10 Best Places to Have Breakfast in Cairo

best breakfast places cairo

There are a lot of places to have breakfast in Cairo but not all of them are worth your hard earned money. Our survey aims to reveal the best breakfast in Cairo based on the food and coffee, prices, ambiance, and service. So without further ado, here are Cairo’s top spots for breakfast.

130 North

If your idea of the perfect breakfast consists of great coffee and tasty desserts then 30 North is the place for you. Freshly brewed coffee prepared in different ways is what makes 30 North unique. The Portuguese coffee impressed us with its citrus twist, and the Vietnamese coffee is prepared right in front of you in true Vietnamese fashion. The desserts are out of this world. Noteworthy options include the cheesecake, banoffee tart, and the lemon tart. The service is excellent and the waiting staff are extremely polite and helpful. The prices are good considering the quality and the high-end locations. Overall, 30 North is a wonderful experience and easily one of the best breakfast spots in Cairo, if not Egypt.
Location: Sheikh Zayed, Zamalek, Mall of Arabia (Gate 13)
Contact: +201203823030, FacebookInstagram


Zooba needs no introduction. They won over our hearts with their take on traditional Egyptian street food, fun branding, and affordable prices. Their branches are popping up all over Egypt. Even New York has a Zooba branch! The ful (fava beans) and taameya (falafel) in all their varieties are yummy. The oriental sausage is amazing. The liver is delicious. The melted roumy cheese is to die for. Everything is spot on. Egyptians love it, foreigners rave about it. It is without a doubt, the best place to have an authentic Egyptian breakfast in Cairo.
Location: Zamalek, Nasr City (Citystars), Heliopolis, Maadi, 5th Settlement (Downtown Mall), Sheikh Zayed, Rehab
Contact: 16082, FacebookInstagram


Ovio is a brilliant place to have breakfast in Cairo if you are a fan of pancakes, fresh pastries, and great coffee. They also offer many egg options including a delicious eggs benedict with salmon. The omelette is equally delicious, as is the Morning Toast which features scrambled eggs on toasted bread, roasted herb mushrooms, onions, parmesan, pine nuts, and a drizzle of pesto. This is one of the few breakfast spots in Cairo that has maintained its standards and even improves gradually over time. That means with every visit, the experience gets better regardless of the branch. The interiors are beautifully decorated and the service is very good. Prices are a little bit expensive but given all the plus points mentioned, we think it is a good deal.
Location: Sheikh Zayed, Maadi, New Cairo
Contact: 19801, FacebookInstagram

4Il Mulino

If you have been to Il Mulino then you probably know that they have one of the best bakeries in the whole country. The baked goods are so fresh, balanced and incredibly tasty. There are so many varieties to choose from. Pick your favorite croissant, order a coffee, and chill out. It is that simple. Or if you have a big appetite, we recommend “Il Mulino Breakfast” for an all-round experience of their best hits. You will get brilliant coffee, juice, a croissant or brioche from their famous bakery, and an omelette along with a bread basket. If that is too much, give their scrambled eggs a try. They are fluffy and cooked to perfection. Another great egg option is the mushroom and parmiggiano omelette which is served with oven-baked potatoes. The service is excellent and the prices are pretty good.
Location: Maadi, Heliopolis
Contact: +201223288854, FacebookInstagram

5Marny’s Co

Marny’s is one of the best performing breakfast spots in our survey thanks to their amazing baked goods, delicious pancakes, relaxed ambiance, and super friendly staff. The plain croissant and the bread basket shows off how good their bakery is. The croissant sandwiches are equally impressive. In particular, the feta cheese, olives, cucumber, and thyme. The pancakes are moist, fluffy, and perfectly sized. Our favorite is the apple pancakes which features cinnamon, caramelized apples, and caramel sauce. We also found the maple syrup to be of higher quality than at other restaurants in our survey. The ambiance is quite, cozy and features a lot of warm tones. Prices are average considering the quality of the food. In short, if you are in Maadi and you are looking for a relaxed breakfast spot that serves all-day breakfast and delicious baked goods, Marny’s is for you.
Location: Maadi
Contact: +201020255555, FacebookInstagram


Miette is a french style eatery with a wonderful bakery that serves what many locals will describe as the best croissant in Egypt. The cheese options are delicious, as are the sweet varieties including the pain au chocolat and the almond croissant. The omelettes are beautifully cooked and served with a tasty salad and potatoes. The superior taste and quality of the coffee is another reason that Miette earns a spot among the best breakfast spots in Cairo. Favorites include Miette’s After 8, American Coffee, and French Coffee. Miette features a warm and cozy atmosphere with friendly staff that greet you with a smile. The prices are average given the quality and locations.
Location: Maadi, Zamalek
Contact: +201026951997, FacebookInstagram


Qahwa is a very popular breakfast spot in Cairo thanks to its delicious range of omelettes. The mixed cheese omelette is stuffed with a mix of red and white cheddar and served with an English muffin, salad, cherry tomatoes, mushroom and potatoes. We also recommend The Garden omelette which features onions, tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms, and cheese. In terms of coffee, the cappuccino is the star of the show. Qahwa’s branches are very busy at all times so be prepared to wait for a table but once seated, you will be rewarded with great food and good service.
Location: Sheikh Zayed (Arkan), 6 October (Mall of Arabia), 5th Settlement (The Waterway), Heliopolis (Tivoli)
Contact: +201208189235, FacebookInstagram

8Brioche Dorée

Brioche Dorée is a French chain of Bakery/Cafe restaurants. The standout breakfast options include a divine Spanish omelette, a gorgeous range of viennoiseries, sublime stacked pancakes, and Egypt’s best french toast with berries. Everything is prepared with great attention and made with the highest quality ingredients resulting in a great tasting breakfast. The coffee is strong and gives you the required kick you need in the morning. The waiting staff are helpful and courteous but service can be a little bit slow during peak hours.
Location: 6 October (Mall of Egypt), 6 October (Dandy Mall), Zamalek, Maadi (City Centre Maadi), Nasr City (Citystars), 5th Settlement (CFC), 5th Settlement (Downtown Mall)
Contact: +201278695371, FacebookInstagram


If you love pancakes, you will love BRIX. The pancakes are light, fluffy, moist and perfectly cooked. We recommend the mixed fruits, berries and maple syrup pancake. There is also a wonderful Nutella pancake for you Nutella worshipers out there. If you love omelettes, you will also love BRIX. The pick of the bunch is the classic bacon and cheese omelette. We also highly recommend the Santa Cruz Omelette. And there are many more reasons to love BRIX including the fast service, friendly staff, great coffee, and fresh juice.
Location: 5th Settlement (CFC)
Contact: +201224008980, FacebookInstagram


Bubblicious is one of the few breakfast spots in Cairo that offers bubble tea. The bubble tea is good but the pancake is the real hero here. They are perfectly soft and fluffy and taste delicious. The blueberry pancake will leave you speechless. We also highly recommend the eggs benedict which consists of poached eggs, beef bacon, hollandaise sauce and English muffin. Bubblicious is a cute and cozy little place which means it can be loud during peak hours. But the staff remains friendly and accommodating at all times. Overall, this is a top choice for a memorable breakfast in Cairo.
Location: Zamalek
Contact: +201223399909, FacebookInstagram

Now it’s your turn. Let us know if we’re missing any great breakfast spots in Cairo in the comments below. If you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience with any of the restaurants listed above, please let us know in the comments section. Want to get in touch with us? Just click here to send us a message.


  1. That breakfast from Lucille’s makes my mouth water! I spent 5 years in Egypt and I can personally vouch for her restaurant being #1 ……regardless of what meal you are ordering. Every meal is a treat. She has the best Chefs in Cairo !!

  2. I am a bit disappointed at Lucille..
    They used to be 110% American delicious.. but last time i was there the food was bland, i mean tasteless, it had no soul! The burgers tasted similar to the fajitas and almost identical to the pastas..
    What happened? Can you bring it back again? Pleeeese?

  3. Wandering the streets of Zamalek, as I am a half blooded (French/Egyptian), I tend to love driving to zamalek and then simply walking without anyone annoying me in the streets. I recently discovered a place, that might be the cutest, smallest that I have ever found in Cairo that serves Breakfast ALL DAY LONG (Yaaaaass!). Bubblicious! 6, Ismail Mohamed street, after Hardees. You absolutely need to give it a try and let people know about it. 🙂

  4. I’m very disappointed by the above list, all the list except zooba don’t serve Egyptian food! and Even Zooba is very expensive and very low value for Money.
    If you need to explore the real egyptian breakfast, delicious, original, served by heart go to Fool and ta3mia Car. I myself prefer Bashandy. their you will meet real Egyptian not fake ones 😉

  5. FYI, you are supposed to link the website, where instead it just says “website.” Try to provide information instead of implying that the information exists somewhere 😀

    • sorry, now that i’m on my computer i see the links 😛 i’ll go try the restaurants now, thanks for the list 🙂


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