10 Excellent Dentists in Cairo

10 excellent dentists in cairo

There are loads of great dentists and dental clinics in Cairo so it’s a shame we can’t write about all of them. Here at Top 10 Cairo, we’ve put together a list of Cairo’s best dentists based on education, experience, testimonials and other credentials. Whether you’re looking for a great hygienist, the best place in town for cosmetic dentistry or a good clinic for nervous patients, we’ve got it covered. If you have any suggestions or would like to recommend a dentist or dental clinic, please let us know in the comments below.

Dr. Bassem Samir Clinics

bassem samir clinics

Every year our surveys reveal a lot about Egypt’s dentists – some get worse, others get better. But none have claimed the top spot on our list as long as Dr. Bassem Samir. This year, it’s no different as he managed to raise the standards of dentistry in Egypt yet again. The technology is more advanced, the hygiene levels continue to be best-in-class, and patient trust levels remain the highest in Egypt. In fact, this is the only dental practice that consistently receives excellent patient feedback. In our opinion, the reason for Dr. Bassem’s success is simple: he doesn’t care about being the best dentist in Egypt, he only cares about giving his patients the best treatment. That philosophy trickles down to his entire team, and spreads throughout all of the clinics. When you back that philosophy up with experience and knowledge, then you can begin to appreciate why he’s been at the helm of dentistry for so long. Every clinic features a well-trained team of specialists that reflect Dr. Bassem’s ethos and work ethic. In short, this is a brilliant practice lead by a dentist who can rub shoulders with the world’s finest. Chapeau, Dr. Bassem!
Where: Dokki, New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed
Contact: 16241, WebsiteFacebook, Instagram

Dr. Ahmed Shousha – Helio Dental Clinic

Dr. Ahmed Shousha - Helio Dental Clinic

Helio Dental Clinic is lead by one of Egypt’s most sought after dentists – Dr. Ahmed Shousha. His clinic offers a wide range of treatments supported by a team of talented dentists each specialized in their respective fields. Our technology inspection showed that the latest dental equipment is utilized throughout the practice. Our interviews with Dr. Ahmed and his team revealed a high level of knowledge and experience. Even better, one of our researchers went to Helio Dental Clinic as an undercover patient and highlighted how friendly and professional the staff were. The clinic passed our hygiene tests with excellent results, and scored a whopping 92% in our patient satisfaction and trust survey. The clinic is beautifully decorated and creates a very relaxed atmosphere that does well to calm nervous patients. Overall, Helio Dental Clinic stands head and shoulders above hundreds of clinics in Cairo and takes our stamp of approval. For an in-depth analysis of Helio Dental Clinic, click here.
Contact: +201150044446, Website, Facebook

Dr. Hesham Rashed Dental Clinic


During our research, one dentist in particular stood out for all the right reasons. His name – Dr. Hesham Rashed. A truly remarkable individual who seems like he was born to become a dentist. He is one of the friendliest dentists we’ve encountered. And that warmth is reflected throughout his new clinic, including a waiting area that resembles a cozy living room. How’s that to put your nerves at ease? Inspection results were brilliant with full marks in nearly all areas including hygiene, technology, patient trust, and overall experience. On a professional level, Dr. Hesham is a master of dentistry with more than 20 years of experience and many certificates from top institutions around the world. He is responsible for introducing Egypt to many dental restoration technologies. And with an on-site lab, the clinic also caters to other dentists that require state-of-the-art computerised milling services and digital smile designs. Could this be Egypt’s top dental clinic?
Where: Heliopolis
Contact: +20224199409, FacebookWebsite

Dr. Tamer Badr – Dental Care Egypt

Dr. Tamer Badr - Dental Care Egypt

Dental Care Egypt, founded by the brilliant Dr. Tamer Badr has been around since 2004. The center is modern and equipped with the latest equipment but without creating an intimidating place to get treated. They also maintain extremely high standards of hygiene as evident from our inspection. We were particularly impressed with the team of dentists. When surveyed, we noticed that all of them were highly qualified, experienced and specialists in their own fields. Consequently, the center can treat a wide range of dental issues with excellence. Based on our interviews with some of their patients, we noticed a lot of praise for the dentists’ patience and willingness to answer all questions. Further, several patients claimed that they believe Dental Care Egypt recommended treatments that are actually needed as opposed to treatments just to hike up the bill. With regards to technology, the center uses the latest CADCAM systems to design your new smile in just a single visit. Finally, their pricing is nothing out of the ordinary, and they frequently run promotions and offers making this a great value for money dental practice.
Where: 58 El Hegaz st., Heliopolis
Contact: +201011500114, Facebook, Website

Dr. Kareem Bakeer – Asnan Dental Center

Dr. Kareem Bakeer - Asnan Dental Center

Asnan Dental Center was founded in 2011 by the brilliant Dr. Kareem Bakeer. When it comes to aesthetic dentistry, few dentists hold a candle to Dr. Kareem. His work is absolutely world-class. In fact, the entire team of dentists offer an excellent treatment, including Dr. Hatem Makram who does remarkable dental implants. Generally, patients are extremely happy with their experience at Asnan based on the countless positive reviews and our time with some of the patients. Asnan passed our hygiene inspection with flying colors. The staff follows the best hygiene practices and they even have the best dental sterilization room we have seen during our study. Finally, Asnan leads the way in technology. They frequently update their equipment to give patients the latest in dental treatment. In the end, it became very clear to us why Asnan Dental Center is one of the top choices for locals and foreigners alike – the perfect blend of skill, knowledge, and experience.
Where: 101 El-Farik Abd El-Moneim Riad, Agouza
Contact: +201017499994, Facebook, Website

ODC – Osman Dental Clinic


Osman Dental Clinic is lead by three of Cairo’s dentistry pillars; Dr. Alaa Osman, Dr. Hisham Osman, and Dr. Randa Elsalawy. With more than 65 years of combined experience and plenty of certificates from leading US institutions, they have enough knowledge to put them at the very top of Egypt’s dental field. The principal dentists and their assistants are all friendly. The equipment is modern and keeps up with advancements in dental technology. In short, Osman Dental Clinic is outstanding. They are pros who have been doing this for a long time. All the love of a family business combined with the expertise of high quality dentists and a great staff makes a great place to take care of your teeth.
Where: Maadi, New Cairo
Contact: +20227545563, website

Dr. Neviene Bishay – Healthy Smile Dental Clinic

Dr. Neviene Bishay is an American Dental Boards certified dentist and holds an ADA Infection Control certificate. She attended various courses in the USA and Canada where she lived most of her life before coming back to open her dental clinic in Zamalek. Her personality is perfect for the job. She’s a very pleasant and gentle dentist with the highest standards of hygiene. Her patients have a lot of great things to say about their experience, pointing out consistency and comfort. The clinic is quite interesting with its rustic decor, and high-tech dental equipment. Dr. Neviene is very informative and will give her patients helpful suggestions without trying to upsell anything you don’t need. A refreshing dentist with heaps of knowledge and talent. Brilliant.
Where: Zamalek
Contact: +201225377773, website

Dr. Malak Badawi – Little Teeth Clinic

malak badawi - little teeth

Children face a whole different set of dental problems than adults including tooth decay, grinding, thumb-sucking, and dental anxiety. So it’s safe to say that a pediatric dentist must be specially trained to effectively treat the children, and keep the parents satisfied. Enter Dr. Malak Badawi. Her clinic is called Little Teeth and it succeeds in creating a welcoming and secure environment for children, full of colors and artwork. Being a visiting scholar at Indiana University in USA, Dr. Malak brings a wealth of knowledge to Cairo’s dental scene. She is a very friendly and reassuring dentist who takes her time with each patient and family. Dr. Malak is very open to questions, and the kids adore her. Little Teeth clinic also scored very high on our hygiene tests. This is truly one of the best pediatric dental clinics in Cairo. Well done, Dr. Malak!
Where: Mohandeseen
Contact: +20233025527, Website

Dr. Yousri Zarif

Dr. Yousri Zarif needs no introduction. He is perhaps Egypt’s most well-known and respected periodontist. A true master of dentistry with a wealth of experience that spans a number of decades with a reputation that precedes him. While conducting our field research for this article, his name popped up more than any other dentist on this list. Without any apparent marketing, he manages to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue. He has trained countless dentists over the years that have gone on to become some of Egypt’s best. His clinic upholds the highest hygiene standards, and there’s excellent use of technology throughout. He is friendly, patient, and exudes a sense of experience and knowledge with every word he says.
Where: Dokki
Contact: +20233350414

Dr. Hesham Amer Clinics

hesham amer clinics

Dr. Hesham is an orthodontist with more than 20 years of experience. Over the years he has built a reputation centered around his knowledge and passion for dentistry. He is a board certified orthodontist and an assistant professor at the University of the Pacific in California. His educational background and extensive experience combine to provide local and international clients with exceptional dental healthcare. His clinics are very welcoming, putting nervous patients at ease with comfortable surroundings. And if the clinics won’t calm the patients down, Dr. Hesham’s warm and caring nature surely will. You won’t feel rushed or disrespected as Dr. Hesham and his staff are very considerate and professional. In short, if you’re looking for an excellent dental clinic, you can’t go wrong with Dr. Hesham Amer Clinics.
Where: Mohandessin, Heliopolis, Sheikh Zayed, Fifth Settlement
Contact: +201009027777, Website, Facebook

Now it’s your turn. Let us know if we’re missing a special dentist in the comments below. If you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience with any of the dental clinics listed above, please let us know in the comments section. Want to get in touch with us? Just click here and drop us a message.


  1. I had Hollywood smile (full veneers on my teeth) at Dr. Bishay office and I was not comfortable getting them done in Egypt. But when I went to her office, I felt like I was in California! Super beautiful and clean office and amazing staff! And perfect Dentist! All what you need in a dental office. I highly recommend her to anyone.

  2. I had, like always, an excellent experience with doctor nevine I always feel I’m in the best hands taking care of my smile

  3. Eve Dental Clinic is the best clinic I tried for my kids in Maadi, cute professional lady doctor and reasonable prices.

  4. عملت حشو عصب في عيادة دكتور باسم سمير من 6 شهور وبصراحة تجربتي معاه كانت كويسة واكيد هتابع معاه على طول

  5. It was my first time to visit Dr. Bassem Samir Clinics and I’m very happy with the staff, everyone is professional and courteous!

  6. Dr. Ahmed Shousha always does an excellent job. As much as I do not like going to the dentist, he makes the experience very enjoyable.

  7. دكتور هشام في منتهى الاحترام وشاطر جدا يستاهل يبقى في القايمة دي بجدارة

  8. dr. bassem is one of the worst dentists i have ever went to…actually all what he cares for is money and how will he get the most of the patient economically

  9. Really Dental Care made the hard equation,
    To get the high quality with a reasonable price within adequate time through high end equipment operated by professional team
    Thank you Doctors, assistances, admins & even office boys for your hospitality & efficiency
    And sure our best regards & blessings to the team leader, Dr. Tamer Badr the professional surgeon the talented dentist the clever problem solver & the kind brother
    Go ahead .. wishing you all the best 🙂

  10. I am searching for a professional orthodontist who knows what he/she doing, I did a research I can see Mangoury Dr.Yehia Moustafa (not on the list), ODC and Hesham Amer, I need reviews if any one has a previous experience.


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