The Best Affordable Wedding Venues in Cairo

Getting married in Cairo can be an expensive affair. Wedding venues are charging far too much for their space, especially five-star hotels. In addition, there are many more expenses to consider such as catering, decoration, lighting, entertainment, and so on. But the wedding day is just the tip of the iceberg. The groom is expected to own a ready-to-move apartment, and sometimes gold and dowries can be involved. These societal pressures and a culture of extravagance put a severe financial burden on couples and their families.

Unfortunately, it gets worse. Egypt’s ailing economy, high unemployment rates and the perpetually plummeting value of the Egyptian pound can spell disaster for couples wanting to tie the knot. What is supposed to be a magical event celebrating the love between a couple can seem like a grim prospect soured by talk of money and calculations.

To bring back some of that magic and help couples save some money, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe are the best affordable wedding venues in Cairo. We chose the venues based on value for money, reviews, service, food, and location. Please let us know if we are missing any affordable wedding venues you believe should be included in our article. Or, if you have had a good or bad experience with any of the listed venues, please let us know in the comments section below. Your feedback will be valuable to couples getting married in the future.

1Bayt Al Mansoreya

Thanks to Aya Ibrahim and Yasser Ahmed’s long-awaited nuptials, we were able to track down their fairytale wedding venue. Bayt Al Mansoreya is a family-owned house in a remote location on the outskirts of west Cairo channeling mystical vibes and a homey feel.

The house is rustic with hints of Arabesque designs adding allure to the wedding venue, while a pool takes centre stage and adds a bright touch to Bayt Al Mansoreya. The flourishing gardens make excellent spaces to walk down the aisle and dance until the sun sets on this stunning wedding venue. The flowering shrubs are the perfect backdrop for boho-inspired wedding photos.

After a conversation with the lovely owner, we were told that they have no interest in turning their beautiful home into a commercialized venue. Instead, they are hoping to keep the experience intimate and exclusive. Events do not run every day of the month, meaning that your wedding day will feel truly special and personal.

The starting rate for booking the venue is 40,000 EGP for 100 guests. This includes two rooms for the bride and groom and a whole-day rental of the outdoor space. Couples will need to hire their own vendors. It is important to note that Bayt Al Mansoreya is a private residence, so only the open-air areas are accessible.

Egypt’s favourite Instagram couple, Aya Ibrahim and Yasser Ahmed, have wowed millions of people with their endearing wedding shots at Bayt Al Mansoreya to the point that the owner has reported that their phone would not stop ringing after.

Where: Al Mansoureya Rd, Kafr Hakeem, El Gamaliya, Giza (Location)
Contact: +201222623704, Instagram

2Nūt Boutique Farm Lodge

Nūt Farm Lodge is a boutique venue comprised of stone buildings with an earthy feel. This is one of the most charming wedding venues in Cairo, offering a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. A dance floor overlooks the pool in the central space, while gardens envelop the entire location. Nūt is one of the easy-to-reach wedding venues in Cairo, and their valet service makes the experience better. 

While you will need to find vendors for your wedding needs, two rooms are provided for the bride and groom to get their glam on with the option to stay overnight. Nūt Farm Lodge is a spacious outdoor venue for the bohemian wedding of your dreams.

The arabesque designs and the bridal suites with high ceilings make Nūt Farm Lodge one of the most beautifully designed wedding venues in Cairo. Its vintage feel, clean bathrooms, and cosy ambience are perfect for low-key couples looking to stray away from excessive flash.

You are free to pick your favourite vendors and wedding planner(s) at Nūt Farm Lodge. In terms of pricing, Nūt Farm Lodge charges a rental fee of 70,000 EGP for a party of 100. It is not the cheapest wedding venue in Cairo, but we believe the charming setting and smooth overall experience is worth the investment.

Where: Ahmed Orabi Agricultural Compound, Line 3 North, #1035, Cairo (Location)
Contact: +201200137564, Facebook, Instagram

3Taj Wedding Venue

Taj Wedding Venue provides a pastoral escape with its red brick buildings and luscious grassy fields. Palm trees encapsulate the spacious venue, so prepare to have your nuptials in a nature-filled location on Ismailia Desert Road.

The outdoor wedding venue is a go-to choice for couples looking for a more isolated location to feel the night breeze as they dance the night away.

Taj is one of the newer wedding venues in Cairo, and the owners are passionate about giving the space for couples to have the night of their dreams. Wedding packages for 100 guests range from 25,000 EGP to 35,000 EGP – depending on the couples’ needs.

Buffet prices range from 160 EGP to 250 EGP per person, while the DJs are at no extra charge. Portable AC units and tents are at an extra charge but are definitely a smart choice given Cairo’s unpredictable weather. The party ends at 12 AM but can extend a bit later if guests are too amped up to leave. Unlike most wedding venues in Cairo, Taj provides lighting, removing much of the added cost.

Where: Ismailia Road, KM 33, Cairo (Location)
Contact: +201143359449, Instagram

4Seasons Country Club

With an air of opulence, Seasons Country Club on Alexandria Desert Road is worth looking into as it blends class with grass. What sets the wedding venue apart from its counterparts is its air-conditioned indoor hall resembling a huge greenhouse.

The all-glass tent gives guests a peek into nature with flowers and trees dominating the scene. Picture this: you walk down the aisle while guests stand in the garden marvelling at your beauty, everyone congratulates you while you walk towards the enclosed location and they follow, then you’re transported into a cool haven where the set-up is just as you had imagined.

Seasons Country Club is a smart choice for spring/summer weddings – if you care about your guests enough not to let them melt under the hot Cairene sun. It also alleviates much of the pressure of finding vendors as it offers buffet packages – ranging from 900 EGP to 1,500 EGP per person – tailored to your liking. A variety of stations, appetizers, main courses, and desserts are offered at Seasons Country Club for picky eaters and foodies.

The Cairo Wedding venue has a list of DJs and wedding planners to choose from, making your brainstorming sessions easier and shorter. If you’re opting for an open-air wedding, the garden rental costs a kind 20,000 EGP. For those hoping to escape the Cairene heat, the air-conditioned tent rental is 30,000 EGP. It is worth noting that the music stops at 10 PM, which is a great excuse for couples looking to have a short yet sweet wedding.

Where: KM 18 Cairo-Alex Desert Road, 4 Kilometer from Remaya Square, Giza (Location)
Contact: +201003424226, Instagram, Facebook, Website

5The Grove

The Grove is a sweet and affordable wedding venue with a pigeon tower adding to its farm-like mystique. The east Cairo wedding venue is close to Madinaty, and has understated decor that screams boho-chic with green gardens enveloped in palm trees.

The bridal suites included in the packages at The Grove are a marvel in their own right, with arabesque lamps, romantic lighting, and stone walls adding allure to the decor.

The Cairo wedding venue has three packages ranging from 43,000 EGP to 66,000 EGP accommodating 100-150 guests. Rest assured – The Grove can host up to 400 guests, with extra guests standing at 150 EGP per head. Packages include all your setting needs and a DJ, but you will need to go on a hunt for a wedding caterer.

Where: KM 34 Suez Rd, Opposite Madinaty, Cairo (Location)
Contact: +201113771109, Facebook, Instagram

6Plein Air

Plein Air offers the best of all worlds as it has a massive garden with a gazebo for shelter, an indoor hall, and a pool area. The Cairo wedding venue can accommodate from 100-500 guests, and the green open-air space can hold up to 200 attendees. Portable cooling and heating units take the cake as Plein Air is chameleon-like and promises to deal with any sudden weather changes. While most wedding venues in Cairo have a rustic aura, Plein Air’s decor is modern and its indoor hall resembles hotels.

The East Cairo wedding venue costs 77,000 EGP and charges 670 EGP for extra guests. This price includes renting the space, buffet, and DJ. Decorations come at an added cost and you are free to hire a wedding planner or ask their in-house team to bring your vision to life.

Where: Ahmed Orabi Association, Km 28 Cairo – Ismailiya Road, Land Piece No.662, Line 6 North, Cairo (Location)
Contact: +201221798894, Facebook, Instagram

7Swiss Club Cairo

Hidden away but still in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Cairo, the Swiss Club has been around since the 19th Century and is a great option for couples looking for an affordable, classy venue.

The architecture of the buildings and vast green gardens make the Swiss Club a no-brainer option for couples who want a venue reminiscent of old Cairo’s quaint beauty. The Cairo wedding venue’s three gardens, villa, and lounge area are all available for rent.

Wedding packages for 100-200 guests range from 45,000 EGP to 90,000 EGP – prices include diverse buffet options, a DJ and sound system, and lighting. Flower arrangements and any further decorations come at different prices. It is worth mentioning that the club does not allow guests in the niqab.

Where: 17 El Gihad st off Sudan st, Kitkat Square, Giza (Location)
Contact: +201005714593, Instagram, Facebook, Website

8Cupid Yacht

This Cairo venue is for unconventional couples who don’t mind ruffling their parents’ feathers. Guests can board Cupid Yacht from Al-Manyal and ride into the sunset while the bride and groom tie the knot.

From the outside, Cupid Yacht is white with black portholes. Aboard the two-tiered yacht, there are pink and purple couches, bringing a dash of romance to the cruise. The deck is made of all-glass flooring, which can double as a dance floor.

The Cairo wedding venue is a smart choice for couples who want their nuptials to be short and sweet – the first two hours cost 4,600 EGP with an extra 1,000 EGP for every added hour. The DJ is already included in the package, while the buffet costs anywhere between 50-250 EGP per person. Decorations and a traditional zaffa are at an additional cost but are still at a reasonable total of around 1,800 EGP.

Where: Inside Officers Club, Abdulaziz Al Saud St, El Manyal, Cairo (Location)
Contact: +201201933372, Facebook, Instagram

Now it’s your turn. Let us know if we’re missing any special wedding venues in Cairo in the comments below. If you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience with any of the Cairo wedding venues listed above, please let us know in the comments section. Want to get in touch with us? Just click here and drop us a message.


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