10 Excellent Gyms in Cairo

excellent gym gyms in cairo

Going to the gym should give you pleasure. At times, this can be your second home, your comfort zone, and your stress-free station. Leading a healthy and active lifestyle are the two best things you can do to your mind and body. From state-of-the-art gyms with heavenly swimming pools to local, dynamic dance studios, we round up the best places to get fit in the capital. So no more excuses, Cairo: it’s time to get in shape. Feel like we missed your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

1Powerhouse Gym

powerhouse gym

Here, you’ll meet people from all walks of life. People who love what they do. Where working out is second nature to them. Powerhouse gym is equipped with the latest and best rated machines in the world, including body tanning and in-body machines. It also offers dance and fitness classes with daily opening hours from 6 am to 1 am. An overall brilliant gym for anyone looking to get fit.
Where: Sheikh Zayed City (Arkan Plaza)
Contact: +201095589997, website

2Eight Fitness Club

eight fitness club

Known as “8”, this is the luxurious center for fitness lovers. It offers a ladies gym, MMA, spinning and other fitness classes. This is considered a gym and a training facility with a thrilling and dynamic atmosphere. At “8”, you can get to access the latest line of the best machines in town. The trainers really seem like they love what they do instead of it being just a regular job. There’s passion towards fitness running through 8. They also join Bescletta on their biking adventures around town, which is quite an experience in itself.
Where: Heliopolis
Contact: +201023337060, website

3Gold’s Gym

gold's gym

The world famous Gold’s Gym couldn’t stay off this list if it tried. It’s a favorite for many, many folks around Cairo. Located in at least eleven districts of the capital, the “Nile Gold’s Gym” is likely to be their most popular branch. Surely, this couldn’t be a coincidence as it comes complete with a fantastic view of the Nile. Who wouldn’t want to work out day and night to such a view? Consistent across all their gyms are the world class machinery, and huge number of trainers, and many weight loss programs.
Where: Click here for all branches.
Contact: +20223803601, website

4Smart Gym

smart gym

Smart gym is now open in New Cairo. A little known fact is about Smart Gym is the kid’s corner. A perfect solution for all the mothers who love working out but don’t end up doing so because of their maternal duties of looking after their children. The two opposites that attract everyone’s mind and body are their spa and martial arts. Smart Gym is for those that want to workout with their own gender. Meaning, they have separate gyms for men and women.
Where: Click here for all branches.
Contact: +2001000026947, website

5Body Shapers

body shapers

Body Shapers is one of Cairo’s most beloved gyms. Body Shapers takes an oath to change people’s lives and so far it seems to be working just fine. It’s regarded as the leading fitness and wellness center by many. Though its machines are not as advanced, but its trainers and classes are what guarantee a special experience. They probably have the best dance and fitness classes. They’re very engaging and exciting. The energy in the hall will get your feet moving and get those calories burning off in no time.
Where: Zamalek, Mohandeseen
Contact: +20233020217, website

6Pro Center Health Club

Pro Center Health Club

Straying away from the boring routine of going to the gym, Pro Center Health Club knows its audience very well. It plays on every string to capture your attention. It features a heated swimming pool for the cold days, a spa that offers infinite health packages, and is packed with the most professional machines for athletes who like to keep it casual. Whether you want to lose weight, strengthen your core, or have a personal trainer guide you on your fitness journey, it’s all easy to achieve with Pro Center Health Club.
Where: Nasr City
Contact: +2022604926, website

7True Gym

True Gym

Their specialty is their qualified trainers and Zumba instructors. It’s a four-floor gym with an internal elevator to take you to different “departments”. Each facility is better than the other. The open space at True Gym makes all the difference, transforming your mission to a pleasurable experience. A great place to sweat it out and relieve yourself from the daily stress and struggles of life.
Where: Dokki
Contact: +201111722242, website

8Samia Allouba Center

Samia Allouba

Samia Allouba – Egypt’s dancing queen. An inspirational lady with feet that don’t stop moving. Her gyms have been very popular, garnering an excellent reputation of the years. Even when there’s a big crowd, most people visit the Samia Allouba centers around town, and walk out with a sense of achievement and a nurtured mind and body. The original branch is in Mohandeseen, but recently opened in Americana Plaza (Sheikh Zayed), and other parts of the city. Check it out! You won’t be disappointed.
Where: Mohandeseen, Maadi, 6th of October City, Heliopolis, Sheikh Zayed City
Contact: +201277171110, website



Sorry guys, this one’s for the ladies. Curves is an international chain of gyms with a presence in many countries. They have many branches in Cairo and have been around since 2009. What we think you’ll love? Their 30-minute workout which they claim can burn 500 calories per session. Not bad if you ask us! The trainers are pleasant and will keep you motivated. Classes are also available, including belly-dance and hula-hoop. They are the first fitness and weight loss facility dedicated to providing affordable, one-stop exercise and nutritional information for women only. So if that’s what you’re after, then go for it.
Where: Mohandeseen, Dokki, Maadi, Heliopolis, Nasr City
Contact: +20233059158, website

10Hers Gym

hers gym

As you could have probably guessed, Hers is a ladies-only gym. The gym is quite spacious, bright, clean, and features a spa with a steam room and sauna. What makes Hers special is that this gem of a place is more than just a gym. There’s a spa, Jacuzzi, beauty facilities and much more. The concept is designed around what a woman wants apart from just a workout. Hers is one of the better gyms in Cairo for those of you looking for a complete package away from the prying eyes of men.
Where: New Cairo, Heliopolis, Zamalek, Sheraton
Contact: +201065063000, website


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