The Best Agencies in Cairo To Handle Your Social Media

best social media agencies in cairo

Egyptians are very familiar with social media. We use it to trigger revolutions, we use it to share the latest news with our friends, and in business, we use it for marketing. Agencies in Cairo quickly took advantage of the new opportunity and added social media marketing to their services. Some agencies went as far as making social their main focus. The idea is to outsource this seemingly daunting part of your marketing plan to a specialized firm. One that knows how to win online. We’re here to lift the curtain on the top 10 agencies in Cairo to handle your social media.

The agencies were selected based on their proven ability to identify effective social media strategies, develop comprehensive social media campaigns, and execute the campaign to achieve desired goals. Various factors are considered when evaluating these agencies, including client reviews, past experience, pricing, market presence, and focus on social media marketing.



A shining example of what a social media agency should be, and one that can rub shoulders with the world’s finest. Rekoya is the undisputed king of results. You get more bang for your buck here than with any other agency. Good prices, big ideas, and crazy viral campaigns. They’re the brains behind some of the most successful digital marketing activities in the MENA region. Even though they have huge clients such as RAYA, Spacetoon, Knauf, Ulker, DeFacto, and Toyota, these guys remain humble and refreshingly honest. They don’t play games or make false promises. They pick a good strategy, follow it through and stay on top of it until you feel that sweet cash return. Rekoya is made up of a talented team of strategists and creatives who know the Middle Eastern markets inside out. And to top it off, our research revealed that Rekoya’s campaigns have the highest rate of sharing, and lowest cost per engagement in the Middle East. Simply put, their strategies, value for money, client reviews, and highly personalized service makes Rekoya our favorite agency and pick of the bunch.
Where: Villa 16, 1st Touristic Village, 6th of October City
Contact: +201200097580, Website, Facebook

POD Egypt

POD, which stands for Point Of Differentiation, describe themselves as a PR agency – but in reality they do much more than PR. They offer social media management under their digital marketing services. While they don’t specialize in social media as other agencies do, they’re still pretty good at it. It’s the people they’ve got working there that gives them an edge. They’ve brought in all sorts of media professionals together in an attempt to offer a 360 marketing solution. Speaking purely about social media, their strategies and campaigns are decent, prices are slightly on the higher end of the spectrum, and client reviews are generally positive. It’s worth noting that they’ve been around since 2015, so they’re not very old but they’re off to a great start!
Where: Dokki
Contact: Website, Facebook

Fifth Dimension – 5d

5d annual outing in Katameya Heights

Located in Maadi and overlooking the Nile, 5d is as special as the river that flows beneath it. Their social media campaigns are creative, unique and perfect for the Egyptian market. They have plenty of big clients including Danone Group, Nestle, Heinz, Hero Group, Eva Pharma, and much more. Clients highlighted their effective strategies, fair pricing, strong communication skills, and an ability to seamlessly integrate apps and games with the rest of their marketing efforts. Speaking of gaming apps, 5d really shines in this department – possibly the best in the country. Our research also revealed that 5d is spearheading VR. They’ve already implemented VR projects in Egypt and abroad, while their expansion into the UAE and KSA doesn’t surprise us at all. In short, 5d is a sublime agency with one eye on social media, and another on future tech.
Where: 28, 2B Corniche El-Nile, Sama Towers, Maadi Corniche
Contact: +201000035531, Website, Facebook

MO4 Network

MO4 Network
The mobile world of MO4

MO4 is the juggernaut of the list. They’ve got enough clients, employees, and connections in the creative industry to dwarf most agencies in Egypt, and probably the Middle East too. It’s an agency you shouldn’t overlook if you’re after a good social media service. The clients we spoke to gave mostly positive reviews pointing out MO4’s huge pool of resources, and an ability to deliver creative campaigns on time and on budget. But the biggest talking point is Cairo Scene. This online platform is the brainchild of the four Mowafi siblings (hence the name MO4), and it’s here where their clients believe the value lies. A feature on Cairo Scene doesn’t sound half bad considering the site’s traffic and how much good it does for your search engine visibility. But sadly, smaller clients feel prices are too high and their social media pages get rather quite after a few months. Still, we believe MO4 is a good agency to handle your social media, and you’re more likely to be satisfied if you’re one of their bigger clients.
Where: Downtown
Contact: +201210574331, Website, Facebook



Don’t be put off by their strange name, Kijamii are a bunch of social media pros. They’re made up of a young and motivated team with a hunger for success. They manage the local/regional pages for IKEA, Netflix, and Arsenal to name a few. An incredible feat for a home-grown agency, and an achievement they should be very proud of. However, looking through their clients’ social media pages, we noticed that their creativity takes a knock the bigger they get. Could it be an HR issue or is this particular agency overwhelmed? While Kijamii might be a victim of its own success, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re one of the top 10 social media agencies in Cairo and one we’d recommend.
Where: Heliopolis
Contact: +20222913063, Website, Facebook


Sushi Day at Sarmady

Sarmady was founded in 2001 by Con O’Donnell, an entrepreneur and investor who brought us the likes of and In 2008, Sarmady was sold to Vodafone. Today, Sarmady is able to leverage Vodafone’s customer insight and huge reach for their clients. Their digital marketing capabilities are quite broad. So integrating various channels is where Sarmady really shines. They’re capable of launching a website and an app, while delivering an SMS and social media campaign side-by-side to an outstanding degree. But much like Kijamii and MO4, Sarmady seems to cater to large companies. That’s certainly not a bad thing, but it does deter smaller businesses looking for a more tailored, boutique experience which agencies like Rekoya can offer. But if you’re after a big budget, multi-channel marketing bonanza that appeals to the masses, then look no further.
Where: Mohandiseen
Contact: +20237492435, Website, Facebook

INETWORK Middle East


The folks at INETWORK Middle East aren’t just social media pros. They’re equally capable of doing a kick ass job at a huge range of marketing services such as planning, branding, radio & TV, printing, signage, and much more. They’re also one of the few agencies we’ve come across that offer an HR service. Their priced within the market standards, with a lovely portfolio too. The team at INETWORK are young, fun and creative. They clearly love what they do! They boast some big clients such as Coca-Cola, Novotel, B.Tech, and LEGO. If you’re looking for a wonderful team that can offer a quality service at an affordable price, then you can’t go wrong with INETWORK Middle East.
Where: 15 Sakaliya Street, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt
Contact: +201000647864, Website, Facebook

Hug Digital

hug digital

While Hug Digital are better known for their activities in the UAE, their recent efforts in Egypt have been just enough to land them a spot on our list. Often times, their level of creativity comes close to that of Rekoya’s. But while they’ve shown flashes of creative brilliance, we feel that they’re unable to deliver those beautifully engaging posts on a consistent basis. Client reviews are a bit of a mixed bag with some clients identifying Hug Digital’s strong page moderation skills and others bemoaning their steep pricing. Overall, while Hug Digital brings a wealth of experience and professionalism on the back of their success in the UAE, they’ve still got some way to go in Egypt before they start climbing our list.
Contact: +20227377934, Website, Facebook


This is an awesome agency located in Sheraton, Heliopolis. They may be relatively unknown compared to the agencies above but Bsocial impressed us enough to warrant a place on our list. Their team is handpicked to give you a great social media marketing experience and their level of dedication is great. Their pricing is competitive and their campaign ideas generally receive positive feedback. Unfortunately, one of the few downsides is the quality of the designs that Bsocial produces. Sometimes, they can lack the minimal beauty other agencies can produce. Nevertheless, if your company targets lower socio-economic classes, and your budgets are relatively low then Bsocial may just be the agency for you.
Where: Heliopolis
Contact: +20222684483, Website, Facebook


Pimula Agency

Pimula isn’t the oldest agency on our list but one of the most impressive. Their team consists of more than 20 professionals from the world of digital marketing, and together they produce gorgeous campaigns and websites for a very satisfied set of clients. In terms of social media, they’re not afraid to try some wacky, out-of-the-box campaigns, and that creativity leads to great results and top ROI. Back in 2015, Pimula was just a dream that started in Alexandria. Today, that dream has turned into an unstoppable agency with offices in Alexandria, Cairo and Jeddah on a path to success. A path that lead them to claim the tenth and final spot on our list. Onwards and upwards, Pimula!
Where: 7 286 St., New Maadi, Cairo
Contact: +201211288909, Website, Facebook

Now it’s your turn. Let us know if we’re missing a great social media agency in the comments below. If you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience with any of the agencies listed above, please let us know in the comments section. Want to get in touch with us? Just click here and drop us a message.


  1. Previously working with Technowireless in my previous job, I have to say that they really have a great history in the filed, an amazing big team & actual successful case studies. Way to go guys!

  2. can someone recommend a good quality and follow up digital media agency, based on personal experience. i appreciate any support here.

  3. I had a very bad experience with Media and more agency. They have the resources to do great work but May (the owner) is absolutely clueless when it comes to ROI. You can’t provide value to your customer if you can’t create a good strategy. This is where she ultimately failed. We kept throwing money on ads and we were promised results. My manager of course blamed me for choosing this agency and till today I always feel sick in my stomach when I remember the time we worked with them. She spoke too much and I was dumb enough to keep trusting her. This experience not only limited my own growth in a company I wanted to grow in but we have not been granted a budget for digital spend ever since then. So if you are reading this and looking for an agency, I’d say anything is probably better than media and more.

  4. OH MY GOD i wish i read these comments before we chose to work with mo4. their own employees “secretly” told us of how they get paid very late their salaries sometimes never get paid. Anyway we had a very bad experience. first of all – we sent many emails to try and work with them for our influencer strategy and they answered so late and never made us feel like they care , maybe because they are not getting paid! And they charge a lot for influencers without a clear process/strategy. Like many other comments above I was looking bad in front of my manager who trusted me to handle this. We stopped working with them and now we are with rekoya. the difference is night and day because rekoya answers quickly and provided a clear process including a great strategy. their influencer network is much bigger than mo4 and they are not charging fees as much as mo4. Since other people in the comments are putting a lot of emphasis on the owner, i remember in our first meeting rekoya’s owner came and he is not like anyone I met before. He reminded me of these people from TEDx videos. Confident, loves his work, respected the team around him, and clearly a smart guy. Part of the reason we chose to work with rekoya was based on the excellent impression he left that day. We have no regrets.

  5. I’ve been in the marketing field for more than 20 years and experienced my fair share of agencies. Below is our story with Rekoya:

    We spent 3 great years with them before we had to exit the Egyptian market due to Egypt’s economic troubles. We were trying to survive the economy and Rekoya worked miracles to extend our life in the market. I believe we would have been out much quicker if it wasn’t for them.

    Rekoya knew that we were eventually going to exit. Instead of dropping us, they continued working with us until economic conditions got too severe and HQ took the decision to pull the plug on Egypt. Realistically, a marketing agency alone can’t keep a company afloat.

    But we witnessed a level professionalism, creativity and commitment that we rarely come across. My superiors are German and they don’t have a good impression of Egyptians in a professional capacity based on negative past experiences. But what they experienced with Rekoya was enough to reward them with the rest of our MENA accounts.

    I was worried they’d be out of their depths outside Egypt but I was wrong. They are as brilliant as they were in Egypt. Now, we are planning to re-enter the Egyptian market, and our policy required a new round of pitching. We invited Rekoya back to pitch next to most of the agencies listed in this page.

    It was a long process which confirmed (again) that Rekoya was the benchmark. The agencies showcased their ideas and strategies, some were OKAY, some were horrible, others couldn’t speak English so some of us didn’t understand them. We were wondering if Rekoya will assume that we were automatically going to choose them since we have history, and this is just a formality, but they took it seriously and out-performed the rest. The level of quality, not just in their designs, but their strategies is so high.

    If there is one negative for Rekoya is that they’re priced a bit higher than other agencies. But you get what you pay for in this case.

  6. Wouldn’t trust any agency apart from Rekoya. It’s the only one I see knows what they are doing and aren’t afraid to talk business numbers instead of social media numbers.


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