Best Burger Restaurants in Cairo

best burger restaurant places in cairo

If you are reading this, it means you are ready to hit a burger joint or order home. So, if your belly is making those weird “feed me” noises, skip to the list below. Otherwise, here is how we chose the best burger spots in Cairo:

  • Flavor, quality, and consistency of the burger patty
  • Freshness, moistness and taste of the bun
  • Variety and flavor of the toppings
  • Pricing and value for money
  • Service

1Willy’s Kitchen

Big, beautiful, cheesy, sloppy, juicy burgers. That’s what Willy’s Kitchen is all about and we love it! Our favorite is the ‘Smokehouse BBQ’ which is loaded with beef bacon, fried onions, and hickory BBQ sauce. The patties are seasoned to perfection. The buns are fresh and slightly sweet. Service is good but can be a bit slow during weekends and peak hours. Love nachos and want something different? Go for Willy’s ‘Nacho Burger’ – you will not regret it. For many, this is the absolute king of burgers in Egypt and we are not surprised. The burgers are delicious and the prices are not so bad either.
Location: Sheikh Zayed, Maadi, Heliopolis, 5th Settlement, Dokki, Nasr City
Contact: 19256, Facebook, Instagram

2Good Stuff Eatery

Of all the burger joints in Egypt, Good Stuff Eatery might have the best tasting burgers. They have a lovely, smokey grilled flavor that is amplified with the seasoning. It is a bit greasy and sloppy but not necessarily from the fat content as much as it is from the toppings. The buns are fresh, perfectly baked, soft and soak up all the juicy goodness. We love the ‘Good Stuff Melt’ which consists of cheese, sauteed mushrooms, onions, and good stuff sauce. The burgers are a bit small but the value for money is in the flavor of the burgers. They will make your taste buds dance with delight.
Location: Sheikh Zayed (Galleria40)
Contact: +201100001566‬, Facebook, Instagram

3Wow Burger

Tucked away in El Rehab City is Wow Burger – by far one of the best burger spots in Egypt. The patties are juicy with just the right amount of beef to fat ratio. It tastes wonderful when it is served hot off the grill. The ‘Molten Burger’ has a patty stuffed with cheese that oozes out with a little pressure and we are loving it. Toppings are quite standard. They are fresh and do the job well. You can choose the size of the burger according to weight. The buns are awesome. Very fresh, very soft! Overall, the prices are reasonable for the quality and flavors. Highly recommended if you are in New Cairo.
Location: El Rehab
Contact: +201101444533, Facebook, Instagram

4Daddy’s Burger

There is a big variety of burgers to choose from at Daddy’s Burger. Most of them are delicious, especially the ‘Molten Lava Burger’ which consists of a cheese-stuffed patty topped with lettuce, pickles, tomato, BBQ sauce and erm… Daddy’s sauce. Service is not fast during busy times but the staff are extremely friendly. The prices are good considering the size and quality of the burgers. Top tip: if your burger is overcooked or dry, let the staff know and they should happily replace it with a new one.
Location: Sheikh Zayed, Dokki, New Cairo, Nasr City
Contact: 16698, Facebook, Instagram

5Shocks Burgers

The burger truck taking over the capital by storm. Shocks Burgers serves shockingly delicious burgers with a combination of balanced beef patties, flavorful toppings and one of the best buns in Egypt. The ‘Triple B’ burger is a must-try. This yummy burger is made up of American cheese, beef bacon, BBQ sauce, shocks sauce, tomato and lettuce. The service is quick and the staff are friendly. All in all, you get high quality burgers at a moderate price. We can’t recommend it highly enough.
Location: Sheikh Zayed (Majarrah), New Cairo (The Waterway)
Contact: Facebook, Instagram


A few years ago, Time Magazine described Lucille’s burgers as the best in the world. Wait, what? It’s true. One of the biggest US magazines claimed that a restaurant in Egypt makes the best burgers in the world! That’s right, Lucille’s has been killing it in the burger world for quite some time. Lucille’s does the basics really well. Juicy, perfectly seasoned patties that are cooked to perfection. We also love the fresh toppings that add a delicious dimension to the burgers. Give the ‘Mushroom Burger’ a try and you will not regret it. This bad boy is smothered in mushrooms, grilled onions and Swiss cheese. The buns are like cotton-filled clouds and they taste ridiculously good. Prices are a little on the expensive side but not five-star hotel expensive. For the quality and flavor, we would say Lucille’s offers excellent value for money.
Location: Maadi, 5th Settlement
Contact: +201224824845, Facebook, Instagram

7Butcher’s Burger

Butcher’s burger is all about the beef patty. It’s about the seasoning, the temperature, the fat to meat ratio, and the thickness of the patty. The star of this show is the ‘Butcher’s Mushroom Burger’. A yummy burger topped with grilled mushrooms, Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, and smokey mayo. And then there’s ‘The Mighty Bastard’ – a 1 KG monster. Go on, we dare you! In terms of service, the food takes a lot of time during peak hours and staff could be more friendly but at least they are not rude. Prices are slightly expensive for the overall experience but the burgers are too good to keep Butcher’s Burger off the list.
Location: Citystars, Heliopolis, Cairo Festival City, AUC, Zamalek (Om Kolthoum), Zamalek (Iconia), Westown HUB, Sheikh Zayed, Mall of Egypt
Contact: +201211113300, Facebook, Instagram

8Buffalo Burger

Buffalo Burger is one of the most popular chains in Cairo serving classic burgers. They do the standard burgers very, very well. If you have a big appetite, you can try the triple beef burger weighing in at a whopping 450 grams. The ‘Bacon Mushroom Jack’ topped with smokey beef bacon strips, pepper jack cheese and mushroom is our pick of the bunch. The ‘Animal Style’ burger is another great option, topped with onion rings, Dijon mustard, and Buffalo sauce. The beef patty has a nice texture and a well-seasoned flavor that is big on black pepper. The service is fast if you are dining in. Home delivery is usually quick and trouble-free too. Finally, the buns are delicious – always soft and fresh.
Location: Too many to list so here’s a google maps link with all their branches
Contact: 19914, Website, Facebook, Instagram


Fuddruckers’ slogan claims that they serve “the world’s greatest hamburgers”. Well, we don’t know about the world, but they sure serve some of the greatest burgers in Egypt. The patties are wonderfully grilled and superbly seasoned. Our favorite burger is called ‘The Works’ which features hickory smoked beef bacon, sautéed mushrooms and cheddar cheese. The buns are baked to perfection. They are moist, soft, and do a great job at soaking in all the dripping flavors of the patty. The friendly staff are always happy to help you choose the burger for you. It is a little expensive but you get one hell of a burger for your money. Highly recommended!
Location: Mohandeseen, Maadi, Nasr City (Citystars), 6 October (Mall of Arabia), New Cairo
Contact: 16226, Facebook

10Max Burgers

Max Burgers will remind you of McDonald’s. The burgers are similar in size but Max Burgers’ are much juicier and packed with far more flavor. The buns are basic but taste good and the toppings are fresh. Our favorite burger is the ‘Grand Deluxe Spicy Cheddar Burger’ which consists of a beef patty topped with cheddar cheese, jalapeno, onion, a spicy dressing, and a cheese sauce. The staff are super friendly, cheerful, and do a great job at keeping the place spotless. So, if you are looking for a McDonald’s alternative with similarly sized and priced but much tastier burgers, Max Burgers is for you.
Location: New Cairo (River Walk), New Cairo (CFC), Nasr City (Citystars), Heliopolis, Mohandeseen
Contact: 19065, Facebook, Instagram

Now it’s your turn. Let us know if we’re missing any great burger spots in Cairo in the comments below. If you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience with any of the restaurants listed above, please let us know in the comments section. Want to get in touch with us? Just click here to send us a message.


  1. I think the BRGR truck is one of the best burgers in Egypt compared. Check out BRGR in sheikhzayed and on instagram @theBRGRtruck

  2. How is fuddruckers is not even in that list, it should be on the top. The best place ever made burgers in Egypt

  3. Burgerque is not that good ….. you have to try (Manhattan burger ) ……. and come oooooooooon (buffalo burger ) is one of best 10????!!! How come ???? ……. am afraid that one day Macdonald will be in the list !!!!!!

  4. As always… Egyptians and their exaggeration… I live across from Lucille’s Burger in maadi and I ate at both luculle’s and Burger Joint and the are no where near anything that I ate around the world… Buger joint was onw if the worst I ate in my life and I never returned and Lucille’s is no where near the 1000 top places in the world even…

    PS.: I am Egyptian by the way so in case someo e gets offended

  5. I’m not sure on what basis this ranking has been made, but I think it lack many good brands, I think next time you should do it in a categorized list, like the biggest burger, the one that has a lot of ingredient or staffed one…etc

  6. You should try out the “Kiosk”!
    It would certainly knock out many of the above mentioned burger joints!

  7. I’m not Egyptian and live in London most of the year, of this list I have visited maybe 1/4 of the places. Lucilles is average burger, the magazine which said it had the best burger was referring to the franchise of the restaurant in the US. Buffalo burger (and WIld Burger someone else mentioned in the comments) are just McDonald’s style burgers, just a bit bit bigger, nothing special dont waste your money. Willy’s Kitchen is decent, they have a ‘Nacho’ burger which is a burger patty in a nacho style wrap – not a burger, but tastes nice, worth a try. Burger Factory recently closed in Downtown Mall in 90th Street – I can see why, really average burgers, too expensive, again just like having a Maccy D’s.
    I need to try Mince, they seem a little unique, but actually the best burger so far in Egypt in Burger Fuel – they have a nice light wholemeal bun, good 160g patty which tastes fresh and looks fresh, and have decent flavours.


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