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Top Interior Design Companies Cairo Egypt

In recent years, Egypt has seen a boom in interior designers. Plenty are still in their formative years, working hard on building a portfolio and gaining experience. But there are also a number of well-established interior designers that have delivered some of the most beautiful interiors across Egypt and the Middle East. To help you on your interior design journey, we curated a list of the best talent Egypt has to offer. Our recommendations are based on portfolios, experience, communication, ability to deliver on time, and client satisfaction. Hire any of the choices below, and you can do no wrong.

1Hany Saad Innovations

Hany Saad Innovations (HSI) is behind some of the most extraordinary interior design projects in Egypt. They can deliver wonderful interior design services in the residential sector with the same degree of professionalism and speed as they offer in the commercial sector. They have an incredibly skilled team lead by the brilliant Hany Saad. The team is hugely knowledgeable, friendly, and brimming with talent. They will not force any design on you. Instead, they listen carefully to all your requirements, advise you on the best designs, and offer you stunning interiors tailored to your taste and needs. HSI’s ability to communicate effectively with their clients is one of their key success factors. In fact, the vast majority of HSI’s clients are very satisfied with their experience to the extent that 91% of them would recommend them to others.
Contacts: +201287831831, Website, Instagram, Facebook

2Miro Architects

Miro Architects is a Cairo-based architecture and interior design firm that are known to create awe-inspiring spaces for their clients. According to our findings, Miro Architects are leading the way in innovative design solutions. Meaning, they don’t shy away from a challenge. Rather, they relish it and showcase the depths of their expertise and creativity with their solutions. Further, Miro Architects have mastered the intricate relationship between client and designer. They work hand-in-hand with their clients to create beautiful interiors. They ask the right questions and carry out effective conversation to ensure their work is not just fulfilling their clients’ needs but also delivering interiors that act as a source of long-term happiness and pride. In short, Miro Architects stands out as one of the best interior design companies in Egypt thanks to the combination of their remarkable approach, professional team, and a ridiculous amount of creativity. It comes as no surprise to learn that the founder, Mohamed Hazem, better known as Miro, made history by being the youngest designer in the world to win the prestigious International Property Award.
Contacts: +201000015338, Website, Instagram, Facebook

3Eklego Design Studio

Eklego was founded in 2000 by Dina El Khashab and Hedayet Islam. Together, they set out to conquer Egypt’s interior design field, and conquer, they did. Today, their team has more than 70 members with one goal among them – to continue delivering the most awe-inspiring interiors in Egypt. One of their grandest projects is designing Mall of Arabia’s luxurious extension (pictured above). The unique design breathes new life into a tired and dated mall. Eklego is one of the few interior design companies in Egypt that have the ability to create stunning interiors for any sector including residential, retail, corporate, and hospitality. They make it their objective to listen to their client’s preferences, consider their budget and give the most honest and on-point feedback. At times, Eklego has to juggle more than one project but they manage to consistently deliver the same high-quality service to each client regardless of the project size, and approach each project with the same level of professionalism.
Contacts: +201099743207, Website, Instagram, Facebook

4Ahmed Hussein Designs

Ahmed Hussein started his firm back in 2008. Fast forward to this day and you will find that his name is synonymous with high-end luxury design. He is arguably the most sought after interior designer for those seeking the poshest and most extravagant interiors. He possesses a unique gift to match colours, materials and textures to create an opulent atmosphere. The choice of furniture, use of space, patterns—every little detail is thought out. All the walls, floors, and furniture come together like an orchestra playing the muted tunes of luxury that even Mozart would deem worthy. Ahmed Hussein and his whole team are as skilled in their client communication as they are in interior design. According to clients, the entire process is well-defined, transparent and problem-free. When any issues do arise, they are swiftly resolved in a professional way. In short, if you are looking for the crème de la crème in luxury interior design, Ahmed Hussein is your answer.
Contacts: +201222548128, Website, Instagram, Facebook

5Mona Hussein Design House

Mona Hussein is a well-established name in Egypt’s interior design field. To this very day, she retains her undying hunger to create uniquely beautiful and functional interiors. Her passion and commitment are unlike anything we have seen among interior designers in Egypt. She is supported by an ensemble of exceptional interior designers. Each team member draws on the experience and work ethic of their remarkably talented leader. The team are friendly and communicate their ideas professionally. They listen to your requirements and sprinkle their magic to deliver projects that exceed expectations. Several clients appreciate the streamlined and trouble-free process, as well as the speed of their work. Mona Hussein Design House is a versatile company that can work on anything from hotels and restaurants, to homes, retail stores, and corporate offices.
Contacts: +201028588004, Website, Instagram, Facebook

6MB Designs

MB Designs is an acclaimed interior design company in Egypt that was founded in 1995 by the renowned interior designer, Mohamed Badr. Over the years, Mohamed Badr has been hard at work delivering successful projects and gaining a wealth of experience that few can match. Today, the founder is able to attract some of the most promising talents to join his team. He brings out the best of them, unlocks their creativity and inspires them to create gorgeous interiors. MB Designs serves a variety of sectors including corporate, hospitality, residential, retail and commercial. And yet, one thing is for sure—no matter the sector, each project oozes with class. The original designs have the power to make an unforgettable impact. One particularly pleased client stated that the “swanky and luxurious design makes you feel like a million dollars.” But apart from the stunning projects, MB Designs feels more like a family tied to each other, not by blood, but rather a love for art.
Contacts: +201003003797, Website, Instagram, Facebook

7Badie Architects

Badie Architects Top Interior Design Companies Egypt

When it comes to interior designers in Egypt, very few can enjoy the reputation that Mohamed Badie enjoys. He brings fresh, unique ideas to a country where interior design can feel repetitive and monotonous. Mohamed Badie approaches every new project with the utmost level of professionalism and enthusiasm. His company, Badie Architects, are able to create equally beautiful interiors for your home or business. They have the creative flair, technical expertise, and design understanding to deliver truly unique and inspirational spaces. Badie Architect’s clients are blown away with the results. They appreciate the jaw-droppingly gorgeous interiors and the impeccable attention to detail. Badie Architects are one of the few interior designers in Egypt that can perfectly balance practicality and aesthetics. They have been able to reach the summit of interior design with their remarkable communication and management skills, along with their excellent portfolio, talent, and rich experience. In short, Badie Architects can easily rub shoulders with the best interior designers, not just in Egypt, but the whole world.
Contacts: +201010968911, Instagram, Facebook

8Eleven Design Studio

Eleven Design Studio are celebrated for their masterful application of texture, pattern and colour. They skillfully blend the elements to create interiors that are sophisticated and memorable. Their creativity knows no boundaries. They are daring and welcome a challenge. In the end, everything comes together to create interiors that are unique, elegant and functional. The folks at Eleven Design Studio carefully listen to client needs and integrate them superbly into their glamorous designs. They are an honest group of professionals that are passionate about interior design. Among a sea of interior designers that seemingly delay projects forever, Eleven Design Studio is fast. They are responsive, efficient and energetic. In short, Eleven Design Studios produces interiors that will leave you speechless, delivered by some of Egypt’s most experienced and professional interior designers in the industry.
Contacts: +201228088780, Website, Instagram, Facebook


Studio+ creates contemporary interiors with modern vibes and hints of a mid-century modern style. However, they are capable of executing a variety of styles to an equally brilliant degree. Everything they design is elegant and balanced—not too loud, not too minimal. They are masters in their use of different materials, especially incorporating wooden elements. In addition, Studio+ has a brilliant understanding of matching and contrasting colours. Their choice of furniture perfectly fits the style of the project. Nothing looks out of place. All this leads to a hugely satisfied client base that is happy to recommend Studio+ to all. Clients appreciate the easy to follow and well-structured process. The team at Studio+ are capable of explaining their design decisions and how it fits with the client’s vision without enforcing their own agenda. The team is very friendly too. They treat their clients like family, which in turn encourages their clients to feel comfortable and communicate without restraint. There is very little to fault in Studio+, be it in their team or work. This is truly an all-round brilliant interior design company in Egypt.
Contacts: +201061515811, Instagram, Facebook

10DAR Designs

Founded in 2007 by Mohamed El Abagy and Ibrahim Gomaa, DAR Designs is an award-winning interior design firm based in Cairo and Dubai. They are renowned for their brilliant application of colour but also their choice of materials and furniture. They can pair textures with patterns and furniture with spaces to create beautiful environments that reflect their clients needs. Their designs are unique in their aesthetics but practical and easy to live with. Think comfort with flair. DAR Designs follows a tailored approach with every project, recognizing that each client and environment is different. As a consequence, clients are typically thrilled with their experience and the results. One particular client claimed that “DAR Designs know what they are doing… Clearly, they have been doing this for a long time mitigating the chances of any problems arising.” The experience that DAR Designs has amassed since 2007 means every new client is benefitting from years of knowledge and refinement in everything they do. It is a wonderful interior design company that deserves your attention.
Contacts: +201064660099, Website, Instagram, Facebook

Now it’s your turn. Let us know if we’re missing any special interior designers in Egypt in the comments below. If you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience with any of the interior designers listed above, please let us know in the comments section. Want to get in touch with us? Just click here and drop us a message.


  1. its great to see so many interior designers in egypt being recognized globally. this was not the case in the 80s and 90s… the sector was not taken seriously and there was no respect for interior design. most people just decorated their own homes. now so many people i know are hiring interior designers and my daughter is starting up in the field. wishing her and all other interior designers the best of luck.

  2. I’ve worked with many of the interior designers listed here and this is spot on. You really can’t go wrong with any of the names here.

  3. My personal experience with Mona Hussein is excellent. They are super friendly and will recommend the best designs and pieces in any budget bracket.

  4. thanks for the deep research and recommendations bt 2 be honest the interior designers in Egypt r not good…. I feel there is not matching in the furniture and colors

  5. What is the average price to hire one of these professional interior designers to design a 200m flat in a classic style?

  6. Sorry for my ignorance but does anybody know if these interior designers will do only 1 room, or do they only do the whole house? Also, when they show me a design and suppose I don’t like it, do they charge more to show me a new design?

  7. i advise u to make separate list for commercial designers and residential designers bcoz some of them r better in this more then that

  8. I remember working with an interior designer in the 90s to work on my villa and the results were not very good if I am being honest. Since then, my children have designed our properties alone but it is difficult working with contractors. Now, we started working with interior designers again (1 or 2 from this list) and it is a huge difference from my experience in the 90s. The field is now very professional and very streamlined I guess because of the increased competition they all upped their standards. Anyway, my biggest advice is to work with interior designers that also build – turnkey solutions are the best and really give you peace of mind. Good luck.

  9. I cant agree with this article. I think the interior designers in Egypt have a looooong way to go to be considered world-class. Even the best one like Hany Saad is nowhere near companies like rockwell in the states.

    • You don’t have to be a huge design firm based in the west to be considered good at interior design. I think the designers in Egypt are actually extremely talented because they are able to create beautiful interiors with limited resources. The budgets are small compared to other parts in the Middle East like the GCC and we don’t have access to the variety or quality of materials, furnitre, and decor items like other countries. We are a desert country and all our solid wood is imported which makes it very expensive. But the designers do the best with what they have. And you have to consider that historically speaking, there was no demand for interior design services unless you were a commercial entity like a restaurant or hotel. Now the demand is increasing and there’s more interior designers coming on to the scene. We are still in the beginning of the wave and I think with time, it will just get better and better. For now, I think we are doing a damn good job!

  10. I was honored to work with the great interior designer Mohamed Badr. He is very experienced and very talented and very impressive. His designs were much better than we imagined and I think he should be the no. 1 choice for anyone looking for the top interior designer in Egypt.

  11. Hi guys I am trying to reach Hany Sad but they don’t answer so can any1 give me a contact number to reach?

  12. Perfect recommendations but the order is wrong in my opinion
    should be like this
    1. Mona Hussein
    2. Hany Saad
    3. Mohamed Badr
    4. Ahmed Hussein
    5. eklego
    6. Badie
    7-10 is correct

    • Hi Abdelaziz,
      Can you recommend me please one or two of best interior designers for flat (211m) in Maadi.

  13. WHAT!!! where is flair? they are soooo good and much better than many names here. maybe you should check them out. they are definitely top 5.

  14. i want to work with an interior designer but hesitating because my taste might not be the same as the interior designer’s so how do we solve this problem and how much say do I have in the design? I am worried I make a down payment and I dont like the result.

  15. well, my experience with 1 of the companies in this list was not good at all from the first call. I will not say which company because I don’t want to give a bad reputation but all i can say is if you are not comfortable with the people at the company then it will be bad because you need to find someone who understands your requirements and speaks to you in a polite way without making you feel stupid about the things you need

  16. Do what I did and hire a freelance designer online and work with a good builder who can do like 60-75% of the design. You won’t get a builder who will give you the same as the design (at least not in Egypt) and this way you will save a lot of money.

  17. Great recommendations! I totally suppor t the names but consider miro architects. Thank me later 😉

  18. I shortlisted FR partnership, kanjo, and badie but I don’t know who to go with at this point. would love some feedback or advice from someone who has experienced any or all these companies. I did not speak to them yet as I’m trying to decide based on their published work. If anyone has knowledge about them please PLEASE let me know. I will really appreciate it.

  19. It is wrong to rank interior designers because each one has their own style and it is very subjective field. Can the admin remove the ranking and just mention that this is your opinion of the top 10?

    • I think it is totally fine to rank interior designers. Yes, the artistic side is subjective but the speed, quality, time, prices, communication and execution is 100% objective. This list clearly states the selection criteria which is all objective and I think that’s great for customers like me that would have wanted to know more about an interior designer before investing.

  20. Hello everyone, I just wanted to ask if anybody can give me more info about Mohamed Talaat Architects because the company I work for is considering them for one of our new properties?

  21. Check out SM interiors. I believe it is what most people are looking for. A great interior designer with a lot of knowledge and experience with good prices and fast work. Just smooth sailing with SM. You will not regret it.

  22. Congratulations to all the wonderful interior designers that made it to the top 10. I think all the names mentioned here deserve their place and recognition. Their work is really amazing and very inspirational. They all have their unique styles so check out their portfolios and choose the one that matches your style. Like the article says – you can’t go wrong with any of them.

  23. I love studio+ their work looks so clean but my wife is in charge of the design for our new house and she is insisting on eklego. I know eklego is ranked higher but something is pulling me to studio+
    Can anyone give some info about the 2 companies and which one we should go for before we decide to go with eklego?

    • true.. i know a very famous supplier for interiors and he told me he is dealing with 5 names if the designers above and its a deal… the famous designer recommends the co. for the client and this co. give them commision.

  24. My problem with the interier designers in Egypt is as follows… The big companies will send you a young and new interior designer who can not do what you want in reality. There is no experience and no value for money. The small companies have 1 interior designer who is very strong but he/she will do what they want in their head because they want to control how good their portfolio looks. At the end of the day your priority is 2nd priority for the designer.

  25. Guys watch out with interior designers
    some of them are stealing and tricking you without even make it obvious. How? They have connections and relations with suppliers for furniture and materials to choose from them and then they earn commission
    if u dont understand me it is the same thing tour guides do to tourists with the shops in khan el khalili and everybody knows this trick except the tourists
    be VERY careful

    • Actually its not stealing if they’re not overpricing whatever you’re buying,the commission they get is a loss from the suppliers earnings they’re willing to take to get them to deal with them for a long term

    • true.. i know a very famous supplier for interiors and he told me he is dealing with 5 names if the designers above and its a deal… the famous designer recommends the co. for the client and this co. give them commision.

  26. I agree with most of the comments about the situation in Egypt. It is difficult to find an honest and good value for money interior designer here. I suggest you look for a startup company or freelancer who has a lot of raw talent. They will give you the best results for the cheapest prices. But good luck with the builders hehe.

  27. What about
    Hussein Nassar
    Design Avenue
    Al Tarras
    Yasmina makram
    Sherif eltaher
    Aya kheireldin- STYLEHOUSE

    It would also be great to mention the ranking criteria; presence, sustainability, referrals, experience… etc

    And also , why dont you start making top ten; furniture , home Accesories, Remodelling, lighting , and CONCEPT stores

  28. Hello Guys
    I hope you all doing well
    I am looking for a job for my sister she is an interior designer but she doesn’t have much experience , if anyone can help to recommend a company that offer jobs or internships would be good for her to gain experience
    So please anyone who can help, please do it I will be very grateful for the help
    Have a nice day


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