The Best Coffee Roasters and Coffee Suppliers in Egypt

Best Coffee Roasters Suppliers in Egypt

As one of the most popular beverages in Egypt, coffee has become an essential part of many people’s lives. Finding the best coffee roasters and coffee suppliers in Cairo, or the whole of Egypt is important for consumers and businesses alike. Because of its unique taste to its ability to improve focus, people now treat coffee as a daily necessity. Taking a sip of coffee and getting caffeinated first thing in the morning is what gets them going. Besides morning caffeinating, enjoying one’s favourite aromatic coffee in the evening is a moment of happiness of its own.

Finding the best coffee roasters in Egypt can be challenging. In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 of the best coffee roasters and coffee suppliers in Egypt. Each of those coffee suppliers provides its distinct offerings, aiming to satisfy the preferences of their customers. The coffee roasters below were chosen based on their coffee bean quality, value for money, range of offerings, and their overall reputation in Egypt and customer satisfaction.

Let us know in the comments section if you believe we are missing any top coffee roasters in Cairo. If there is a particular coffee blend you think every coffee lover should try, please do let us know in the comments section.

1Dancing Bean Espresso Specialty Coffee Roasters

Founded as an Egyptian-Australian partnership, Dancing Bean is a well-established speciality coffee roastery. With a focus on supplying the highest-quality coffee, they are dedicated to performing all activities with excellence. This obsession over quality allowed Dancing Bean to win the Golden Bean Awards multiple times—the world’s largest coffee roasting competition.

Moreover, Dancing Bean is known for its environmentally responsible business approach. They pride themselves on cutting down no trees to produce their fully compostable coffee cups. Their cup lining is made from vegetable oils and the ink is biodegradable. All of this has allowed Dancing Bean to meet the top environmental standards and become certified by the German Standardization Association.

Not only do they offer their freshly roasted, award-winning coffee blends, but they also offer a variety of coffee treats, equipment, and supplies. From cups and stirrers to Espresso machines, Dancing Bean has everything a true coffee lover can need. Their Loyalty program and eGift cards are also other noteworthy points differentiating them in the market.

On the corporate side, Dancing Bean provides high-end barista training as well as company espresso bar services. Enjoying their delicious coffee roasts as a busy professional is a great way to stay on top of your day. To sum it up, if you are looking for premium coffee roasters in Egypt, Dancing Bean is a worthy enough name to pass by.

Location: 44 Ibrahim Salem, Al Golf, Nasr City, Cairo
Contact: [email protected] / (+20)1211164123 / Website / Facebook / Instagram

2Social Specialty Coffee

Social Specialty Coffee is an SCA-certified coffee supplier in Egypt. They are on a mission to educate individuals about specialty coffee and the real art behind it. Working with accredited farmers and importers worldwide, the firm focuses on obtaining only the finest beans. Their sourced beans are then professionally roasted in a manner that brings out their optimal unique flavor. The roasting process alone has various quality assurance steps with international standards. Speaking of quality, Social Specialty Coffee utilizes state-of-the-art roasting methods that are set by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). Handpicking green beans and determining the ideal roasting are delicate processes that Social Specialty Coffee takes very seriously.

Not only do they offer premium coffee beans, but Social Specialty Coffee also provides a variety of consulting services. From café staff training and quality assurance reports to menu development and branding. Startups can learn the top market standards. Whether it’s wholesale, consultations or even indulging at one of their coffee houses, Social Specialty Coffee is a great Coffee roaster that provides a superb overall experience.

Locations (coffee shops):

Contact: [email protected] / Website / Facebook / Instagram

3Cairo Coffee Collective

Inspired by the rich tradition of the Egyptian capital, Cairo Coffee Collective is leaving its mark in the coffee roastery market. Through sourcing, roasting, and brewing only the world’s top-quality coffee beans, they ensure to provide a coffee experience worthy of the country’s culture. As a result, one would normally expect a superior coffee adventure. Not only do they have a certified sourcing team, but they ensure that all coffee blends are pre-tasted at least 20 times! In addition, their coffee is roasted in small batches and shipped directly to the customer. These measures reassure their clients that they will be receiving nothing short of premium coffee.

Since nobody likes the hassle of ordering their coffee frequently, Cairo Coffee Collective offers a convenient subscription-based service. The process is as simple as it gets: choose the coffee blend, choose a delivery frequency, and that is about it. Another benefit of this service is that one gets to enjoy their favourite “free shipping” benefit! To summarize, Cairo Coffee Collective is a reputable coffee roaster that provides great quality and convenience to its clients.

Location: West Somid, Block 11, 6th of October
Contact: [email protected] / (+20)1554199864 / Website / Facebook / Instagram

4Seven Fortunes

Seven Fortunes is an established coffee roaster with 20 branches across Egypt and UAE. The founders of the firm were heavily inspired by Sufi Baba Budan. This man went on a journey to the Middle East to obtain seven fertile coffee seeds, hence the company’s name.

Seven Fortunes believes that process is the ultimate deal breaker when it comes to coffee quality. Their innovative and adventurous spirit has allowed them to continue coming up with superior product lines. Furthermore, their notably intimate collaborations with farmers and producers add up to their promise of high quality. Not only do they prioritize building sustainable relationships with them, but they also ensure they produce their coffee efficiently and ethically.

Besides their coffee and high-tech equipment offerings, Seven Fortunes provides multiple services to businesses. From baristas’ employment and training to store design and corporate office catering, they offer the full package for all needs. Also, their official website holds valuable “Brewing Guides” that help people make the best possible cup of coffee. In short, Seven Fortunes is a great Coffee supplier and roaster with fantastic quality and beautiful outlets in high-end venues.


Contact: [email protected] / (+20)1554199864 / Website / Facebook / Instagram

5Brown Nose Coffee

Brown Nose is another speciality coffee roaster that provides selective offerings to its customers. They are known for roasting the highest-grade source coffee from the best farms worldwide utilizing advanced technology and craftsmanship.

To uncover their coffee’s flavour potential, their roasting process is managed by professional SCA-certified roasters and baristas. Initially, Brown Nose’s founders had a passion for coffee, which they turned into a mission to source the best coffee beans globally continually.

The convenience Brown Nose Coffee provides is also worthy of mention. Not only can one browse their unique line online, but you can also subscribe to their bi-weekly or monthly delivery service.

On the other side, Brown Nose Coffee is well-known for its support of its partner businesses. From wholesaling premium coffee and high-tech equipment to offering training and support, they are a dream partner to any entity. Ultimately, high-quality coffee as well as a great outlet environment are a staple for Brown Nose Coffee. If you are looking for premium, delicious coffee, Brown Nose Coffee is worth checking out.


Contact: [email protected] / Website / Facebook / Instagram

630 North Roasting Facility

As a multi-award-winning luxury facility, 30 North Roasting is one of Egypt’s leading SCA coffee roasters. 30 North Roastery was able to disrupt the Egyptian coffee industry with its superior quality and customer experience.

Whether it’s their Mexican, Ugandan, or other international roasts, their customers give constant praise for their superb quality and consistency. In other words, 30 North acts as an accomplished storyteller with their global roasts and flavours. Their facilities enable baristas to utilize the most up-to-date brewing techniques and consistently deliver the best coffee drinks.

The roasting facility by 30 North is one of the best in Egypt. It produces aromatic coffee bursting with freshness and flavour. From sorting and roasting to grinding and packaging, each step of the process is performed to the highest standards.

Alongside their website, 30 North holds a mobile app to improve their customers’ convenience even further. On the app, you have full access to their menu, delivery options, and even the different acceptable payment methods.


Contact: [email protected] / Website / Facebook / Instagram

7Blend Coffee Factory

Blend Coffee Factory is another reputable coffee roaster in Egypt. They are considered the first fully automated coffee bean factory in Egypt. With its eye for detail, Blend provides diverse coffee offerings to satisfy the preferences of its client base.

As the founder of Blend, Abu Ghadir’s love for coffee led him to study coffee making at the “Espresso Academy” in Florence, Italy. Today, Blend is not just a top coffee roaster in Egypt. They are widely considered a company that revolutionized the coffee market. They pushed the boundaries of the market with their focus on quality and services, bringing awareness to consumers and changing perceptions in the process.

With over 21 years of experience and 43 awards, Blend continues to stay ahead of the coffee roasting market in Egypt. In addition, implementing the latest technologies and a sustainable environment has allowed Blend to gain the satisfaction of over 30,000 clients. From its espressos and coffee capsules to their Turkish and French coffees, Blend offers only superior quality to its customers.

Location: Industrial Area, New Cairo
Contact: [email protected] / (+2 02)25738092 – (+20)1202099624  / Website / Facebook / Instagram


Utilizing only the best Arabica beans in the world, SeelaZ is a well-established coffee roaster in Egypt. Their thoughtful roasting process is known for producing only the finest coffee. Besides utilizing the latest roasting equipment, they also actively remove chemical compounds that worsen the coffee’s taste. Likewise, the grinding process is treated with extreme caution to prevent their coffee from losing its highly sought-after taste.

SeelaZ started out as a small operation by a couple with a passion for coffee. Their sons did not just sustain the business but expanded it. Today, SeelaZ is one of the leading coffee roasters and suppliers in Egypt.

Their diverse offerings cater to a variety of customer preferences. Whether it is Turkish or American coffee, anyone can find their favourite blend and flavour. It is also worth mentioning that their hot chocolate is highly praised.

If coffee supplies are what you are looking for, SeelaZ also offers various coffee accessories and equipment. The convenience of ordering coffee online and tracking orders on their website is another feature that sets them apart from other coffee roasters and suppliers in Egypt.

Location: New Cairo
Contact: [email protected] / (+20)1007100059 (FB)  (+20)1012350777 (Site) / Website / Facebook / Instagram


Fyngan offers a high-end coffee experience to its clients with its globally sourced coffee beans. Obtaining their responsibly grown beans from only the best farms around the world, Fyngan has become a famous name for its superior quality.

What sets them apart within the coffee market is the breadth and variety of their offerings. With coffee beans grown in Mexico, Uganda, and even Nicaragua, Fyngan exhibits a variety of culturally diverse roasts and blends.

Their mission is to build a community of coffee enthusiasts who view coffee as a storytelling tool – not a mere drink. Furthermore, their website displays brewing guides and coffee blogs to cater to the needs of their coffee lovers even more.

If you are unsure which coffee to pick, try their online coffee match quiz to discover the blend that appeals to your taste. In short, Fyngan is another great choice for coffee lovers with a wide spectrum of preferences.

Location: Maadi
Contact: [email protected] / Website / Facebook / Instagram

10Abd El Maboud

With its first branch launched back in 1940, Abd-El-Maboud is a name most coffee enthusiasts have come across. Since then, they have been an established market leader in Egypt and the MENA region. With their latest technology and huge expertise, Abd-El-Maboud was able to build the largest coffee factory in the region.

At the moment, the firm has one of the largest distribution channels covering the entirety of Egypt. Besides their national sales activities, Abd-El-Maboud coffee is exported to multiple Arab and foreign nations. The undying demand for their coffee is a testament to their quality. Indeed, they have achieved the highest ratings within multiple quality assurance certificates.

It is, therefore, not a surprise to find great amounts of praise from their regular clients. Their partnerships with high-quality coffee bean growers ensure the highest quality possible. Customers can choose from a wide variety of blends from around the world. They source coffee from Ethiopia, Colombia, and Brazil, in addition to their signature coffee from Yemen.

Abd-El-Maboud’s success can be partially credited to their customized blend options under the program name ‘Tawleftak 3alla Mazagak’. This service allows individuals to design their coffee experience to their unique preferences. From the type of coffee to the degree of roasting, one can fully customize their ideal cup of coffee.


Contact: [email protected] / 15525 / Website / Facebook / Instagram

Now it’s your turn. Let us know if we’re missing any special coffee roasters or coffee suppliers in Cairo in the comments below. If you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience with any of the coffee roasters listed above, please let us know in the comments section. Want to get in touch with us? Just click here and drop us a message.



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