of the other brokers in this list. The level of demand for Byotat is the result of a superb team of estate agents, and a huge variety of properties, be it residential or commercial. Both buyers and sellers spoke about Byotat in a very positive way. Particularly regarding Byotat’s diverse inventory which seems to have something for everyone.
Contact: +201022209651, FacebookWebsite

8RE/MAX Al Mohager

RE/MAX Al Mohager is a distinguished and experienced real estate broker. They have plenty of experience in the property rentals sector, and they were praised by their clients with making the process simple and hassle-free. If you are interested in renting property, or want to rent out your property, RE/MAX Al Mohager is a superb choice. This is especially true if you are renting in or around New Cairo. They are also hugely talented in property sales and employ some of the most honest and hard working estate agents in Egypt. This is also one of the fastest real estate companies in Egypt who work tirelessly to bring meet their clients’ ambitions.
Contact: +201094009500, Facebook

9El Shams Eiffel

El Shams scored high on all our assessment criteria making them an all-round excellent real estate agency. They cater equally well to people that want to buy, sell, or rent. They treat every type of customer with the same level of professionalism and honesty regardless of where the commission is coming from. We were impressed with how deeply they research properties and market each one appropriately. This makes their agents quick to spot opportunities for their customers. Finally, El Shams has all the experience necessary for a trouble-free journey, and they do it with a high degree of transparency as well.
Contact: +201003388785, FacebookWebsite

10Blue Rock Real Estate

If you need a real estate broker in Egypt with a proven track record of selling fast, then Blue Rock is perfect. According to our survey, Blue Rock is among top 3 companies when it comes to speed. On average, they can sell your property 1.5x faster than the rest of the real estate agencies in Egypt. They also secure a good price thanks to an excellent marketing strategy which relies on advertising to the most appropriate audience instead of advertising to as many people as possible. Their agents leverage many years of experience operating in the tough Egyptian real estate market to give the fastest and most efficient service possible.
Contact: +201022000961, FacebookWebsite

Now it’s your turn. Let us know if we’re missing a special real estate company in Egypt in the comments below. If you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience with any of the real estate companies listed above, please let us know in the comments section. Want to get in touch with us? Just click here and drop us a message.


  1. coldwell banker is generally good but it depends on the agent you get. my experience was good and i ended up buying a flat with their help but a friend had a very bad experience with an agent who was not patient with him at all. i think all brokerage companies around the world will have good and bad agents so i think the best thing to do is choose from the start who you are most comfortable with.

    • totally agree with u. also check the type of properties they list.. so if there are only new properties then it means the broker is working for the developer (not u) bcoz they have incentives from the developers

      • Correct me if I am mistaken, real estate brokerage companies have contracts and agreements with the multiple high end developers; in the light of such bond, brokers receive up to date info such as units availability and new launches to guarantee providing the optimum residential or investment opportunities to clients.
        brokers provide such opportunities after discussing the clients need, budget and personal plans.
        I agree with you only if the broker insists on offering a certain project or unit.
        also, keep in mind that most of the websites and online search may not be up to date with the latest market updates; from a clients perspective, it is a must to be specific about your need, budget and interests to know which brokerage you should approach accordingly

  2. I’ve checked most of the websites of the brokers listed here and being in the industry for more than 15+ yrs I can say that I agree with most of the choices. But missing one obvious broker called cooing. please check them out and consider them.

  3. Avenues real estate is the no.1 agency in my opinion. they are sooo caring and patient and will show u many options.

  4. I want to invest in Sahel area. Is there a real estate company specialized in this location? I am looking for a company that knows this area very well because the compounds are so many and confusing. I don’t know how to choose one.

    • Investing in sahel could be very risky because you will rent it out in the summer for 2 months at a good price but maybe it will be empty for 10 months in the year. Only invest in sahel if you are sure the property will be used because you don’t want an asset sitting like that for many years. Maintenance is also difficult along the coast. The humidity is very high and the structure needs to be checked often. I would suggest to put your money in property that is easier to rent out long term.

    • Dear kind sir
      I happen to work at real estate company that only work in sa7el locations and we ensure that your property would increase in value along the years and if u want to rent it or anything we do that for you free of charge
      If u need any help just let me know 🙂

  5. Thanks for conducting this study but the real estate sector is very diverse. I think you should make different top 10 lists based on objective and location like below:
    Best brokers for people that want to rent property in etc….
    Best brokers for people that want to buy new homes in etc…
    Best brokers for resale properties in etc….

  6. i dont like brokers. i feel they are only wanting money. my way is to do research alone and make a list of 5 compounds in the place i want to buy in. then i go and see the compounds with a sales representative of the developer and make my own decision. in my opinion this is the best way.

  7. Be careful when choosing RE/MAX. This is a global franchise with many different companies that use the name in Egypt. Each one has different standards, skills, experience, and portfolios. The best one is already listed here but don’t be tricked into thinking the others are the same.

  8. Most of those Real Estate companies are committed to serve the new development around Cairo. I am looking for a Realtor to sell my Luxurious apartment at Midan Aswan in Al Mohandseen city.
    If there is a Real Estate company that dealing with such well established cities like Al Mohandseen, please forward their names and contacts including their Emails.
    Thank you for your well organized site.
    My contact:

    • Hasan,
      Please send email of reliable good agent you find.
      Have an apartment to sell in Mohandessin City

  9. I need help to sell 3 factories that i own located in sohag if anyone can help with that kindly contact me and if u know a company that can help me selling them kindly let me know, thanks in advance my contact details are below

    [email protected]

  10. I have some properties one is a luxurious villa at South academy for either rent or sale , the other is an office space for rent in banks Street, which of the above are perfect getting the right tenant?

  11. I miss a check up of the Real Estate companies on the Red Sea. Many foreign clients buy there and only a few serious companies advise and sell real estate in a legal and serious way. The market has no trust, the websites have the feeling they are made at the kitchen table and any intermediate contracts make a purchase opaque. Companies are like pushers. An assessment of the companies on site would be appropriate and helpful to help the market and the customers. The name and experience of a company says nothing…I will not invest in Hurghada or the Red Sea area until I know who I can rely on locally and with whom the service does not end with the payment of the commission.

  12. Hi
    What if I want to buy anappartment from a broker through aqarmap or property finder , what will be the fees to pay?

  13. Thanks for the useful information on your website I used it to contact all of them and ended by using three of them. Now I’m in the process of selecting one to list a Villa for sale in Mubarak Seven – Hurghada Red Sea Egypt. And will come back here with the real evaluation

    • Hello Reda. Did you manage to find good brokers? please share. Im looking as a developer in Hurghada to sign with reliable and professional brokerage companies.

  14. Hi
    Who’s the best real estate agent for new capital?
    I have a shop in a mall I would like to sell
    Thank you

  15. Who is the best real estate for Red Sea Riviera? Also Newcomer with good reviews? for me are all big companies, what is the the smaller Real Estate companies?


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