10 Excellent Dentists in Cairo

10 excellent dentists in cairo

There are plenty of great dentists and dental clinics in Cairo so it is a shame we can’t write about all of them. Here at Top 10 Cairo, we’ve put together a list of Egypt’s best dentists based on credentials, experience, testimonials, hygiene, technology, results, and more. Whether you are looking for a great hygienist, the best place in town for cosmetic dentistry, or a good clinic for nervous patients, we’ve got it covered. If you have any suggestions or would like to recommend a dentist or dental clinic, please let us know in the comments below.

1Dr. Eman Tantawy

Dr. Eman Tantawy sits at the very peak of dentistry in Egypt, and widely regarded as one of the most renowned dentist across the Middle East. For more than 35 years, Dr. Eman has been treating thousands of happy clients, crafting countless smiles, and leading an expert team at her distinguished Cairo clinic. She balances her knowledge, experience, and personality while offering the highest standards of hygiene and technology to make sure her clients are getting the finest treatment possible. In fact, Dr. Eman’s reputation of excellence attracts clients as far as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

From a medical perspective, Dr. Eman continuously proves to be the best in full mouth rehabilitation, in addition to restoring function and aesthetics. She has superb management in oral surgeries, with particular regard to implant placements. Our study revealed that Dr. Eman’s client satisfaction levels are the highest among all dentists in Egypt. Clients praised Dr. Eman’s ability to recommend the best treatment plan. They also appreciated her top communication skills, perfect personality, and above all, the excellent results of her work.

Dr. Eman Tantawy dominated almost all assessment criteria in our study. For example, no other clinic displayed such effectiveness and strictness in implementing sterilization and hygiene protocols. In addition, very few clinics make use of the latest technology and digital methods as they do here. In short, Dr. Eman Tantawy runs an elite dental clinic. The gold standard of dentistry in Egypt.
Where: Mohandeseen
Contact: +201062078492, Website, Facebook

2Dr. Ahmed Hossam Shousha – Helio Dental Clinic

Helio Dental Clinic is lead by one of Egypt’s most reputable dentists – Dr. Ahmed Shousha. His clinics offer a wide range of treatments supported by a team of talented dentists each specialized in their respective fields. Our technology inspection showed that the latest dental equipment is utilized throughout the practice. Our interviews with Dr. Ahmed and his team revealed a high level of knowledge and experience. Even better, one of our researchers went to Helio Dental Clinic as an undercover patient and highlighted how friendly and professional the staff was. The clinics passed our hygiene tests with excellent results and scored a whopping 92% in our patient satisfaction and trust survey. The clinics are beautifully decorated and create a very relaxed atmosphere that does well to calm nervous patients. Overall, Helio Dental Clinic stands head and shoulders above hundreds of clinics in Cairo and takes our stamp of approval. For an in-depth analysis of Helio Dental Clinic, click here.
Heliopolis, New Cairo
Contact: +201150044446, Website, Facebook

3Dr. Hesham Rashed Dental Clinic

Dr. Hesham Rashed Top Best Dentists Cairo Egypt

During our research, one dentist in particular stood out for all the right reasons. His name – Dr. Hesham Rashed. A truly remarkable individual who seems like he was born to become a dentist. He is one of the friendliest dentists we’ve encountered. And that warmth is reflected throughout both clinics, including a waiting area in the Heliopolis branch that resembles a cozy living room. How’s that to put your nerves at ease? Inspection results for both branches were brilliant with full marks in nearly all areas including hygiene, technology, patient trust, and overall experience. On a professional level, Dr. Hesham is a master of dentistry with more than 20 years of experience and many certificates from top institutions around the world. He is responsible for introducing Egypt to many dental restoration technologies. And with an on-site lab, the clinic also caters to other dentists that require state-of-the-art computerised milling services and digital smile designs. In short, Dr. Hesham Rashed is an excellent dentist that we highly recommend.
Where: Ard El Golf (Heliopolis), CityStars (Nasr City)
Contact: +20224199409, +201221134935, FacebookWebsite

4Dr. Kareem Bakeer – Asnan Dental Center

Dr. Kareem Bakeer - Asnan Dental Center best dentists in Egypt

Asnan Dental Center was founded in 2011 by the brilliant Dr. Kareem Bakeer. When it comes to aesthetic dentistry, few dentists hold a candle to Dr. Kareem. His work is absolutely world-class. In fact, the entire team of dentists offers excellent treatment. Patients are extremely happy with their experience at Asnan based on the countless positive reviews and our time with them. Asnan passed our hygiene inspection with flying colors. The staff follows the best hygiene practices and they even have the best dental sterilization room among all dental clinics in Cairo. In fact, Asnan Dental Center is the only clinic in Egypt that was awarded the coveted COVID-19 Trust Shield issued by the US Department of Dental Departures for medical tourism. Finally, Asnan leads the way in technology. They frequently update their equipment to give patients the latest in dental treatment. In the end, it became very clear to us why Asnan Dental Center is one of the top choices for locals and foreigners alike – the perfect blend of skill, knowledge, and experience.
Where: Agouza, Sheikh Zayed City
Contact: +201017499994 (Agouza), +201013560170 (Zayed), Facebook, Website

5Dr. Mohamed Emad

When it comes to aesthetic dentistry, few dentists can hold a candle to Dr. Mohamed Emad. His work is absolutely world-class. In fact, the entire team of specialists at Dr. Mohamed’s clinics offer an excellent treatment. Dr. Mohamed leads by example. His skills and professionalism is carried through every level of the clinic. As a result, the client testimonials are brilliant. According to our survey, patients are extremely happy with their experience and the results. Dr. Mohamed Emad and his team follow the best hygiene practices on a consistent basis, resulting in one of the highest hygiene scores in our survey. Finally, Dr. Mohamed Emad leads the way in technology. The team frequently updates their equipment to give clients the latest in dental treatment. To summarize, Dr. Mohamed Emad’s ascension to the top of dentistry in Egypt is down to a perfect blend of skill, hygiene, technology, and professionalism.
Where: Nasr City, New Cairo
Contact: 19227 (hotline), Website, Facebook

6Dr. Shady Ali Hussein – Shiny White Dental Centers

Dr. Shady Ali Hussein is a expert in the field of Endodontics, and the founder of Shiny White Dental Centers. His passion for dentistry is on display every time he explains something to his clients, while his skills are showcased in the high-scoring client satisfation levels of our survey. Shiny White Dental Centers is home to plenty of top doctors in various fields of dentistry. Each is remarkably qualified and talented in their respective fields. All the major dental services are offered, including implants, dentures, root canals, pediatric dentistry, scaling, polishing, and much more. Dr. Shady Ali Hussein takes hygiene very seriously. As a result, the dental centers performed brilliantly in the hygiene inspections, coming in the top 5% in Egypt. With regards to technology, the centers utilize the most modern equipment which facilitates a faster, more efficient and more accurate treatment.
Where: Maadi, Sheikh Zayed City, New Cairo, Nasr City
Contact: 19416 (hotline), Website, Facebook, Instagram

7Dr. Sherief Effat

Dr. Sherief Effat is a distinguished prosthodontist noted for his talent, experience, and awesome personality. His knowledge of dentistry goes far beyond typical dentists in Egypt, or even the Middle East. His cool, friendly personality can comfort even the most anxious patients. Dr. Sherief Effat is the founder of the hugely reputable Dental Polyclinic Cairo, home to a host of incredibly skilled and experienced specialists. Everyone at the clinic mirrors Dr. Sherief’s work ethic and professionalism, which has lead to a very high client satisfaction score in our survey. One expat feels “blessed to have found a dentist like Dr. Sherief, and would not consider getting [her] dental treatment done back home again.” The clinic uses the latest technology and techniques, and maintains high standards of hygiene. Overall, Dental Polyclinic Cairo in Heliopolis is a brilliant practice headed by a one of Egypt’s top dentists – Dr. Sherief Effat.
Where: Heliopolis
Contact: +20224180611, Facebook

8Dr. Malak Badawi

Children face a whole different set of dental problems than adults including tooth decay, grinding, thumb-sucking, and dental anxiety. So it’s safe to say that a pediatric dentist must be specially trained to effectively treat the children, and keep the parents satisfied. Enter Dr. Malak Badawi. Her clinic is called Little Teeth and it succeeds in creating a welcoming and secure environment for children, full of colors and artwork. Being a visiting scholar at Indiana University in USA, Dr. Malak brings a wealth of knowledge to Cairo’s dental scene. She is a very friendly and reassuring dentist who takes her time with each patient and family. Dr. Malak is very open to questions, and the kids adore her. Little Teeth clinic also scored very high on our hygiene tests. This is truly one of the best pediatric dental clinics in Cairo.
Where: Mohandeseen, Sheikh Zayed City
Contact: Contact: +2001221711566, Website, Facebook

9Dr. Nour El-Din Mostafa

Dr. Nour El-Din is noted for two distinct features; his talent, and his personality. A dentist that offers the best of both worlds indeed. His knowledge of dentistry goes far and beyond the standard in Cairo, and his cool, friendly personality will comfort even the most anxious patients. The overwhelming majority of his patients praised Dr. Nour El-Din for his genuine care, friendly personality and ability to recommend the right procedures that truly improve the health of your teeth. The clinic upholds the standards we have come to expect from Dr. Nour El-Din. The team is brilliant, the technology in use is modern, and hygiene levels are among the highest in Egypt.
Where: Nasr City, Sheikh Zayed, New Cairo
Contact: 19343 (hotline), Facebook, Instagram, Website

10Dr. Omar El Didi

Dr. Omar El Didi is the founder of The Dentist Clinics, one of Egypt’s few clinics that are ISO 9001:2015 and GCR certified. Essentially, this means that the clinic has been officially proven to be above international standards. Our independent assessment also confirmed the same. We discovered that Dr. Omar El Didi possesses a remarkably high level of expertise. He is incredibly friendly, maintains superb hygiene levels in the clinic, and offers an overall brilliant quality of treatment. His international reach and ability to attract clients from all over the world is a testament to his excellence. Dr. Omar El Didi is very popular among the ex-pat community in Egypt, especially among the British and American communities. Patient satisfaction and trust levels are among the highest in Egypt. The overwhelming majority of Dr. Omar’s clients praised his genuine care, warm personality, and ability to recommend the right treatment. One client went as far as saying, “I will never see another dentist anywhere again. If I leave Egypt, I will fly back for my bi-annual visitations.”
Where: Nasr City
Contact: +201017555505, Website, Facebook

Now it’s your turn. Let us know if we’re missing a special dentist in the comments below. If you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience with any of the dental clinics listed above, please let us know in the comments section. Want to get in touch with us? Just click here and drop us a message.


  1. Definitely a good list. im currently training in germany and dr karim fawzy and many others on this list are an inspiration for egyptians here.

  2. Bassem samir is very expensive but he is one of the best. Shalash is good. Karen is the best for kids. Rami guiha and osman dental are also some of the best in cairo. Overall good list, and good you mentioned theres more you cant cover. But i never heard of dima. Maybe because she is new in cairo?

  3. I totally agree with you raghda, bassem samir is very expensive and the other on the list are very good, also dr dima because I have been there last week for whitening offer, she’s using the highest standards of hygiene and hight tech dental equipment.

  4. I have been to Dr.Dima clinic.. She is the a very talented dentist and her clinic is fully equipped with the highest technologies and a very high standard of infection control.. Thank you Dr Dima..

  5. I heard about Dr. Dima many times & how she is professional. This article encourages me to visit her clinic with full confidence to find the best dentists.

  6. Osman Dental Clinic raises the bar on what one should expect from a dentist appointment. I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Alaa and Dr. Hisham. The atmosphere is clean, modern, and puts you at ease. I walked away from my first appointment completely stunned by the energy, passion, and positivity at this office as well as my overall experience. I actually look forward to my appointments. I’m certain that is not a frequent statement in relation to dentists. I love Osman Dental Clinic so much that I will be flying back for my dentist appointments when I move to Dubai. That is how amazing they are. Hands down… The best dentist office/team in Cairo.

  7. My choice is Dr. Karim Fawzy and I feel very fortunate to have found him. He is an outstanding dentist, dedicated and honest, with a remarkably kind and caring personality. The clinic is pleasant and well-organized, friendly and professional staff, and appointments are kept punctually. Looking forward to my next visit!

  8. Surprised to not find ‘Maadi Dental Center with high rep 30 yrs working with celebs and embassies all over & top notch state of the art tech ,, American dental association cetified ,, recomended non comercial, proffessional & efficient…u can judge for urself @ maadidental.com

  9. U forgot El Badr Dental Center in Nasr City for me the best , I am very difficult for any dentist. But thanks God to find him.

  10. I have tried a few of the dentists on this list and some dentists not on this list and I must say that this selection is very accurate. Good job on doing the research. This is a great guide for people living in Cairo.

  11. Last week isaw one of the worst dentist on ur list Dr mohamed emad whity dental center….deeply commercial,no medical sense in treatements..!bref,bad dentist bad staff….in addition to Dr yosri zarif so so bad!
    After my experience Dr dima Kamel is one of the best dentist in Cairo today..Dr hesham Amer too…
    Certainly idont recommend Dr yousri zarif ,Dr bassem samir neither ODS maadi from this list…!!
    I think u have to do more deep searches to give us perfect list to trust!!
    But it ‘s good efforts to help to orient us to professional doctors in our big city..!thx a lot

    • I have to say whity dental center is not good, I feel they are very commercial and only concerned about advertising because I saw a huge billboard on 6 october bridge and it is very strange to see a dentists spend so much for this. but i disagree 100% about Dr Yousri Zarif because he is to dentistry in egypt what Dr Magdi Yacoub is to heart surgery. he is number 1 without question. and if you ask anyone they will tell you the same. also Dr Bassem Samir i think is the next Dr Yousri Zarif in egypt. I say u must go visit Dr Bassem to understand really how good his work is. And again you are completely wrong about osman dental clinic because they are also the very heavy dentists in egypt and they are USA trained and recommended by the US embassy in Cairo for foreigners. I really don’t know where you get your information but my family and friends all go to Dr Bassem Samir OR Dr Hesham/Alaa (from osman dental) and everyone goes to Dr Yousri Zarif the King of dentistry when it is a more serious case related to the JAWS (elFak in aarabic). i trust this list and very good job to this website. 100/100.

  12. I’ve been seeing Dr. Bassem for years and have been very pleased with their dental work. All of their dental hygienists and staff have been great too.

  13. Unfortunately, Arabs idealize and bow to persons. Over all, the system has a long ways to develop to meet the needs of the people. What good does it do if most Egyptians can not afford dental care. When you see Arabic movies you wonder even if they have a dentist. I want to open a dental clinic for the average person. I am not a dentist though. I would like to see companies in Egypt manufacturing dental implants and also developing the pharmaceutical industry. Every other person in Egypt is BASH MUHANDESS!! It is time to wake up and try to catch the passing train!

  14. Good to see Dr. Hazem on this list. He really deserves it, i have not visited a beter dentist in egypt before and i also recommend him. he is very trustworthy. Mabrouk and good luck ya doc.

  15. I went to Dr Bassem based on the recommendation of this page and i have to say it was a great experience even though i didnt get my treatment from Dr Bassem himself.

  16. Definately Helio dental – Dr. Ahmed Shousha is the best, very patient and talented and very clean

  17. I didn’t visit the doctors on the list except for Dr. Bassem, he has a great attention to detail and takes care to explain things to me in a way I can understand. The staff has always been very, very nice to me. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional dentist.

  18. I went to Dr. Basem Samir once based on this list and he is so good but a little bit expensive, and my mum used to visit Dr. Neviene Bishay and she says there is much better in Egypt.

  19. Dr. Dima is rly excellent but my only problem is sometimes i feel she is rushed to see the next patient. i know she is talented but i feel when doctors work fast they can make a mistake or miss something important. i dont know just my opinion…..

  20. Great to see Dr. Hesham here. He is the best dentist I’ve ever had. Before going to him I had a really bad experience with my previous dentist and I always got really bad anxiety when going for fear of having a sore mouth for days. Dr. Hesham is sensitive to anxiety. He does a complete oral exam, testing for stuff my previous dentist had never even mentioned. I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone who mentions they are looking for a new dentist. His staff is also super friendly always and I leave there feeling great every time.

  21. I have been visiting Dawi clinics specially dental clinic in Maadi with the best doctor i have ever seen .
    i recommended them to any one wants smart doctors with clean tools and clinic .

  22. I have been visiting Dr. Bassem since he had only the dokki clinic when I was a little child. The only place in Egypt you were guaranteed to see an actor hahaha! But realistically he is a great doctor. I wouldn’t even try another dentist. He has a great character and his success is no surprise.

  23. Dr. Bassem Samir is awesome! He sits & talks answers every question, and never acts rushed. I recommend him to everyone in sheikh zayed.

  24. This article is very well written and researched. Does anyone know who made this because I am looking for someone to do similar work for me/

  25. Dr. Malak is without doubt the best dentists in Egypt for kids. My son went to her and today he has perfect teeth. Never needed a dentist again except for checkups.

  26. I am never going to visit an Egyptian dentist again in my life. In my 20s, I visited at least 5 different dentists to treat a long-term problem I had. 3 years ago, I moved to the USA and visited a dentist here who was shocked at the big mess by Egyptian dentists. It took only a few visits and a minor surgery and my problem started disappearing. IF you are reading this and you are lucky enough to go out of Egypt, please do yourself a favor and see a dentist from the west.

  27. After reading this list, I tried Dr. Dima and Dr. Bassem. I will be honest and as respectful as possible – Dr. Dima is nothing compared to Dr. Bassem. I went for a check up before an implant and felt in safe hands with Dr. Bassem. Yes, he is expensive but I would prefer to pay extra to be in safe hands.

  28. I went to Dr. Bassem after reading this article and I gotta say beautiful clinic, incredible service from all staff, and high tech equipment. Who knew a dentist experience could be that positive!! Highly recommend.

  29. I visited Dr. Hesham Amer Clinic the place was beautiful, the staff was all very nice. Dr. Hesham was everything you’d expect in a great dentist, he knew what he was doing and was very kind.

  30. which ever dentist you choose to go to … stay away from whity dental clinic. this clinic is a JOKE.

  31. I have to agree with other comments about Dr. Bassem. His team are top-notch. They’re professional, helpful, and the clinic is clean and comfy. My only negative is the clinic can feel cramped and over crowded.

  32. من فترة وديت بنتي لدكتور ملك واتبسطت جدا العيادة كلها ألوان ومميزة والدكتور كمان عسولة اوي خلت بنتي مش خايفة خالص

  33. فعلاً دكتور ديما ودكتور باسم يستاهلو الاتنين كويسين جدا ومستوى النضافة عندهم عالي اوي

  34. ususally i dont do these reviews but after my experience i have to share… so i have a huge fear of going to the dentists. but i chose to go to dr. bassem thanks to this list and when i went in the receptionist noticed i was scared and she calmed me down and offered me a drink. the rest of the visit was great and the team of doctors were so friendly and tried their best to distract me.

  35. I can’t speak about others on this list except for Dr. Hazem Beltagy. This clinic looks great and has young workers that are energetic and friendly. However, it is quite apparent that they unnecessarily cross sell procedures. Unfortunately, they told me that I need a filing replaced that had never bothered me as a preventative measure. They drilled too deep, killed my nerve and then I needed a root canal and crown as a result. I can’t believe they are actually one of the best in Egypt. With the unethical way the treated me, I would put them on a list featuring the worst dentists in Egypt.

  36. For me, Dr. Hesham Rashed is the best. Love this place. Clean, comfortable, with very knowledgeable staff. I have fairly modest dental needs (cleanings and checkups mostly) but couldn’t ask for more. Love Dr. Hesham – he’s the best!

  37. For me the most important thing is the dentist knows what he is doing. I once went to a dentist in zamalek but I forgot his name and can you believe that he started googling my case on his computer right in front of me! WOW!! So according to this list, Dr. Bassem seems to be the best. I will give him a try and let you guys know how it went.

  38. Go to Dr. Yousri Zarif without even thinking about it. He should be number 1. Actually he should be number 1, 2, 3….

  39. Totally agree with this article. Can’t say enough about how good Dr. Bassem Samir is. He explains things carefully and patiently, giving you what you need to make an informed decision. I highly recommend him.

  40. I am not lucky with dentists because everytime I go to one he seems to ruin my teeth even more and I have tried many of the dentists on this list so here is my feedback –
    Dr. Hisham Osman is difficult to judge because he is great on paper and has a lot of experience but my teeth still have problems even after multiple visits to him
    Dr. Hazem Elbeltagy is he worst in my opinion. I paid a lot here and my teeth went from bad to worse. My biggest regret!
    So my final question: does anyone know a truly great dentist? I hear Dr. Yousri Zareef is the best. Can someone confirm?

  41. دكتور باسم سمير من احسن دكاترة الاسنان في مصر انا روحتله والعيادة نضيفة جدا وهو شاطر اوي انا برشحه لأي حد بعد زيارتي ليه

  42. Osman Dental Clinic is an awesome place to get my dental needs taken care of. The place is clean and the people there are friendly, knowledgeable and professional

  43. شكرا ليكم على المجهود ده فعلا مجموعة من افضل دكاترة الاسنان في مصر انا شخصيا كان ليا تجربة هايلة مع دكتور حازم البلتاجي

  44. Dr. Neviene Bishay has been in business for past 15 years in Canada. Her work is exquisite. She did my veneers and they look so real! I recommend her to anyone. She is super duper professional!!!

  45. I have never been to a better dentist in Egypt really! You feel like you are in Vegas or los Angelos!
    Dr. Neviene is certainly the best in Egypt. Her office and staff are very professional and friendly. Her office is very cool with beautiful colors. She also has a studio to take pictures and videos for before and after. I really recommend it to everyone

  46. Dr. Nevine has a lot of positive energy I was scared and she made me feel great I did not feel her giving me the needle even she is perfect

  47. Dr Bishay has great prices although she is in Zamalek but for the service you get you should pay a lot more

  48. بالتوفيق دكتورة نفين وديما من نجاح لنجاح فعلا تستاهلى تكونى من الافضل

  49. دكتورة نفين بشاى فعلا ممتازة جدااااا
    والعيادة جميلة جدااا ومميزة بالوانها الهادية والموسيقى الراقيه فعلا مريحة للاعصاب دة غير ان التعامل فى المواعيد هايل كأنك مش فى مصر اصلا
    والدقة فى الكشف والنضافة بصراحة كل حاجة حلوة

  50. دكتوره نيفين بيشاي فعلا برائي افضل دكتوره في مصر
    عياده جميله
    تعامل مريح كل شئ يؤدي الي الراحه التي يحتاج لها المريض
    شكرا جدااا

  51. دكتوره ممتازه جدا ما شاء الله عليها
    والمكان نضيف جدا وطريقه التعامل مفيش احسن من كدا ?
    وشاطره جدا ربنا يباركلها وديما ف تفوق يارب ??

  52. I had Hollywood smile (full veneers on my teeth) at Dr. Bishay office and I was not comfortable getting them done in Egypt. But when I went to her office, I felt like I was in California! Super beautiful and clean office and amazing staff! And perfect Dentist! All what you need in a dental office. I highly recommend her to anyone.

  53. I had, like always, an excellent experience with doctor nevine I always feel I’m in the best hands taking care of my smile

  54. Eve Dental Clinic is the best clinic I tried for my kids in Maadi, cute professional lady doctor and reasonable prices.

  55. عملت حشو عصب في عيادة دكتور باسم سمير من 6 شهور وبصراحة تجربتي معاه كانت كويسة واكيد هتابع معاه على طول

  56. It was my first time to visit Dr. Bassem Samir Clinics and I’m very happy with the staff, everyone is professional and courteous!

  57. Dr. Ahmed Shousha always does an excellent job. As much as I do not like going to the dentist, he makes the experience very enjoyable.

  58. دكتور هشام في منتهى الاحترام وشاطر جدا يستاهل يبقى في القايمة دي بجدارة

  59. Really Dental Care made the hard equation,
    To get the high quality with a reasonable price within adequate time through high end equipment operated by professional team
    Thank you Doctors, assistances, admins & even office boys for your hospitality & efficiency
    And sure our best regards & blessings to the team leader, Dr. Tamer Badr the professional surgeon the talented dentist the clever problem solver & the kind brother
    Go ahead .. wishing you all the best 🙂

  60. I am searching for a professional orthodontist who knows what he/she doing, I did a research I can see Mangoury Dr.Yehia Moustafa (not on the list), ODC and Hesham Amer, I need reviews if any one has a previous experience.

  61. Dental Point – New Cairo- Dr. Moustafa Kotb (founder). He has an excellent team of doctors working along side of him. Over the past year I have had many procedures done and all executed to a very high standard. The clinic itself is extremely hygienic and the team is very friendly and professional. Everyone I recommended them to have been very happy with their treatment.

  62. Honestly, I don’t trust Egyptian dentists if you have a major problem unless it is with Dr. Yousry Zarif. Otherwise, please don’t get treated in Egypt since the problem can get worse and they will fleece you. If you need a regular cleaning session, Egyptian dentists are fine.

  63. Great to see Doctor SHERIEF EFFAT finally make it to the top 10. He is amazing and fully deserves his spot on your list. Mabrouk ya DOC.

  64. Dr. Hesham Rashed is so friendly and perfect. I am so happy for years visiting his awesome clinic. I recommend him to all…..

  65. how did u choose the top dentists? please b clear with methodology. Can u explain why barsoum is not in the list???

  66. I was very skeptical to visit Dr. Nour El Din because of the amount of advertising he does. But I was very happy when I visited him. He’s actually a lot more humble than his ads portray him to be. He’s very knowledgeable and patient. Couldn’t recommend him enough.

  67. My wife says many great things about Dr Malak Badawi and our daughter is not scared of dentists any more .

  68. I have been trying 2 get in touch with CDC (DR. tarek hosni) for so many hrs and nobody answers. does anybody have a number that is working?

  69. Dr. Mohamed Emad is not very professional. He keeps everyone waiting for too long and I don’t think he has the experience or reputation to warrant this “late to work” attitude.

  70. looking for a top dentist that can speak French fluently because my sister will be coming to Egypt for her treatment and her Arabic is not good.

  71. This isn’t about the dentists but I wanted to ask about root canals. I have to get one done and I’m very nervous. Can anyone tell me about their experience and what I can except? Thank you

  72. Dr Eman Tantawy is the best very passionate and caring and really made sure we were satisfied i wouldnt hesitate recommending her to anyone

  73. Dr. Hesham Rashed is definitely the best. I did my veneers at his clinic 8 years ago . Till now they still look the same ,good as new. He is very professional, punctual, and non-commercial.

  74. I tried hossam Rashed and yousry zareef, both are fine, maybe a little overpriced but affordable.
    Then I tried Tooth Fairy Dental Clinic doctor sherif zakhary as recommended by a friend.. he is very nice and precise and makes me feel like I’m his friend, calls the best day to make sure I’m feeling better and gave me his personal number in case of an emergency to call him anytime.. his clinic is not as fancy , but super clean and quiet. Plus he give guarantee on all his work for 10 years .. idk I just loved this guy and my daughter too.


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