Best Burger Restaurants in Cairo

best burger restaurant places in cairo

Cairo’s food scene tends to develop obsessions every so often. While some of these obsessions usually fade away in a matter of months, some are here to stay. One example is the burger craze currently sweeping across the capital. This one looks like it’s going to stick around for a while. Here, in our humble opinion, and in no particular order, are the best burger restaurants in Cairo. Do you agree with the choices? Let us know in the comments box below.


A few years ago, Time Magazine described Lucille’s burgers as the best in the world. Wait, what? It’s true. One of the biggest US magazines claimed that a restaurant in Cairo makes the best burgers in the world! That’s right. Our very own Lucille’s has been killing it in the burger world for quite some time, and they may have been responsible for sparking the craze in Cairo. That should come as no surprise considering how delicious their sandwiches are. If you’re hitting one of Lucille’s burgers, make sure you come hungry because this will be one of the most satisfying meals you’ve had in your life. Amazing.
Where: Maadi
Contact: +20223592778, website

2Burger Joint

This restaurant has been gaining popularity for a while now. Their burgers are big, juicy and very tasty. For those of you who like their sandwiches a bit wacky and bizarre, Burger Joint serves a “Greek Burger” topped with goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes. They also have a bittersweet concoction featuring mango chutney and spinach leaves. We were greeted with smiles on all our visits, and the food was consistently flawless. We’ve never sent anything back here. Well done, Burger Joint.
Where: Maadi, New Cairo (Downtown Katameya), Zamalek
Contact: 16669, website

3The Burger Factory

The Burger Factory quickly became a local favorite when it opened a few years ago. The original restaurant in Zamalek is small but the flavors are big! The “factory” specializes in producing succulent classics alongside some quirky inventions. Love cheese? Go for their “Cheezy Cheeseburger” topped with blue cheese, cheddar cheese and Swiss cheese. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try the “Moroccan Burger” topped with prunes, walnuts, dates and cream cheese. Or just kick back with the “Cowboy Burger” – a classic hit including a thick beef patty, cheese, beef bacon, fried onion rings, and BBQ sauce.
Zamalek, Sheikh Zayed City, Smart Village
Contact: +201001759085, website


Mince has become an integral part of Cairo’s food scene. Many consider Mince’s burgers some of the best in town, and we’d have a hard time arguing otherwise. The options are diverse, and feature a wide variety of flavors. The “Juicy Lucy” is one of their more popular items featuring a cheese-filled beef patty. The “BBQ Special” is our favorite. It’s topped with caramelized onion, beef bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mince sauce and BBQ sauce. Service is generally good, and their interiors are quite pleasant with a rustic theme featuring bare brick walls.
Where: Sheikh Zayed (Arkan Plaza), Zamalek, Heliopolis, Maadi (Courtyard)
Contact: 16885, website

5Butcher’s Burger

For us, Butcher’s burger is all about the beef patty. It’s about the seasoning, the temperature, the fat to meat ratio, the thickness of the patty, and so on. In our opinion, the star at this show is the “Butcher’s Mushroom Burger.” An impeccable sandwich topped with grilled mushrooms, Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, and smokey mayo. And then there’s “The Mighty Bastard” – a 1 KG monster. Go on, we dare you!
Where: Zamalek, Nasr City (Citystars), Cairo Festival City (The Village), Sheikh Zayed (Westown Hub), Sheikh Zayed (Karma Mall), AUC Foodcourt
Contact: +201211113300, website


Burgerque isn’t your typical burger joint. This baby is the only one on our list that boasts an all-you-can-eat burger offer, which we’ve covered here. But if you’re not up for an unlimited burger feast, you can still enjoy a single, juicy, lip smacking burger. Our favorite is “The Brit” – topped with fried eggs, beef bacon, avocado, cheddar cheese, and horseradish mayo. For one of the best sides in Cairo, don’t miss “The Works” – fries topped with melted cheese, beef bacon bits, fried onion and sour cream. Good job, Burgerque. Good job.
Where: New Cairo, Maadi
Contact: +201020990008, website

7Fat Cow

Fat Cow is one of the newer restaurants on this list. But they’ve hit the ground running. The burgers are out of this world. Delicious, juicy, full of flavor and totally satisfying. Granted, Fat Cow is facing a couple of inconsistency issues here and there but surely nothing they can’t sort out. The buns are soft, the beef patty oozes with yumminess, the fries are chunky and hearty. It’s just one big home run. You can even select your favorite ingredients and build your own burger. Fingers crossed they maintain their standards. And having been served by the owner himself, and getting a glimpse of his passion for burgers, we have no doubt they’ll keep up the good work. Congrats Fat Cow. Keep that grill on!
Where: Maadi
Contact: +201016000554, website

8Buffalo Burger

Buffalo Burger is one of the most popular chains in Cairo serving classic burgers. Not too many wacky or bizarre items on the menu here. They do the standard burgers very, very well. If you have a big appetite, you can try the triple beef burger weighing in at a whopping 450 grams. Our pick of the bunch is the “Bacon Mushroom Jack” topped with smokey beef bacon strips, melted pepper jack cheese and mushroom. Another hit is the “Animal Style” burger topped with onion rings, Dijon mustard, and Buffalo sauce. The service was fast and our burgers came nice and warm. Overall, a good experience we’d recommend to all.
Where: Heliopolis, Maadi, New Cairo (Downtown Katameya), Haram, Mohandeseen, Zamalek, Nasr City, Sheraton
Contact: 19914, website

9Willy’s Kitchen

If you like cheese on your burger, and we mean a nice hefty load of it, then you’ll love Willy’s Kitchen. Most of the burgers here won’t disappoint. They’re simply incredible. Love nachos? Go for Willy’s Nacho Burger. Love that smokey BBQ flavor? Go for the Smoked House BBQ burger. Everything is so good, we’re finding it hard to recommend a single item. The service is excellent. The food is delicious. The prices aren’t so bad either. A class act.
Where: Nasr City
Contact: +20223546646, website


Cowbell is a hidden gem in Zamalek for fans of lamb burgers. It’s a cosy little restaurant with a black and yellow color scheme running through. The sandwiches are big, and stacked high with beautiful toppings. We enjoyed their signature beef burger called “The Cowbell” but absolutely loved the “Winchester BBQ lamb burger” topped with onion rings, cheese, tomato, lettuce and BBQ sauce. The chili cheese fries and wedges are the unsung heroes you really ought to try. The sauce on the chili is very rustic and tastes like your granny’s typical homemade sauce. Pretty damn cool.
Where: Zamalek
Contact: +20227374710, website


  1. I think the BRGR truck is one of the best burgers in Egypt compared. Check out BRGR in sheikhzayed and on instagram @theBRGRtruck

  2. How is fuddruckers is not even in that list, it should be on the top. The best place ever made burgers in Egypt

  3. Burgerque is not that good ….. you have to try (Manhattan burger ) ……. and come oooooooooon (buffalo burger ) is one of best 10????!!! How come ???? ……. am afraid that one day Macdonald will be in the list !!!!!!

  4. As always… Egyptians and their exaggeration… I live across from Lucille’s Burger in maadi and I ate at both luculle’s and Burger Joint and the are no where near anything that I ate around the world… Buger joint was onw if the worst I ate in my life and I never returned and Lucille’s is no where near the 1000 top places in the world even…

    PS.: I am Egyptian by the way so in case someo e gets offended

  5. I’m not sure on what basis this ranking has been made, but I think it lack many good brands, I think next time you should do it in a categorized list, like the biggest burger, the one that has a lot of ingredient or staffed one…etc

  6. You should try out the “Kiosk”!
    It would certainly knock out many of the above mentioned burger joints!

  7. I’m not Egyptian and live in London most of the year, of this list I have visited maybe 1/4 of the places. Lucilles is average burger, the magazine which said it had the best burger was referring to the franchise of the restaurant in the US. Buffalo burger (and WIld Burger someone else mentioned in the comments) are just McDonald’s style burgers, just a bit bit bigger, nothing special dont waste your money. Willy’s Kitchen is decent, they have a ‘Nacho’ burger which is a burger patty in a nacho style wrap – not a burger, but tastes nice, worth a try. Burger Factory recently closed in Downtown Mall in 90th Street – I can see why, really average burgers, too expensive, again just like having a Maccy D’s.
    I need to try Mince, they seem a little unique, but actually the best burger so far in Egypt in Burger Fuel – they have a nice light wholemeal bun, good 160g patty which tastes fresh and looks fresh, and have decent flavours.


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